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The Wright Stuff Week 17: Winning and living large on vacation with Delon

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Raptors have won seven games in a row, Delon Wright has done his part, and now the All-Star break is here. Welcome to The Wright Stuff, our weekly column following the career of Raptors point guard Delon Wright . Since we can’t influence his training or anything on the court, we’ll recommend films that reflect his past week and hopefully inspire a leap forward. It’ll be...
  • 302 days ago
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Raptors look to continue winning ways vs. the Hornets: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Ben_Scott) — With a chance to win five straight, the Raptors face a Hornets team fighting for playoff contention Another Sunday matinee? Yep. The Raptors have their second early start in as many weeks, visiting the Hornets on the road. The Hornets have been in the rumour mill lately, as the Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly reached out in hopes to acquire Kemba Walker . But the deadline came and...
  • 307 days ago
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Culture Watch: Raptor connections going deeper than dollars

SBN: Raptors HQ (Kelsea O'Brien) — The curtains close on the Bruno Caboclo experiment, but the bright future of Fred VanVleet is just beginning. At 3:01 pm on Thursday, we Raptors fans nation-wide opened our windows, crawled out of our dungeons, and looked at the sun for the first time in like 12 hours. We were safe, for the most part, and ready to take on the Westchester New York Knicks . We got chicken tenders out...
  • 308 days ago
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Raw Raptor Rankings Week 16: (Not) just another game

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — A clean sweep this week, as the bench proves they don’t need no stinkin’ trade. The Raptors doubled down on continuity this week. They held steady at the trade deadline, only making a small deal on the periphery (though a big deal on the periphery of our hearts) by sending Bruno Caboclo to Sacramento. By not making any bigger moves, though, they showed their support for the bench unit...
  • 309 days ago
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The Raptors built the NBA’s best bench the old-fashioned way

SBN: Raptors HQ (Mikey Rouleau) — Even though the Raptors second unit is one of the youngest and most unheralded in the league, it has emerged as its best. Even the casual fan has to admit that the Toronto Raptors are legitimate title contenders this year. They sit second in the Atlantic Division, and after Tuesday’s thumping of the Boston Celtics , they’ve made a statement that they might be the team to beat coming out...
  • 309 days ago
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Five Thoughts on Last Night: Raptors 113, Knicks 88

SBN: Raptors HQ (Josh Kern) — An undermanned New York Knicks team never really threatened and the Toronto Raptors bench turned it into a laugher late. Our thoughts on the 113-88 win. Down a good chunk of its roster due to injuries and trades, the New York Knicks didn’t seem to pose much of a threat the Toronto Raptors on paper—but this Raptors team has had trouble with undermanned teams this season. Thankfully the...
  • 309 days ago
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Raptors bench trounces Knicks in 113-88 win

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — As a smart man once said, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Coming into this season, the Raptors were planning on a transitional year. With a lot of money tied up in three players — Kyle Lowry , DeMar DeRozan and Serge Ibaka — there wasn’t a lot to fill the gaps. It’d be up to young players on the bench to fill out the productivity, and a new playing style would help that...
  • 309 days ago
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Raptors vs. Knicks Game Thread: Pre-game updates, TV info, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — After all the insanity of this year’s trade deadline... a basketball game. While the trade deadline was brilliant, bizarre, and meant everything to a certain Eastern Conference team — it was relatively quiet for the Toronto Raptors . Bruno Caboclo was shipped out for salary reasons, as Malachi Richardson comes in from the Kings to round out the back end of the roster. It’s a small...
  • 309 days ago
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Raptors prepare to take on limping Knicks: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Jacob M. Mack) — The Raps look to take care of business against a Knicks team that is, sadly, without its best player. This coming game, if Dwane Casey is to be believed , is just as important as the last game the Raptors played. That statement certainly seems improbable. The Celtics , who the Raptors matched up against on Tuesday, are the Raptors’ direct competition for the East’s 1st seed. The Knicks...
  • 310 days ago
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NBA Trade Deadline: Assessing the Raptors’ relative trade value

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — Sure we could figure out what other teams have to offer, but let’s go the other way: what is the value of each Raptor? The NBA Trade Deadline is tomorrow February 8th at 3pm, so you’ll forgive me if I sound a bit harried. While it’s true it feels like the Raptors won’t make a move this year, we’ve already tried to figure out some of the likely deals anyway. There are players to be had,...
  • 310 days ago
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Kyle Lowry and the Raptors bench crush the Celtics, 111-91

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — Against Boston, the Raptors shot well, played strong defense, and once again did not need their starters in the fourth. As expected, Raptors coach Dwane Casey insisted Tuesday’s game against the Celtics was not a statement game. At best he would concede it had significance — how could it not? Boston is first in the conference, and looking to make a run to the Finals (with the ...
  • 311 days ago
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Prospect Report: For the 905, it’s Miller time

SBN: Raptors HQ (JD Quirante) — Malcolm Miller had himself a week for the Raptors 905 in the G League. But how are the rest of the team’s stars doing? The Raptors 905 played two games last week: one a loss against the Westchester Knicks , and the other, thankfully, a win against Erie BayHawks. Here’s how the team’s main men fared in the latest Propsect Report. Alfonzo McKinnie Age 25 Years, 4 Months This Week: (1...
  • 312 days ago
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Dial 905: The team lost a tough one, but good performances abound

SBN: Raptors HQ (Cole Shelton) — The Raptors 905 split their games this week beating the Herd but then losing to the Westchester Knicks. The Raptors 905 have been one of the hottest teams in the G League as of late. After a slow start, the team is now 19-13, just 2.5 games back of the Atlantic Division leading Westchester Knicks. The 905 were at home both games this week, with two matinee games against the Wisconsin...
  • 317 days ago
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Raptors vs. Timberwolves Game Thread: Pre-game updates, TV Info, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Dan Grant) — After a slugfest with the Spurs last night, the Raptors have a tall task on the road against Jimmy Butler and the improved Timberwolves. The Toronto Raptors have been lauded league-wide for their depth this season. Long-term roster building is incredibly difficult in the NBA, especially when you’ve been a very good-but-not-great team for a sustained period. Miss one contract and a couple...
  • 328 days ago
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Is DeMar DeRozan a real MVP candidate?

SBN: Raptors HQ (Cory Knibutat) — Let’s make the case to include DeRozan in the conversation with the league’s very best. It can’t be real, right? Toronto’s favourite adopted son receiving legitimate consideration for the NBA’s most coveted individual prize? Over the last handful of seasons the chatter has bubbled up, revealing itself during the odd scoring barrage DeMar DeRozan might treat the ACC to, as he stepped to the...
  • 330 days ago
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