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Player Preview: Malcolm Miller’s Guide to Surviving Training Camp

SBN: Raptors HQ (JD Quirante) — Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images Malcolm Miller has been at the end of the Raptors rotation for two years now. Can he survive another training camp? Here’s his helpful guide as to how to get it done. As we welcome Malcolm Miller to year three of his NBA career, this season’s training camp with the Raptors is his make-or-break opportunity. Currently, Miller is sitting on a...
  • 11 days ago
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Is the Atlantic Division secretly the best in basketball?

SBN: Raptors HQ (ConorMcCreery) — Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports The stars are in the Pacific, but the foundations for sustained greatness are still being built in the East — including in Toronto. As we move beyond the ARC (After the Raptors Championship), attention has swiveled from the North back to the West. Common sense tells us that this makes sense. Afterall the King is out there. So too is the Board Man. So too...
  • 20 days ago
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Raptors 905 announce 2019-20 schedule, starting November 8

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images After another playoff trip in 2018-19, the 905 have the calendars out and marked for 2019-20. While they didn’t mirror the high standards set by their NBA peers, the Raptors 905 had another successful campaign in 2018-19. They qualified for the playoffs, posted a winning record, and enjoyed the services of the G League MVP in Chris Boucher. Now it’s...
  • 49 days ago
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NBA JAM Tournament: Heating up the Round 1 Matchups

SBN: Raptors HQ (JayRosales) — Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports The NBA Jam bracket is set. Our first round matchups are heating up. Who makes it through and who gets upset? Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for our NBA JAM series with each team’s roster, let’s get to the tournament! After Conor McCreery, Mitch Orsatti, and myself (somewhat) agreed on a ranking of all 30 teams, they were placed in a bracket. The...
  • 59 days ago
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NBA JAM Tournament: Which current duo is the league’s best?

SBN: Raptors HQ (JayRosales) — John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports What if NBA JAM — yes, the popular 90’s video game — actually happened with today’s NBA teams? Ponder no more! In this first post of our JAM series, we look at each team’s ideal roster. The schedule has been released. Free agency, Summer League, and 99 percent of roster construction is complete. Most NBA stars are sitting out the FIBA World Cup . So,...
  • 61 days ago
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Key Dates and Review for the 2019-20 Toronto Raptors schedule

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sully Akbari) — Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports The Raptors will enter their 25th year in the NBA as the 2019 defending champions. For Toronto, tip-off for the 2019-20 season is coming on October 22. The NBA released the 2019-20 schedule for all 30 teams in the league on Monday . Here is a complete breakdown of the defending NBA champions Toronto Raptors ’ schedule, and all the key dates you need to...
  • 61 days ago
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Report: Raptors to host Celtics for first-ever Christmas Day game in Toronto

SBN: Raptors HQ (Josh Kern) — John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports Stockings, presents, turkey ...Raptors? The reigning champs will finally get to show their stuff on the NBA’s most prestigious day. You asked for it, you got it: The Toronto Raptors will host the Boston Celtics on December 25 as the NBA comes to Canada on Christmas for the first time ever. Sources: Christmas Day games set for 2019-2020 NBA season...
  • 73 days ago
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The Eastern Conference has changed — which team will come out on top?

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports With all the player movement and wild deals, it’s time to take a look at where the Eastern Conference stands now — and how the Raptors fit into that situation. We’ve hit mid-July in the NBA’s never-ending season, which means, well, not much is due to happen. Admittedly, there may still be some deals on the table, but for the most part the league is taking a...
  • 88 days ago
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Chris Boucher named to 2019 Summer League Second Team

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — Though the Raptors didn’t make it to the title round, Chris Boucher had himself a Summer League tournament in Las Vegas. The Raptors may not have won the 2019 NBA Summer League championship, but they can lay claim to having one of the better players competing in the Las Vegas-based tournament. As the NBA has announced today, Toronto’s Chris Boucher has been named to the NBA Summer...
  • 91 days ago
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Player Review: The binding agent, Marc Gasol

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sean Woodley) — The Raptors welcomed Marc Gasol to the team at the trade deadline. In short order, the big Spaniard became the team’s starting centre, but also something more than that. The Kawhi Leonard trade gave the Raptors their championship ceiling. The Marc Gasol trade ensured the Raptors could reach it. A tug-of-war had dominated the Raptors’ on-court product all season long in the lead up to...
  • 95 days ago
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Toronto Raptors vs. Indiana Pacers: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sully Akbari) — The Raptors are riding high off their first Summer League win over the New York Knicks on Tuesday. With an 0-3 Indiana Pacers squad coming up, Toronto will look to even their tournament record at 2-2. The Toronto Raptors play their fourth Summer League game tonight, their final contest of the preliminary round robin, against the 0-3 Indiana Pacers . After tonight’s game, the consolation...
  • 95 days ago
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Strong performances lead the Raptors past the Knicks, 85-73

SBN: Raptors HQ (Ben_Scott) — The Raptors cruised by the Knicks for their first win of the tournament, led by strong performances from Chris Boucher and Dewan Hernandez, who combined for 39 points. The Raptors grabbed their first win of the tournament in convincing fashion, beating up on the Knicks throughout the game, and especially in the second quarter, winning the quarter 28-to-11 and never looking back. Jordan...
  • 97 days ago
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Toronto Raptors vs. New York Knicks: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Raptors have yet to win a game in Vegas, but maybe with the hapless New York Knicks up next, they’ll get their first Summer League victory. There are Summer League teams, and then there are summer league teams . The difference in the capitalization is obvious when comparing the Raptors , whose iteration in Las Vegas is the former, and the Knicks , who are the latter. The roster that...
  • 97 days ago
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Report: Kawhi Leonard to leave Toronto, sign with the Clippers

SBN: Raptors HQ (Josh Kern) — Kawhi Leonard brought the Toronto Raptors to the promised land, but his destiny lies elsewhere: In Los Angeles, to be exact, and with the Clippers. It’s with heavy hearts that we share the reports currently making their way around the world: Kawhi Leonard will sign with the Los Angeles Clippers , as first reported by Chris Haynes at Yahoo Sports, leaving the Toronto Raptors after one...
  • 101 days ago
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Player Review: Jeremy Lin could have been the perfect fit

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sully Akbari) — The Raptors needed depth in their guard rotation, so when Jeremy Lin popped up in the buyout market, Toronto jumped at the chance. Still, it didn’t quite go according to plan. They say time is a flat circle and that perfectly suits Jeremy Lin ’s journey through the NBA. As a member of the New York Knicks , Lin found himself playing a game against the Toronto Raptors on Valentine’s Day of...
  • 101 days ago
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