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Raptors return home to play the Knicks: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Satbir Singh_) — The Raptors once again are on a winning streak and aren’t slowing down anytime soon as the struggling Knicks come to town. It’s a Saturday afternoon matinée between the very good Raptors and the not so good New York Knicks . The Raptors return home after a perfect 4-0 Western Conference road trip and look to extend their win streak to six for the second time this season. On the other...
  • 30 days ago
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Locked on Raptors 413 - Anatomy of the Knicks’ Tank w/ Jonathan Macri

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sean Woodley) — Sean Woodley chats with Jonathan Macri about all the ways in which this year’s Knicks are tankerrific. In Episode 413 of Locked on Raptors , Sean Woodley is joined by Jonathan Macri ( Knicks Film Room, The Step Back) to chat all about the 2018-19 New York Knicks -- one of the tankiest teams to ever tank, that also happens to be visiting Toronto on Saturday. They chat about the way in...
  • 30 days ago
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HQ Roundtable: What’s up with the Raptors’ bench, Ibaka, JV, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sully Akbari) — The HQ Roundtable is back to discuss the Raptors’ bench, Serge Ibaka’s stellar play, JV’s case for Sixth Man of the year, and other storylines around the NBA. Hello and welcome to the third edition of the Raptors HQ Roundtable. My name is Sully Akbari and I will be the host of this roundtable discussion series throughout the season. Joining me this week is Conor McCreery and Jay Rosales...
  • 32 days ago
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The Rap-Up: Games of the Week for Nov. 5-11

SBN: Raptors HQ (JayRosales) — The Raptors complete their first road trip of the season and come home to face Allonzo Trier and his New York Knicks. TSN’s Josh Lewenberg recently reported the Raptors are taking the long view with Kawhi Leonard ’s load maintenance program. Toronto has never had a superstar of Leonard ’s calibre, and they’re not taking any chances with his health. Over the first 10 games, Kawhi has...
  • 35 days ago
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Raptors take on LeBron James and the Lakers: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sully Akbari) — Toronto is in their second game of their west coast road trip, and it just so happens to run through Los Angeles and LeBron James for the first time this season. The Raptors come into La-La Land after defeating the Phoenix Suns 107-98 on Friday night. With an 8-1 record, they’ve been firing on all cylinders, and look to continue their best start in franchise history with a victory over...
  • 36 days ago
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Culture Watch: Surprise Raptors Halloween Edition

SBN: Raptors HQ (Kelsea O'Brien) — It’s Halloween. The Raptors are hitting the road. Let’s get spooky. Remember last night when Kawhi Leonard went barrelling into the stanchion, courtesy of Joel Embiid , with the speed of Fred VanVleet running away from Serge Ibaka’s cooking , and all of Toronto held their collective breath? That was slightly terrifying, but because we here Raptors HQ never overreact to anything, it...
  • 39 days ago
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The Rap-Up: Games of the Week for Oct. 29-Nov. 4

SBN: Raptors HQ (JayRosales) — Greek Freak vs. The Klaw gets the week started, then LeBron does battle with Kawhi at its end. The Raptors have their work cut out for them. And then there were two! Only two teams are without a loss. While the teams in question were likely not on your radar as the “last team standing” before the season started, they’ll take centre stage on Monday. After facing the Bucks, Toronto’s got a...
  • 42 days ago
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Watch the Tape: Kawhi? More like Ka-Wow!

SBN: Raptors HQ (ConorMcCreery) — A deep dive into the impressive arsenal of the man guaranteed to bring the Raptors an NBA title. (Guarantee void in Ontario.) (For now.) Watch the Tape is a new Raptors HQ feature that will teach you absolutely nothing about basketball, how to watch it better, or how it’s properly played. It WILL take you on a tour of some of the finest, and most random Raptors related (and sometimes...
  • 54 days ago
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FiveThirtyEight: Raps will rep East in NBA Finals

SBN: Raptors HQ (Josh Kern) — With one last dip in the pre-season rankings pond, we look at what FiveThirtyEight has to say, and it’s fun, and good The NBA regular season starts tomorrow! But it’s not tomorrow yet, which means we’re still in NBA preseason rankings season. The beautiful minds at FiveThirtyEight are the latest to join the wave, and as is typical with FiveThirtyEight, their rankings are less subjective...
  • 55 days ago
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Ranking Every Raptor: The Conclusion — #10 - 1

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sean Woodley) — 208 players down, ten to go. Please don’t get mad at how high Donyell Marshall is ranked. It’s the grand finale of Ranking Every Raptor. Holy shit, I did it! 220 players, something like 30,000 words, and a lot of swears. It’s almost a let down that we’re wrapping up Ranking Every Raptor with the most boring group of players — the guys you already know everything about, who played more than...
  • 70 days ago
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Cold, or just cold shooting: A history of Toronto Raptors revenge games

SBN: Raptors HQ (Josh Kern) — The Toronto Raptors have traded away a lot of players over the years. Who rained down the sweetest vengeance against their former club? Did you hear? An NBA player is out for revenge against his former team! That only happens a dozen or so times a year. But this year it’s different for Raptors fans, as it’s our longtime franchise icon and all time leader in 10 different categories, who’s...
  • 80 days ago
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Ranking Every Raptor: Fond Memories of Old Friends — #120 - 91

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sean Woodley) — Today’s batch of rankings features guys fans loved in the moment, and others whose legacies benefit from the gift of hindsight. John Salley is also in this one. Today’s installment of Ranking Every Raptor will see us power through the halfway point and into the top-100. You are going to be mad at no. 91. Just hear me out, OK? You’ll see the light, I promise. If you haven’t yet, make sure...
  • 84 days ago
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Ranking Every Raptor: Quasi-Memorable Roster Fringe — #150 - 121

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sean Woodley) — Most of these Raptors players were bad, but had moments that were memorably good. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re ranking every player in Raptors history based on their contributions to the team. Arbitrary criteria, don’t get mad at me, yaddah yaddah. Monday’s cluster of 30 journeyman failed to produce much in the way of stand-out moments or poppin’ stat lines during their mostly...
  • 89 days ago
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Eastern Conference Competition Breakdown: Cream of the Crop

SBN: Raptors HQ (Josh Kern) — The 2018-2019 Eastern Conference looks to be a three-team race, with two dark horses bringing up the rear. Last week, we ran down the Toronto Raptors’ competition at the lower end of the Eastern Conference , ending up, perhaps unsurprisingly, with the consistently underwhelming Washington Wizards . I predicted the Raptors would carve out a 33-5 record against those 10 teams. But these...
  • 94 days ago
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Ranking Every Raptor: The Dudes Who Stunk Most — #218 - 181

SBN: Raptors HQ (Sean Woodley) — A lot of players have played for the Raptors. These are the worst of the bunch. When the Raptors traded for Kawhi Leonard , the franchise leveled up. For 23 years, the Raptors have lacked a truly life-changing superstar. Vince Carter came close to reaching the upper crust, albeit during one of the deepest talent nadirs in league history, and the Kyle Lowry-DeMar DeRozan duo won a...
  • 96 days ago
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