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New York Knicks: Hypothetically ‘rigging’ the draft for Zion Williamson

Daily Knicks (Anirudh Subramanian) — Opinion: What if the NBA, hypothetically, rigged the lottery for the New York Knicks to draft Zion Williamson? March Madness has just begun, most of us have filled out our brackets, trying to win the big prizes out there. By the end of the first day, there will be some upset that no one sees […] New York Knicks: Hypothetically ‘rigging’ the draft for Zion Williamson - ...
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Parting With Frank Ntilikina Might Be Best for Both Parties

The Knicks Wall (Tyler Marko) — Trading Frank Ntilikina would be a bitter coda to the Frenchman’s Knicks career, but at this point what plan does the team have for the developing guard? If you love someone, let them go. Marc Berman of the New York Post reported that should Frank Ntilikina not impress in the final 10 games of the […] The post Parting With Frank Ntilikina Might Be Best for Both Parties appeared...
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The Knicks fan’s guide to the NCAA Tournament: West Region

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Featuring Bargain Bin Zion, which still equals a really good player How’s everyone feeling? Ready for the tournament? Well, not quite yet, of course. You’ve heard about the Midwest , East and South regions of the tournament, so let’s dive a little into the wild, wild West and see what it’s all about. Brandon Clarke , #15 (1) Gonzaga, Junior Forward Clarke is such a unique prospect...
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The Knicks fan’s guide to the NCAA Tournament: South Region

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Come on, Sluggo, we’re going to Louisville. What up, dreck. Our March Madness previews continue, this time with the South Region. If you missed the Midwest Region or the Zion Region , click those links. That’s all well and good but let’s get down to the nitty gritty. De’Andre Hunter, #12 (1) Virginia Cavaliers , Sophomore Defensive Forward If you remember anything from last March,...
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New York Knicks: High-risk, high-reward draft prospects in March Madness

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — Among the players for the New York Knicks to watch in the 2019 NCAA Tournament, there are a handful of high-risk, high-reward players. As the 2019 NCAA Tournament starts, the New York Knicks have their homework to do on the potential draft prospects that will play in the opening round, in the next 32 teams […] New York Knicks: High-risk, high-reward draft prospects in March Madness - ...
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Utah Jazz 137 – New York Knicks 116 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — “Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen”* Today I’d like to tell you the story of Dorando Pietri. I don’t know if many of you already know it just as I don’t know if I use this example pretty often just because the guy was Italian and the episode got stuck in my mind in a bizarre exercise of weird patriotism. You see, Dorando Pietri was a marathon runner from a...
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TKW Highlights: Kevin Knox and Mario Hezonja vs. Jazz

The Knicks Wall (Reid Goldsmith) — Kevin Knox played practically the entire game in the Knicks’ blowout loss to the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night at the Garden. The New York Knicks had one of—with many in contention!—their worst losses of the season on Wednesday night at home against Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and the fearsome Utah Jazz. Despite falling to […] The post TKW Highlights: Kevin Knox and Mario...
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Knicks Trade Rumors: Hawks are questionable suitor for Frank Ntilikina

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The Atlanta Hawks reportedly rebuffed the New York Knicks’ Frank Ntilikina trade talks. What kind of deal could have happened? The New York Knicks will soon embark on sweeping roster changes, with most of their roster set for, or able to, hit free agency in July. That does not rule out trades, which this front […] Knicks Trade Rumors: Hawks are questionable suitor for Frank...
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Jazz 137, Knicks 116: “‘Yakety Sax’ played on the MSG organ would make this game perfect”

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — The season of limbo continues with the Knicks as low as they can go. The third-to-last day of 2018 saw the Utah Jazz up 37 at the half against the New York Knicks. Think of 2019 as the new boss being a lot like the old boss: the Jazz again bossed the Knicks, this time in New York, 137-116. Last night the Knicks only trailed by 27 at the half. Raise that one to the rafters. It wasn’t New...
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Three Takeaways From a Knicks Season Mired in Losing

The Knicks Wall (Jared Hamburg) — The Knicks will finish this season with 50-plus losses for the fourth straight year, but on a positive note, here are three reasons the season wasn’t totally lost. As the season comes to a close with only 10 games remaining, Knicks fans are forced, once again, to read between the lines of another losing season. […] The post Three Takeaways From a Knicks Season Mired in Losing ...
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TKW Podcast: March Madness Preview

The Knicks Wall (Anthony Corbo) — The Knicks are dreadful and even more so when Dennis Smith Jr., Alonzo Trier, Kadeem Allen, Frank Ntilikina and Noah Vonleh are all out. The NCAA Tournament starts on Thursday, March Madness is here. Joseph Nardone of CBB Today and the Knicks Wall’s Mike Cortez joined Anthony Corbo and Bryan Gibberman to preview what’s on tap.  TIMESTAMPS Pretty […] The post TKW Podcast:...
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Shorthanded Knicks Trounced by Utah’s Three-Point Shooting in Jazz Win

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — With only 10 players available, the Knicks were quickly dispatched by Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz, 137-116. As the deficit ballooned to 33 points, color commentator and New York Knicks legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier summed it up perfectly: “This is becoming embarrassing now, folks.” The final score showed it all as the New York […] The post Shorthanded Knicks Trounced by Utah’s...
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Jazz 137, Knicks 116: Scenes from yet another dismal beating

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Ouch. Well, that was...not very fun. The Utah Jazz stomped the New York Knicks a few months ago when the Knicks were at close to full strength. Needless to say, the ‘Bockers didn’t have much a shot on Wednesday night, as they were missing Dennis Smith Jr. , Allonzo Trier , Noah Vonleh , Kadeem Allen and Frank Ntilikina (who should be coming back Friday!!!). The Jazz jumped out...
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New York Knicks: White flag waives early in latest blowout loss

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks never stood a chance in a runaway game against the Utah Jazz, 137-116. There are some games on an NBA schedule that teams can circle as “wins” or “losses.” The Utah Jazz fit the latter for the New York Knicks, after a holiday annihilation in late December that gave head coach […] New York Knicks: White flag waives early in latest blowout loss...
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New York Knicks: Kobe Bryant once ‘dreamed’ about playing in New York

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — Kobe Bryant stayed with the Los Angeles Lakers from start to finish, but he had thoughts of playing elsewhere, including the New York Knicks. Star players and the New York Knicks are a combination that rarely transpires anymore. They had Carmelo Anthony as recently as 2017, but his stock faded over those final few seasons, […] New York Knicks: Kobe Bryant once ‘dreamed’...
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