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4/24/2013  1:37 PM
jrodmc wrote:You got questions, we got answers.

missed this earlier, NICE

4/24/2013  1:10 PM
Melo with 34 points and 4 boards in the huge game 2 win vs Boston:

4/24/2013  12:56 PM
Melo with 36 points, 6 rebounds, and 1 big assist to K-Mart in the big Game 1 vs Boston:

4/19/2013  9:40 AM
swiped this from RealGM:

4/8/2013  2:37 PM
You got questions, we got answers.
4/26/2012  1:55 PM
hey guys heres something to pump us up for good this time- ive changed it up a little bit going a bit more upbeat with a young talent that got crazy lyrics for our knicks : The Cro from Thunderdogma!!

Lets do this!! Share for all our knicks fans!!! (sorry for some bad quality clips)

The Cro ft Pavs Productions Collaboration

3/1/2012  12:10 AM
SupremeCommander wrote:

the most amazing thing about this pass is that he throws it one-handed from his waist. wow, just wow

2/29/2012  11:53 PM
2/21/2012  10:01 AM
CashMoney wrote:I watched Amare really close last night. Here's a few things I viewed.

1. His shot is off. He's aiming his shot and thinking too much. When he gets a wide open look as if he's hesitating before he takes the shot.
2. He's not going up strong when he has the ball around the rim. His shots are getting blocked as he's trying to get cute with layup moves as oppossed to going up strong.
3. ISO - He needs to stop with the ISO. He can't dribble and he's trying to cross people over and winds up dribbling the ball off his leg/foot.

I truly think it's a combination of the extra weight he put on and the lack of training camp. His conditioning seems off much like the way Dirk looked when the season started. I'm hoping the all star break gives him some time to get his crap together.

We can't win if Amare keeps playing this way.

1. definitely agree. he had some quality looks last night. last season he was automatic from mid range. this has to come around

2. def. noticed that places he used to dunk from he is not doing it anymore. no idea why.

3. this has been a problem with him even when he was on a tear last season. seems to be more of a mental things than anything.

if he has EVERYTHING working offensively that makes me willing to overlook his constant mental lapses on D and failure to box out/rebound, etc.

till that happens it's just painful to watch him. really rooting for him to get it together.

2/16/2012  3:30 PM
Thought I'd post the 1st half highlights (mostly Jeremy) from this game to show one play which I really loved. From 13 seconds to 20 seconds. Lin dribbles around the entire Kings team untouched and then thru the middle for an easy layup. Look at the Kings players. They are bewildered. They don't know what Lin's going to do. They don't know whether to stay with their man or switch to Lin. And then Lin takes a 90 degree turn right thru the middle of the entire team. It was beautiful. The only player I used to see do this all of the time was Bobby Orr (a different sport but the same situation - one player totally baffling an entire team)

2/15/2012  1:08 PM
This clip gave me goosebumps. Almost felt like a movie.

2/12/2012  8:58 PM


2/7/2012  12:21 AM
2/7/2012  12:18 AM
2/5/2012  8:23 PM
misterearl wrote:Cannot get enough...


of that funky stuff

2/5/2012  7:55 AM
I think Lin was in "the Zone" last night. Awesome. He controlled the game and Deron Williams for the last quarter.
Lin highlights from the Nets game. When he drives, he uses his body so well to protect the ball. Also he is ambidextrous. Beautiful to watch a Knick's guard do this.

1/18/2012  11:30 PM

1/1/2012  2:52 PM
What's up guys? I'm Andrew and i'll cap Knicks highlights in HDTV quality during this season. Hope you'll enjoy it.
If you want to watch Team Highlights, let me know.

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nkbreaker

Bibby to Chandler For An Open Dunk

Carmelo Anthony Smoove And 1 Layup

Carmelo Anthony Alley-Oop Lob To Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler Big Rejection

9/24/2011  2:53 PM
9/1/2011  12:48 PM
Practicing the mid-range jumper, love it.

8/31/2011  6:12 PM
8/27/2011  5:11 PM
6/25/2011  8:12 PM
hey guys heres Another intense teaser i just made welcoming our new players Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrelson from NBA Draft 2011 but also saying our farewell to our well respected Donnie Walsh that has turned this team and culture around back to winning these past 3 years.


5/30/2011  5:02 AM
Im back guys and so are the Knicks:)

This is my 3rd documentary type mash up mix in 2 months showing newfound hope for the knicks. Its going to be a long summer mostly because of the CBA but hopefully this video will cheer us up during the process!!!

enjoy this while you can

4/18/2011  10:03 AM

4/13/2011  7:08 PM
Pavvy wrote:here you go guys- this is my 2nd video i just made today for the Knicks Playoffs 2011! hopefully this pumps us up even more

there couldnt be a more ideal title for the knicks right now- as now is the time for them to show what they are made of!!

Sunday cant come any sooner!!!!!!!!
i hope you guys like!!!

Pavvy, great stuff as always.

4/13/2011  6:57 PM
here you go guys- this is my 2nd video i just made today for the Knicks Playoffs 2011! hopefully this pumps us up even more

there couldnt be a more ideal title for the knicks right now- as now is the time for them to show what they are made of!!

Sunday cant come any sooner!!!!!!!!
i hope you guys like!!!

4/13/2011  5:23 AM
Here is my newest video, it is of Carmelo Anthony and his journey as a knicks player. Think of it as your premature playoffs preview video, with a new one coming soon :)

Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like and comment and favorite on youtube!

4/11/2011  7:58 AM
Great work Pav, really excellent. Capures it just right.

Just found this vid, I thought I'd add it to this thread.

4/8/2011  9:30 PM
this video i made should pump us up all for this years playoffs after 7 years!!!!!!!!!

Im surprised theres no official one out yet as playoffs start next week!!!

i hope you guys enjoy!!! road to the playoffs!! feel free to comment

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