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News Articles

Knicks to sign Lance Thomas, Lou Amundson for remainder of season

$Newsday Langston Galloway made the Knicks' decision to sign him for the rest of the season an easy one. Lance Thomas and Lou Amundson have done the same.
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Knicks rewind: From extras to Fisher’s must-have duo in 20 days

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Coach Derek Fisher made it perfectly clear late Wednesday night forwards Lance Thomas and Lou Amundson would be with the Knicks for the rest of the season. When asked how...
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Three years after Linsanity, he’s stuck in Lakers purgatory

NY Post (Justin Terranova) — On Wednesday night, Carmelo Anthony was asked about emerging Knicks guard Langston Galloway and how the rookie doesn’t shy away from the big spots. “I don’t know man, I would...
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Jackson’s past comment takes a bit of air out of 1973 title

NY Post (George Willis) — Phil Jackson was charged with restoring a sense of pride in the Knicks organization when he was named the team president last spring. That may have been just as important...
  • 17 hr 27 min ago
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Isola: Kevin Durant said to have eye on Big Apple

NY Daily News (Frank Isola) — The countdown to Kevin Durant’s free agency has already begun in places like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington and especially OKC.
  • 20 hr 30 min ago
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Melo, young guns help Knicks silence Durant-less Thunder

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The day after Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City, the Knicks were roasted like turkeys — with the Thunder devouring them in a 27-point rout as Russell Westbrook exploded for 32 points...
  • 22 hr 41 min ago
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Melo and Knicks beat Westbrook and Thunder without Durant

NY Daily News (MITCH ABRAMSON) — Tim Hardaway Jr. and Lance Thomas played helped the Knicks build a fourth-quarter lead in a 100-92 win against the Thunder.
  • 22 hr 58 min ago
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Thunder Have Little Room to Err

NY Times (ANDREW KEH) — To make the playoffs, Oklahoma City has to treat every game as a must-win situation after their stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, missed time early in the season.
  • 23 hr 50 min ago
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Phil Jackson tweets that '73 Knicks team did nothing illegal by using underinflated balls

$Newsday The Patriots aren't the only championship team to deflate balls. The Knicks of the 1970s did it too.
  • 1 day 1 hr ago
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Knicks DeflateGate? Phil Jackson: '73 team deflated balls

NY Daily News (MITCH ABRAMSON) — Nearly 30 years ago Jackson revealed the team would literally take the air out of the balls and 'deaden' them.
  • 1 day 7 hr ago
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Phil Jackson story gets hallowed old Knicks tied to Deflategate

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Deflategate at the Garden? Say it ain’t so, Phil! Knicks president Phil Jackson, in a 1986 interview with the Chicago Tribune, acknowledged the 1973 Knicks title team deflated basketballs...
  • 1 day 7 hr ago
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Kevin Durant out for tonight's Knicks game

$Newsday Kevin Durant will miss Oklahoma City's game against the Knicks on Wednesday night because of a sprained big toe on his left foot.
  • 1 day 8 hr ago
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2 reasons why Durant to Knicks in 2016 may just be a pipe dream

NY Post (Fred Kerber) — Already there have been reports, theories and blueprints on how the Knicks will chase the Thunder’s Kevin Durant in his expected free agency in the summer of 2016 — yeah,...
  • 1 day 23 hr ago
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J.R. Smith: ‘Late nights’ behind flakiness with Knicks

NY Post (Howie Kussoy) — J.R. Smith loved his time in New York, but now he sees he loved it too much. Smith, traded to Cleveland earlier this month, has been re-energized by going from...
  • 2 days ago
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J.R. Smith's secret to success? Boring Cleveland nightlife

NY Daily News In J.R. Smith’s eyes, Cleveland doesn’t rock. And, he says, that’s a good thing.
  • 2 days ago
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Knicks sign Langston Galloway for rest of season

$Newsday Undrafted rookie guard Langston Galloway will remain with the Knicks for the remainder of this year and is under contract for next season as well.
  • 2 days ago
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Galloway, Knicks ‘getting there’ on new deal: source

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The Knicks and point guard Langston Galloway are moving closer in negotiations for a new contract, The Post has learned, with the new point guard’s second 10-day contract having expired...
  • 2 days ago
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How Derek Fisher lost marquee Knicks and found himself

NY Post (Marc Berman) — This is no snow job. Phil Jackson’s fire sale three weeks ago was the best thing to happen to the development of Knicks rookie coach Derek Fisher. With no pressure...
  • 3 days ago
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Knicks, Langston Galloway at shocking contract impasse

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The Knicks and point guard Langston Galloway are still apart on negotiations for a new contract, The Post has learned, with the new point guard’s second 10-day contract expiring Tuesday....
  • 3 days ago
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Nets and Knicks Home Games Postponed by Storm

NY Times (ANDREW KEH) — The Knicks’ game against Sacramento was rescheduled for March 3. The Nets’ game against Portland was postponed until April 6.
  • 3 days ago
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Blog Articles

Game Recap: Pacers 103 – Knicks 82

theKNICKSblog.com (Danny Abriano) — Recap: The Knicks were blown out by the Pacers on Thursday night in Indiana. Need to Know: The Knicks outscored Indiana 27-22 in the first quarter and had a 39-36 lead with just over five minutes...
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Tonight’s Game: Knicks at Pacers

theKNICKSblog.com (Andrew Vazzano, SNY.tv) — The Knicks are in Indiana on Thursday night to take on the Pacers. The game is scheduled for 7 p.m. on MSG and ESPN New York. Lou Amundson, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Smith, Jose Calderon and Langston...
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Knicks plan to keep Amundson, Thomas

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks are expected to sign forwards Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas to contracts for the remainder of the season, according to league sources.Both Thomas and Amundson are...
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Has a return to the bench sparked a renaissance for Tim Hardaway?

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Hardaway is back on the second unit, and loving every minute of it. After watching the past five games I have come to one inescapable conclusion: The New York Knicks have been kidnapped and...
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Knicks to sign Amundson for remainder of season

theKNICKSblog.com (Adam Zagoria) — The Knicks will today sign forward Lou Amundson for the remainder of the season, a source confirmed to SNY.tv and The Knicks Blog. The Knicks previously agreed to sign both Lance Thomas for the...
  • New: 9 hr 6 min ago
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1973 Knicks: The original Deflategate?

theKNICKSblog.com (Gabby Lucivero) — A recently unearthed 1986 interview with current Knicks president Phil Jackson details how the famed 1973 Knicks title team deflated their basketballs (ESPN, Jan. 28). The deflated basketballs...
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Which players started, played or never played for the Knicks this season?

theKNICKSblog.com (Andrew Vazzano, SNY.tv) — Covino and Rich guess whether players have started, played, or never played for the Knicks during this season on this edition of Game Time… Sorry, this video could not be loaded…
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Reports: The Knicks will sign Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas for the rest of the year

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Nothing's official yet, but here you go: The #Knicks will sign F Lance Thomas for the remainder of the season, league sources say. More here: http://t.co/XbqyDtDZgT — Ian Begley (@IanBegley)...
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Are Knicks fans riding with Melo?

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- Back in July, he could have ended up with the Houston Rockets, teaming with James Harden and Dwight Howard to form the NBA’s latest "big three.” Or he could have signed...
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Report says Durant is eyeing Knicks, others not so confident

theKNICKSblog.com (Adam Zagoria) — Kevin Durant has his eye on the Knicks when he becomes a free agent in 2016, according to a report from the Daily News. “No question about it,” a person close to Durant told Frank Isola of the...
  • 12 hr 14 min ago
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Knicks 100, Thunder 92: "Can I say? This Knicks team is fun to watch."

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — The Knicks thrust the Thunder through the tank thicket. Two teams that have struggled their way through this exciting NBA season met tonight in Madison Square Garden. Oklahoma City has flailed...
  • 19 hr 41 min ago
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  • 20 hr 4 min ago
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SportsNite: Knicks continue success at home

theKNICKSblog.com (mlbam1) — Carmelo Anthony, Derek Fisher and Langston Galloway share their thoughts on the Knicks’ win Wednesday over the Thunder and their recent performances at home. Sorry, this video could not be...
  • 20 hr 8 min ago
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Leading development in Melo's Knicks role

ESPN (Ian Begley) — NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks have won four of five, and some people are confused. Are they tanking for a top pick in June’s draft?Are they trying to make a run at the 8th seed in the...
  • 21 hr ago
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Galloway reminds Melo a little of 'Linsanity'

ESPN (Ohm Youngmisuk) — NEW YORK –- In a short amount of time, Langston Galloway has made quite an impression for an undrafted rookie. In fact, Galloway’s confidence and ability to step up in some big moments...
  • 21 hr 50 min ago
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Gimpy Melo and the 10-Day Crew smack the Thunder, 100-92

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Basketball win! I propose to you good people a thought experiment. Let's say we went back in time to September and told our past selves that the New York Knicks will defeat the Oklahoma City...
  • 23 hr 2 min ago
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Game Recap: Knicks 100 — Thunder 92

theKNICKSblog.com (jmcguire860) — Result: The Knicks won for the fourth time five games as they beat the Thunder, who faced New York without Kevin Durant for the second time this season. Need to Know: Carmelo Anthony led the...
  • 23 hr 8 min ago
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Stoudemire out vs. Thunder

theKNICKSblog.com (jmcguire860) — Injury-plagued Amar’e Stoudemire will not play against the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday (Knicks, Jan. 28). Stoudemire, who has only played in 32 games this season, is out with a...
  • 1 day 2 hr ago
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Tonight’s Game: Knicks vs. Thunder

theKNICKSblog.com (Andrew Vazzano, SNY.tv) — The Knicks welcome Oklahoma City to town on Wednesday night. The game is scheduled for 8 p.m. on MSG and ESPN New York. Carmelo Anthony, Lance Thomas, Jason Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Langston...
  • 1 day 3 hr ago
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Wednesday Plainfin Midshipmen

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Good day! It's been a while since we linked. So long that some of my tabs turned rotten, but I've still got some fresh ones left. - Midshipmen -- including the  plainfin midshipman pictured...
  • 1 day 8 hr ago
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