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Fisher 'still searching' for Knicks' starting 5

ESPN (Danny Knobler | Special to ESPNNewYork.com) — NEW YORK -- Derek Fisher says he's fine with the uncertainty, but you wonder how he can be. His New York Knicks now have less than a week to go before they play for real. They have just one more of these preseason games to go. And yet when Fisher was asked before Wednesday night's 103-100 win over the Washington Wizards if he's closer to identifying a rotation, his answer was basically what it...
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Preseason Final Score: Knicks 103, Wizards 100

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Hey, that was actually fun! Weird 'n' sloppy, but fun. And the Knicks got a couple big shots and a stop down the stretch! Here's Carmelo Anthony's game-winner,  via @gifdsports : That felt almost like a real game, so I think the Knicks should get a real win for it. Just one man's opinion. Our friend stingy will have a recap later! Good job, Knicks!
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Game Recap: Knicks 103 – Wizards 100

theKNICKSblog.com (Danny Abriano) — Recap: Behind a 31-point fourth quarter, the Knicks topped the Wizards on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. Need to Know: With the game tied at 100 and 13.9 seconds remaining, Carmelo Anthony hit a mid-range jumper and was fouled. He then hit the ensuing free throw to put the Knicks up 103-100. Overall, Anthony […]
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ESPN.com: From Phil Jackson’s Point of View

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — Charley Rosen had an excellent piece on ESPN.com today (tip of the hat to alsep73 for the link) where he got Phil Jackson to post his candid views on each member of the Knicks’ roster, even players destined to only play in the D-League. Here is the link. It is a fascinating look at Jackson’s views on the players, because so much of it doesn’t remotely resemble the truth, so...
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Phil Jackson gives player-by-player scouting report on his Knicks

ESPN (Danny Knobler | Special to ESPNNewYork.com) — Carmelo Anthony is the New York Knicks' "only certified All-Star." Andrea Bargnani will thrive in the triangle. J.R. Smith "has to learn the difference between a good shot and a bad shot," and "tends to be a ball-watcher" on defense. Amar'e Stoudemire can be a potent shooter, but "playing adequate defense is a real challenge for him, and he's also got to improve his rebounding." Says who? Phil...
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The Knicks Blog Podcast: Derek Fisher’s rotation

theKNICKSblog.com (Andrew Vazzano, SNY.tv) — Anthony Donahue and Moke Hamilton react to Carmelo Anthony’s comments about the Triangle offense and Amar’e Stoudemire’s use of red wine. Plus, the guys chat with the lead writer of The Knicks Blog, Keith Schlosser, about the new 30 for 30 documentary and Iman Shumpert.
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Knicks get no love in NBA.com GM poll

ESPN (Danny Knobler) — Were you surprised that Carmelo Anthony re-signed with the New York Knicks last summer? At least one NBA general manager was. We can't tell you which one, because NBA.com's annual survey of league general managers is conducted anonymously. But under the category of "most surprising move of the offseason," Carmelo staying in New York is listed among others receiving votes. LeBron James' move to...
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Jeff Van Gundy: Knicks can make playoffs

ESPN (Danny Knobler | Special to ESPNNewYork.com) — Some preseason forecasts have the New York Knicks missing the playoffs for a second straight season. Not Jeff Van Gundy's. "Yes, I think they'll make the playoffs," the former Knicks coach and current ESPN NBA analyst said on a Wednesday conference call to preview the season. Van Gundy had high praise for Jose Calderon and Carmelo Anthony, and also said he thinks Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith...
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Things we learned from Phil Jackson's candid comments on every Knick

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Phil Jackson gave Charley Rosen an extended comment on *every single* Knicks player from training camp. It's interesting and unlike anything we've ever seen from the Knicks before. Dad reveals a frank, nuanced scouting report of every player's skill set and even tips (or guides?) Derek Fisher's hand with regard to stuff like playing time. You should really check out  the whole thing , but...
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Examining Phil Jackson’s influence on Knicks’ glory days

theKNICKSblog.com (Keith Schlosser, Lead Writer) — But ironically enough, despite winning eleven championship rings by preaching the triangle offense to his players as a coach, he wasn’t known for putting the ball in the basket as a player. Instead, Jackson was relied upon on for his gritty defense. He was the type of player who threw his body around and had no […]
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Let's watch Willis Reed beat up all the Lakers

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Perhaps the rarest, most prized footage showcased in  When The Garden Was Eden on ESPN Tuesday night was tape of the final seconds of the Knicks' relatively underwhelming 1973 Championship victory in Los Angeles. Next to that? Willis Reed beating up ALL the Lakers in 1966: Brian Cronin once  wrote about this in his excellent Unsung Knicks History series on Knickerblogger, and it's...
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Fish pleased with 'unselfish' Knicks offense

ESPN (Ian Begley) — GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Derek Fisher knows some people think Carmelo Anthony is too selfish to fit into the triangle offense. He knows others believe there’s no way J.R. Smith can thrive in an offense that’s so heavily predicated on ball movement. “A lot of people question or doubt a lot of these guys’ ability to do that and [their] willingness to be unselfish and play for...
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SportsNite: Knicks unsure of starters

theKNICKSblog.com (Andrew Vazzano, SNY.tv) — Knicks head coach Derek Fisher talks about the uncertainty of his opening-night lineup due to a number of injuries. Sorry, this video could not be loaded…
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Bargs status for opener up in air

ESPN (Ian Begley) — GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Here’s what we know about Andrea Bargnani: He hasn’t played in a game since Oct. 8 because of a hamstring injury. He didn’t practice on Tuesday and won’t play Wednesday against Washington. And there is uncertainty about his availability for the Knicks’ regular season opener next Wednesday.“We still have eight days before opening night. I...
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