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The 905 beat the Westchester Knicks 92-80, head to the G League Conference Finals

SBN: Raptors HQ (Cole Shelton) — With the comeback win, the 905 are just one win away from their second straight appearance in the G League Finals. Although the Raptors 905 finished with the second-best record in the Eastern Conference, they were the 4th seed entering the playoffs, since the top three seeds were division winners. At the top, was the Westchester Knicks , who got a bye through Round One but had to meet the...
  • 203 days ago
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Lorenzo Brown leads the 905 to 92-88 playoff win over the Grand Rapids Drive

SBN: Raptors HQ (Cole Shelton) — It was a nail-biter but with the win, the 905 are off to Westchester for the second round of the playoffs. The Raptors 905 finished the season with the second-best record in the Eastern Conference but still finished fourth in playoff seeding due to the Westchester Knicks winning the 905’s division. With that, the Knicks got the bye and the 905 had to play a one-game playoff at home...
  • 206 days ago
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Dial 905: The team gears up for the G League Playoffs

SBN: Raptors HQ (Cole Shelton) — The 905 finished the season with a win, but stayed locked into second place in the conference. Before looking ahead to the playoffs, we review the past week. The NBA G League’s regular season ended this week, with the 905 playing one more game on their west coast trip, before finishing the regular season off at home. The team finished the year 31-19, in second place in the Eastern...
  • 208 days ago
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Raptors look to bounce back against the Nuggets: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Mitch Orsatti) — After a humbling loss on Sunday, the Raptors look to get back in the win column as the Denver Nuggets visit Toronto for their first and only time this season. The Raptors will look to close their three-game home-stand tonight with a win against the youthful, offensive-minded Denver Nuggets squad that is fighting for their collective playoff lives. With both teams boasting top-10...
  • 210 days ago
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Culture Watch: Prepare for the Northern Invasion

SBN: Raptors HQ (Kelsea O'Brien) — The Raptors hit New York this past week, and they brought the whole city with them. This past week I had the opportunity to follow the Raptors on the road and watch them obliterate both the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets . While the scores were not surprising, the number of Raptors fans traveling far and wide, was. When I left Toronto for New York on Friday, I was a little bit...
  • 220 days ago
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Raw Raptor Rankings Week 21: On beating Houston, and everyone else

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — The Raptors beat the Western Conference’s best, reached the 50-win mark, and continued a win streak. A good week indeed. I’m officially running out of superlatives. Writing about a group of young NBA players was supposed to be an exercise in the ups and downs of an early career. Instead, we’ve got the really surprising, really enigmatic, really good Raptors bench mob. For what feels like...
  • 221 days ago
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Report: Raptors planning to sign Nigel Hayes to second 10-day contract

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — With two 3s to his name as an NBA player for the Raptors, Toronto is reportedly looking to keep Hayes around for now. As reported last night by the big man Adrian Wojnarowski, for whom no deal is too small, the Raptors are apparently set to sign swingman Nigel Hayes to a second 10-day contract. The official report, such as it is, is right here: Toronto is signing Nigel Hayes to a...
  • 222 days ago
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Who is the Raptors Breakthrough Player of the 2017-18 season?

SBN: Raptors HQ (ConorMcCreery) — Sure, all the Raps have pretty much exceeded expectations, but who’s been the exceed-iest? It’s been a very good year to be a Toronto Raptors fan. It’s been so good that the nagging sense of doubt that losing a random Thursday night game on the road in, say, Indiana means the Raps will slog through the playoffs yet again, barely feels ever-present anymore. It’s safe to say that...
  • 223 days ago
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Raptors beat the Nets, 116-102, earn 50th win of the season

SBN: Raptors HQ (Satbir Singh_) — The Nets looked like a team on a mission before the Raptors quieted them with a team effort in the second half. With the Raptors coming off an enormous victory over Houston, a 26-point win over the Knicks , and riding an eight game win streak, Tuesday night’s game versus the Brooklyn Nets could very well be described as a trap game. There would be two ways the game would go for the...
  • 223 days ago
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Raptors vs. Nets Game Thread: Pre-game updates, TV info, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Raptors go for win number nine in a row, and the Nets try not to get in the way. Or something. While you were sleeping, the Raptors became the toast of the NBA. It began on Monday with Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star going off . Then today saw two different pieces on Fred VanVleet — from former HQers Alex Wong and James Herbert. And then the big man, Zach Lowe, weighed in...
  • 223 days ago
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Fun and Good Highlight: Get some teammates who enjoy playing together

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Raptors had an embarrassment of highlight riches this week, so let’s try to celebrate them all together — thematically. When we conceived of this recurring column here, it was done in a spirit of good faith. We were convinced that each week some Raptors incident or play or whatever would have the necessary Fun and Good qualifications to make the entire endeavour worthwhile. When it...
  • 224 days ago
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Raptors look for win no. 9 in a row vs. the Nets: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Raptors are playing some of the best basketball in franchise history. The Nets... are not. The Raptors are on a tear right now, perhaps the most pronounced and significant run they’ve been on since... since... I honestly can’t even recall. There was that 11-game win streak in 2015-16, but we were still coming off the horrors of the ‘15 post-season and while we knew the Raptors were...
  • 224 days ago
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Power Rankings Poll Week 21: Raptors on top of the world, to some

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — Toronto continued its run this past week, and looks to be just about the best team in the league. Except, hmmmm. Do not tell Dwane Casey the Raptors may be on top of the NBA pyramid. He’ll hear none of that. For him, every game, win or lose, is just one more game in the books, onto the next one, forever and ever, amen. It’s a sharp mindset to have for the grind of the regular season, but...
  • 225 days ago
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Five Thoughts on Yesterday Afternoon: Raptors 132, Knicks 106

SBN: Raptors HQ (Josh Kern) — The Toronto Raptors took care of business in Madison Square Garden, beating the Knicks 132-106. We’ve got five quick thoughts on the latest blowout. I don’t think anyone would’ve been shocked if the Toronto Raptors had experienced a letdown on Sunday after Friday night’s big win. But they were all business and used a strong second half to handle the New York Knicks 132-106. Sunday...
  • 225 days ago
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Raptors discard Knicks on the road, 132-106

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — The Knicks were lively, but couldn’t defend an electric afternoon by the Raptors bench. Coming off an emotional win on Friday over the Western Conference-leading Rockets , the Raptors were almost set up to fail today. They had a quick turnaround to play New York on the road. They got the last-minute “we got this” boost of getting Delon Wright back from injury, and not having to play...
  • 225 days ago
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