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Raptors meet the Grizzlies in Memphis: Preview, Start Time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Joel_Stephens) — Reeling Memphis plays host to a red-hot Raptors offense in a Friday night matchup. The Raptors look to extend their winning streak to five in a Friday evening matchup with the Grizzlies of Memphis. Memphis is a reeling team, completely opposite of Toronto, searching for any remedy to their current predicament; they’ve lost nine of their last ten games. Without Mike Conley , Marc Gasol ...
  • 220 days ago
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For the Raptors, here come the Suns: Preview, Start Time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — Toronto’s team gets back into action tonight against the struggling Suns. Can the Raps make it three in a row or will they play down to their competition? Thanks to whoever planned out this delightful NBA schedule, the Raptors got the entirety of last weekend off. In fact, they’ve only played two games in the past ten days (both of which were wins). Folks, this is also the number of...
  • 223 days ago
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Raptors vs. Hornets Game Thread: It’s a game that is happening

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Hornets are in Toronto tonight, with Dwight Howard and the like, and we’re going to watch it. The Raptors have to play 82 games in a season, which means they have to see the Charlotte Hornets four times. Tonight, a Wednesday, is one of those times. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. We don’t quite know which version of the Raptors will show up though. On their recent three game road...
  • 228 days ago
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The Raptors to play basketball game tonight against the Hornets: Preview, Start Time and More

SBN: Raptors HQ (Dan Grant) — The NBA season is long, and after a few days off, the Raptors are back at it against the Charlotte Hornets. Get into it? Hey! The Raptors have a game tonight! Huzzah. You’d be forgiven for forgetting, as this marks Toronto’s first game since last Saturday, the first of only two Raptors games scheduled to be played this week. They’ll be taking on the disappointing Charlotte Hornets ,...
  • 229 days ago
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Power Ranking Poll Week 6: Raptors keep striving for the top

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — Kyle Lowry hustled all week but the Raptors didn’t quite make any gains on the court (or, spoiler alert, in the power rankings). The NBA is a fickle beast, once again. We knew that already though, right? We have to, as Raptors fans, because of the up-and-down nature of this team. Lineups change, effort is sometimes inconsistent, and the wins and losses come from who knows where. This past...
  • 230 days ago
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Raptors need a win vs. the Hawks: Preview, start time, and more

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — After two disappointing losses in a presumed “easier” stretch to the schedule, the Raptors are getting desperate in Atlanta. The Raptors were supposed to be moving into an easier stretch of the schedule. They’re into the final game of a little three-game road trip, but their opponents have been of a softer quality than those of their west coast run to kick-off the season. At least that was...
  • 232 days ago
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Raptors Can’t Keep Pace with Pacers, Lose 107-104

SBN: Raptors HQ (Adam Iafrate) — Toronto comes up short in a close one in Indiana. The East is Improving and the Toronto Raptors are figuring that out the hard way. Toronto fell in a 107-104 nail-biter to the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Friday. The Raptors were coming off of a disappointing loss to the new-look New York Knicks in a game that contained debatably the worst quarter of basketball the...
  • 233 days ago
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Raw Raptor Rankings Week 5: De-long road back home

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — The Raptors’ young guys continue to be good. It was a Knicks -y week for the Toronto Raptors , as they went 1-1 against their division rival on the way to a 2-1 week. This, of course, included the 41-10 third quarter shellacking on Wednesday night that we’ve surely all forgotten. Can anything in there be blamed on the young guys? Sure! Everyone deserves some blame when you come out of...
  • 234 days ago
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Raptors face new-look old rival, the Indiana Pacers: Preview, Start Time and More

SBN: Raptors HQ (Dylan Litman) — The streaking Pacers look to kick the Raptors while they’re down. After an ignominious loss against the New York Knicks , the Raptors are looking to rebound against a thriving Indiana Pacers team. On a four-game winning streak, the Pacers have outperformed their expectations heading into the season. As reported by Pacers writer Mark Montieth, Darren Collison praised his team’s...
  • 234 days ago
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Raptors endure worst quarter in franchise history, lose to Knicks 108-100

SBN: Raptors HQ (Joel_Stephens) — It was a real Jekyll and Hyde game for the Raptors, as a fun and proficient first half gave way to a horror show in the second. The game began off as an excellent microcosm of what you’d expect from the Raptors and Knicks , two of the top ten offenses in the league right now — two squads running, gunning and playing exciting, high powered offensive basketball. The score was a continuous...
  • 235 days ago
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HQ Overtime Post-Game Show: Third quarters are for losers anyway

SBN: Raptors HQ (John Gaudes) — Listen live as we break down a Wednesday night in Manhattan. HQ Overtime is a live post-game show. Tune in through the Mixlr player below and leave a question in the comments section -- we'll address as many as we can on the show. For all the details on this show, check out our introductory thread . A wild one tonight in Madison Square Garden, as the Raptors had the game then......
  • 235 days ago
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Raptors vs. Knicks Game Thread: Can Toronto make it 5 in a row?

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Raptors are rolling right now, and the Knicks — with Kristaps Porzingis — are a slightly improved version of the Knicks. Who ya got? Let me just say that when Knicks Twitter is in a bad state, it is far more entertaining. Oh how they complain and moan! How they are distraught and angry! And how their team is gradually dropped from primetime national TV viewing schedules in favour of...
  • 235 days ago
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Raptors head to New York to take on the Knicks: Preview, Start Time and More

SBN: Raptors HQ (Dan Grant) — For the second time in five days, the Raptors are playing against the Knicks, which usually means good things for Toronto. The Toronto Raptors currently sit second in the Eastern Conference with an 11-5 record. They trail only their streaking Atlantic-division mate Boston Celtics (16-2) in the standings, though this seeding isn’t particularly surprising when we remember LeBron and Co....
  • 236 days ago
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Power Ranking Poll Week 5: All in together now

SBN: Raptors HQ (Daniel Reynolds) — The Raptors were rolling this week after four straight wins against some quality opponents. How did they stack up against the rest of the NBA? The Raptors went 4-0 this week with wins over the Rockets (great!), Wizards (good!), Pelicans (they have those two guys!), and Knicks (Knicks!). Other than a shoulder injury to Delon Wright — the severity of which is still unknown — it’s...
  • 237 days ago
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The Raptors Dominate Knicks with 107-84 Victory

SBN: Raptors HQ (Adam Iafrate) — For the third time in four nights, the Toronto Raptors ride a wave of prolific offence to a big victory. Toronto handed the Knicks a 104-87 loss on Friday night at the Air Canada Centre. The matchup marked the first time these two sides will meet within a week. Kyle Lowry finished with a 22 point, 10 assist double-double, ending just two rebounds shy of a triple-double. The Raps are...
  • 240 days ago
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