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Thunder 128, Knicks 103: Scenes from they are who we thought they were

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Oklahoma City laid it down early and often and then some more Close your eyes. What do you see? If it’s someone from the Oklahoma City Thunder getting a loose ball or offensive rebound, you likely endured tonight’s 128-103 Knicks’ drubbing. You may not have figured the Knicks had any real chance for a victory on the road against OKC, even without Russell Westbrook active. If so, stop what...
  • 26 days ago
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Damyean Dotson Proving Himself an Excellent Offensive Foil

Posting and Toasting (The Ghost of Kristaps Past) — The University of Houston grad is making a name for himself in his second season. On the eve of the 2016 NBA Draft, the Knicks made a controversial deal with the Chicago Bulls for Derrick Rose. Out went Robin Lopez , Jose Calderon and just-finished-his-rookie-season Jerian Grant , and in came Rose and Justin Holiday . The Bulls also threw in their 2017 second round pick, a...
  • 26 days ago
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Game Preview: Knicks at Thunder- 11/14/18

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — ‘Stache brothers reunion. The Knicks head to Oklahoma for this one. Here we have yet another team that is much further along than the Knicks (4-10). The Thunder (8-5) got off to a slow start this year but are finding their stride of late. Paul George is a two-way superstar in his prime. Steven Adams is the prototypical low usage, high efficiency big man (.602 TS%) for a high usage...
  • 26 days ago
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Locked on Knicks, Episode 365: The one with the bittersweet announcement

Posting and Toasting (James Marceda) — It’s time On today’s ‘sode I make a kinda sad announcement (it’s not that sad, but it’s also kinda sad -- you’ll see). Then I talk about the Knicks’ loss to the Magic, Frank’s potential demotion, and Fizdale’s thoughts on the Knicks’ style of play. Listen!
  • 26 days ago
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This Week In Knicks History: Frank Ntilikina takes on LeBron

Posting and Toasting (BennyBuckets71) — Ntilikina refused to be intimidated by “King James” Frank Ntilikina may be in the midst of some early season struggles, but there is still plenty to be pumped about when it comes to the 20-year-old Frenchman, and a year ago this week Ntilikina formed an everlasting bond with Knicks fans when he stood up to a bully named LeBron James . On November 13, 2017, Knicks fans were still...
  • 27 days ago
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Magic 115, Knicks 89: 'Zion.'

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Meh. Let’s start with a song: Some indy song by some indy band. Doubt you’ve heard of them. But basically the song is about it being the end of the world, and the singer being fine with that. That’s roughly how I felt during tonight’s unpredictable 115-89 slaughter at the hands of the 5-7 (now 6-7) Orlando Magic . This game sucked. And during some previous years with much higher...
  • 28 days ago
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Magic 115, Knicks 89: Scenes from the worst game of the season

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Gross. So, how was your evening? Did you watch the New York Knicks play the Orlando Magic Sunday night? If so, then boy do I feel sorry for you. The Knicks didn’t score for the first infinity minutes, went down quickly 10-0, lost the first quarter 30-10, and mercifully ended the night with a 115-89 defeat. They were lucky not to lose by 50. Oh, and the Magic were missing one of their...
  • 29 days ago
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Wassup in Westchester: John Jenkins erupts for a franchise-record 44 points

Posting and Toasting (BennyBuckets71) — Could he be the next G-Leaguer to make it to the Knicks? John Jenkins , the latest in a parade of former first round picks the New York Knicks are attempting to revive as part of their rebuild, brought the house down in Florida last night, dropping a franchise-record 44 points for the Westchester Knicks en route to a 125-104 blowout of the Lakeland Magic . The victory raised the...
  • 29 days ago
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Game Preview: Knicks vs Magic - 11/11/18

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Magical SEGABABA Turn it around, team. Today the Knicks (4-9) get right back at it against the Orlando Magic (5-7). Orlando is 28th in the NBA in scoring, last in free throw attempts. However, they take care of the ball, tied with Indiana for 6th in the league with a tidy 14 a game, which is just ahead of league average. They are connecting on 32% of their 32 threes a game. All in all,...
  • 29 days ago
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Raptors 128, Knicks 112: ‘Defensively, they are so bad’

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Giving up 75 over the middle two quarters? Sacré bleu! The Knicks entered Saturday’s Toronto matinee having lost five in a row north of the border and 15 of 18 overall to Les Raptors because the Raptors are better. Toronto won 128-112 today for very much the same reason. But these are not your common-law daddy’s Raptors, nor are they the same ol’ Knicks, and thus while the outcome was...
  • 29 days ago
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Raptors 128, Knicks 112: Scenes from one of the biggest mismatches in basketball

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Knicks got knocked. New York drops to 4-9 on the year. They played tough but ultimately were unable to overpower Toronto. The Raptors struggled early turning over the ball and Knicks did what they could to hang in. In the first quarter the Raptors basically did not run pick and rolls as Frank Ntilikina and Mitchell Robinson proved a troublesome pair. Eventually Enes Kanter and ...
  • 30 days ago
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Game Preview: Knicks at Raptors - 11/10/18

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Raptors, Claw. The Knicks (4-8) take a quick jaunt across the border to mount up against the Raptors (11-1). Toronto has won their last five games, including a four game road trip. Neither team has played since Wednesday. The Raptors, aside from having the best record in the league, play an assertive togetherness that is tough to come by. Kawhi Leonard is looking like he will get back to...
  • 30 days ago
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The Week in Knicks History: Remember, remember, Kristaps in November

Posting and Toasting (BennyBuckets71) — Kristaps WENT OFF last season. Kristaps Porzingis catapulted himself into the national conversation early last season, and a year ago this week he cemented himself as one of the top rising basketball talents in the NBA by being named Eastern Conference Player of the Week, thanks to a flurry of spectacular performances that included a career high scoring effort, blocks in bunches, and an...
  • 30 days ago
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The 2018-19 Knicks City Edition Uniforms are Here!

Posting and Toasting (Robert Silverman) — A hodge-podge of previous styles are combined to form this year’s model, with one notable exception Well, isn’t this a nifty treat on a gloomy Friday afternoon. The New York Knicks finally unveiled their 2018-19 City Edition uniform. Gone is the quasi-beloved ode to New York’s Bravest (which your humble fashion correspondent really dug ) and in its stead, the ‘Bockers will be rocking...
  • 31 days ago
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Locked on Knicks, Episode 364: Voicemailbag!

Posting and Toasting (James Marceda) — Where would Frank go in a redraft? On today’s ‘sode I’m joined by Alex Wolfe to answer questions from YOU, the listener! Where would Frank go in a redraft? What kind of offense are the Knicks running? How do you get defense in the second unit? These questions and MORE will be answered on today’s ‘sode! Listen!
  • 31 days ago
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