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News Articles

Phil Jackson made an absolute mess of this Knicks season

NY Post (George Willis) — At the end of his press conference before Monday night’s game against the Raptors, Jeff Hornacek assured everyone the Knicks were still trying to win games. It only sounded like the death of a...
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Cheapin’ It Real After Knicks-Raptors

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Rip Michaels asks Knicks fans leaving The Garden some trivia for a chance at winning a great prize after the Knicks game against Toronto.
  • New: 1 hr 14 min ago
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Lee Looks Back at Pivotal Plays in Knicks-Raptors

MSG.com: (Brad Polk) — Courtney Lee explains how it's tough for the Knicks to play from behind while analyzing pivotal plays that may have led to their loss to Toronto.
  • New: 1 hr 54 min ago
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Hornacek on Final Defensive Possession, Third-Quarter Struggles

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Jeff Hornacek discusses the Knicks' effort against the Raptors and why they didn't foul on Toronto's game-winning shot.
  • New: 1 hr 54 min ago
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Ball Movement & Hustle Gets Knicks Big Time Three’s

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Wally Szczerbiak and Alan Hahn break down two huge three's for the Knicks that stemmed from smart basketball and putting your body on the line.
  • New: 1 hr 58 min ago
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Melo on Final Shot: I Missed It

MSG.com: Carmelo Anthony details what went through his mind on the last shot of the game and dissects how the Knicks weren't able to capitalize on missed opportunities.
  • New: 2 hr 8 min ago
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There’s a New Queen of College Basketball

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Bill Pidto has the latest from the world of basketball, including Kelsey Plum breaking the NCAA Women's all-time scoring record.
  • New: 2 hr 16 min ago
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Lee Has Terrific Game Against Raptors

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak take a closer look at Courtney Lee's superb performance against Toronto despite taking the one point loss.
  • New: 2 hr 27 min ago
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  • New: 2 hr 33 min ago
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Knicks throwing in the towel even as they promise they won’t

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Brandon Jennings is gone for good, Joakim Noah might be done for the season and the Knicks’ focus on playing the young guys is about to go into full swing. However, coach Jeff Hornacek firmly...
  • New: 2 hr 33 min ago
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Up-And-Down Fourth Results in Heartbreak for Knicks

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Alan Hahn and Al Trautwig break down the Knicks' back-and-forth fourth quarter that saw some positives, but New York ultimately fell to Toronto in the last few possessions.
  • New: 2 hr 36 min ago
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Fighting Knicks refuse to tank in thriller — but still do the job

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek and his players didn’t get the email from Phil Jackson they ought to think about tanking. Before tipoff Monday against the mighty Raptors, Hornacek said angrily, “Who...
  • New: 2 hr 44 min ago
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Knicks Edged By Raptors

MSG.com: (Brad Polk) — New York suffers another heartbreaking loss after relinquishing 13-point halftime lead.
  • New: 2 hr 44 min ago
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Knicks-Raptors Comes Down to Final Five Seconds

MSG.com: (Brad Polk) — Carmelo Anthony's shot at the buzzer doesn't fall after DeMar DeRozan hits the go-ahead bucket with 1.9 seconds on the clock.
  • New: 2 hr 45 min ago
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Carmelo misses game-winner at buzzer as Knicks fall to Raptors

NY Daily News (DANIEL POPPER) — The Knicks' youth movement began in earnest Monday night at the Garden.
  • New: 2 hr 47 min ago
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“Stranger Things” Actor Doing Research at Knicks Game?

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Star of Netflix's "Strangers Things" David Harbour talks with Rebecca Haarlow about the hit show while attending the Knicks-Raptors game at The Garden.
  • New: 3 hr 57 min ago
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Why Knicks wanted a second chance at Chasson Randle

NY Post (Ryan Lazo) — It’s been a full-circle journey for Chasson Randle this season. First, he tore up the summer league in Las Vegas for the Knicks. Next, he dominated the D-League in Westchester before being picked...
  • New: 4 hr 13 min ago
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Mercedes Stars at the Game: Knicks-Raptors

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — 'Stranger Things' star David Harbour and funnyman Craig Robinson are just some of the celebs sitting courtside at the Knicks-Raptors tilt.
  • New: 4 hr 13 min ago
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Randle: The Opportunity Here is Great, It Feels Like Home

MSG.com: (Ryan Chiu) — Chasson Randle discusses how he's happy to be back with the Knicks and is excited to improve his play while being comfortable with the triangle.
  • New: 4 hr 16 min ago
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Blog Articles

A Fourth-Quarter Buckets Fest Turns Up Another L, Knicks Fall To Toronto 92–91

The Knicks Wall (James W.) — The tank marches on after DeMar DeRozan DeStroys the Knicks Continue reading on The Knicks Wall »
  • New: 2 hr 6 min ago
  • Hits: 9

Raptors 92, Knicks 91: Scenes from a much-desired tanking that still managed to hurt

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Knicks played pretty well, but it didn’t matter. It rarely matters. The thing about the New York Knicks is that they can achieve the result you desire — when you desire them to lose, at least —...
  • New: 2 hr 48 min ago
  • Hits: 14

Locked on Knicks Episode 118 (2-28-17): The Jennings and Noah signings worked out great

Locked on Knicks (Locked on Knicks) — Host Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) is joined by Vocativ's Robert Silverman (@bobsaietta) to discuss the end of Brandon Jennings' time with the Knicks and the ongoing Joakim Noah contract albatross.
  • New: 5 hr 34 min ago
  • Hits: 54

Chasson Randle is ready to play Monday night; Jeff Hornacek discusses new guard rotation

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — ChassRon is back! The New York Knicks are getting to play the Toronto Raptors Monday night at the Garden, and they’ll be joined by a new (old) friend. Same friends, new location. ...
  • New: 6 hr 15 min ago
  • Hits: 120

The Shuffling Knicks Host The Lowry-Less Raptors

The Knicks Wall (James W.) — New York is without Noah (knee, four weeks), and Jennings (waived, for good) Continue reading on The Knicks Wall »
  • New: 6 hr 39 min ago
  • Hits: 8

NBA Rumor Central: Brandon Jennings headed to Hornets?

ESPN NBA Rumor Central: Brandon Jennings headed to Hornets?
  • New: 8 hr 50 min ago
  • Hits: 209

New York Knicks: As Season Endures, Fans Must Appreciate The Small Things

Daily Knicks (Brendan Carducci) — In the midst of a brutal 2016-17 NBA regular season, New York Knicks fans should do their best to treasure the tiny victories. Less than ten seconds remained and the New York Knicks trailed by one...
  • New: 9 hr 46 min ago
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New York Knicks: Pair Of Wings Off Bench Help Them Soar

Daily Knicks (Steven Tsakanikas) — There are a lot of holes in this New York Knicks team. They need a starting point guard that can get Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis the ball in the spots they like. They need a backup...
  • New: 10 hr 21 min ago
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New York Knicks: How Concerning Are Kristaps Porzingis’ Injuries?

Daily Knicks (Richard Geraffo) — The injury list is pilling up and becoming a point of concern for New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis. Could early injuries be a sign of fragility? For New York Knicks fans, It seems that...
  • New: 10 hr 26 min ago
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Joakim Noah to undergo season-ending knee surgery

Posting and Toasting (Harrison Rahajason) — Knicks’ center Joakim Noah is undergoing surgery, which will shut him down for the rest of the season Monday has been a busy day in Knicks-land. First, The Vertical reported that Brandon...
  • New: 10 hr 52 min ago
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New York Knicks: Joakim Noah Ruled Out For The Season

Daily Knicks (Maxwell Ogden) — New York Knicks center Joakim Noah has been ruled out for the remainder of the 2016-17 NBA regular season. He’ll undergo arthroscopic knee surgery. New York Knicks center Joakim Noah has...
  • New: 11 hr 39 min ago
  • Hits: 67

Knicks Rumors: Five Reasons To Love The Chasson Randle Signing

Daily Knicks (Maxwell Ogden) — The New York Knicks have waived Brandon Jennings and signed Chasson Randle. Here are five reasons to love the shocking move by Phil Jackson. The New York Knicks are in the midst of a season...
  • New: 11 hr 59 min ago
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Just In: Joakim Noah Will Miss the Rest of 2016–17 Season

The Knicks Wall (Reid Goldsmith) — Four years, $72 million Continue reading on The Knicks Wall »
  • 12 hr 15 min ago
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Sources: Season likely over for Knicks' Noah

ESPN Sources: Season likely over for Knicks' Noah
  • 12 hr 22 min ago
  • Hits: 38

Locked on Knicks Episode 117 (2-27-17): Jennings waived, Rebuilding plan

Locked on Knicks (Locked on Knicks) — Host Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) talks to Five Thirty Eight's Chris Herring (@Herring_NBA) about the end of Brandon Jennings' Knicks career and the Knicks' plan moving forward.
  • 12 hr 38 min ago
  • Hits: 37

Knicks Rumors: New York Signs Chasson Randle To Main Roster

Daily Knicks (Maxwell Ogden) — The New York Knicks have waived point guard Brandon Jennings. Phil Jackson will reportedly use his roster spot to sign fan favorite Chasson Randle. The New York Knicks shocked the local basketball...
  • 14 hr 50 min ago
  • Hits: 141

Knicks Xs And Os Podcast Episode 99: Knicks Waive Brandon Jennings And Post Deadline Aftermath

Xs and Os Podcast with Tommy Dee Hornacek describes Melo's Game WinnerKnicks Waive Brandon Jennings (Per Woj)Rose next?Young, Free agents PGs we like who could be availableDeadline notes, why the Rose for Rubio Deal didn't...
  • 15 hr 6 min ago
  • Hits: 52

Breaking: Knicks Waive Brandon Jennings, Sign Chasson Randle

The Knicks Wall (Ty Jordan) — The Knicks sign the Stanford guard on a partial deal for next year too Continue reading on The Knicks Wall »
  • 15 hr 12 min ago
  • Hits: 145

New York Knicks Waive Guard Brandon Jennings

Daily Knicks (Maxwell Ogden) — The New York Knicks have shocked the local community by parting ways with sixth man Brandon Jennings. The Knicks may replace him with a fan favorite. The New York Knicks went through the 2017 NBA...
  • 15 hr 12 min ago
  • Hits: 88

The Knicks are waiving Brandon Jennings, signing Chasson Randle

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Didn’t see that coming. The Knicks hit the Woj-wire this morning with an interesting duo of moves. They waived Brandon Jennings in order to sign pre-season darling, Chasson Randle. The New...
  • 15 hr 46 min ago
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