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Phil Jackson reportedly still concerned with Kristaps Porzingis’s long-term viability with Knicks

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Phil remains a dumb baby. Remember when Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks seemed to put their bizarre public feud with franchise cornerstone Kristaps Porzingis behind them so they could focus on the draft? Yeah, that was a nice 36 hours or so. Fans had one day to sit back and imagine a future orange-and-blue defensive gauntlet featuring the long-limbed powers of Porzingis and...
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What is the French media saying about Frank Ntilikina?

Posting and Toasting (Harrison Rahajason) — Probably some French words! Let’s translate them. Tucked between France’s involvement in this week’s European Union Summit in Brussels and Paris’ bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, people over here in the land of cheese and snails are talking about Frank Ntilikina. The draft started at 2:30 AM Paris time so, understandably, not every major channel had any reporting on him. The first...
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2017 Draft real-time diary

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Wingspans! Upsides! Criminally negligent hyperbole! GIVE! My four-year-old recently had a round of shots (immunizations, not drinks). No matter how much we explain their necessity to her, no matter how much she logically accepts us telling her they’re over in a matter of seconds, and that the anticipation is infinitely worse than the actual event, the instant the doctor returns to the room...
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Undrafted prospects heading to the Knicks

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Rebuild omelettes need lots and lots of eggs The post-draft undrafted free-agent nighttime is the right time to add potential summer- and D-League pieces (I will never call it the G-League. Never.). The Knicks made a few of these moves after midnight. Move #1: Undrafted seven-footer rookie Luke Kornet out of Vanderbilt has agreed to a two-way deal with the New York Knicks, league sources...
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The Knicks selected Ognjen Jaramaz with their 58th pick.

Posting and Toasting (New York Basketball Observer) — Of course! You obviously already know a lot about Ognjen Jaramaz, but I’ll go ahead and introduce you anyway. The 6’5” guard from Serbia averaged over 12 points per game this season for Mega Bemax, the club that produced Nikola Jokić, among others (in this draft, they also produced Alpha Kabba, drafted 60th by the Spurs, and Vlatko Cancar, drafted 49th by the Nuggets). Additionally, the point...
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The Knicks selected Damyean Dotson with the 44th pick

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Welcome to New York, Damyean! The Knicks have made their second selection of the draft, and it’s Damyean Dotson, a senior guard from the University of Houston! Sources: New York is selecting Houston's Damyean Dotson with the No. 44 overall pick in the NBA Draft. — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) June 23, 2017 A four-year player who started at Oregon, was dismissed after forcible...
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The Knicks might be trading up in the 2nd round

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Rumors, rumors, everywhere... After taking Frank Ntilikina #8 tonight, you probably thought you could sit back, Strasbourg and chill till they’re up again at #44 and #58. Well think again, mon frere . Phil Jackson didn't rule out the possibility of NYK trading 2nd-round picks (44 & 58) for a higher pick: https://t.co/KKdvJHxFM5 — Ian Begley (@IanBegley) June 23, 2017 More from...
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Frank Ntilikina press roundup

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Vivacious, loquacious Frank Ntilikina is a Knick! It’s nice to have a new guy to root for, don’t you think? I want to help him find his locker and show him where the in-the-cut bathroom is. I hope we have chemistry together. I wonder if he’ll be in my friend Kristaps’ homeroom!? Knicks pick Frank Ntilikina was asked if he's excited to potentially play with Kristaps Porzingis and what he...
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The Knicks selected Frank Ntilikina with the 8th pick

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — With all types of sparks flying today let’s hope our baby boy stays safe. In the meantime, let’s burst open our shirts and run through the streets punching the air. If your neck veins aren’t throbbing, you’re doing it wrong. We profiled this guy for you a little while back, so you can check that if you want. If you feel the need to get straight over to the main source (the jugular if I may)...
  • 1 day 15 hr ago
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Kristaps Porzingis trade rumor round-up: Holy crap this might really happen

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Please just drop this already, Phil! I have a strong urge to vomit right now, so please excuse the brevity of this post. I can only hold it in for so long. I don’t need to tell you that the Knicks have been answering calls about trading away Kristaps Porzingis — it’s been the prevailing storyline in a young offseason already rife with intrigue. What is more concerning, however, is that...
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The Frozen Envelope, Episode 19: The Knicks will draft the next Michael Jordan

Posting and Toasting (James Marceda) — Probably iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play THE DRAFT IS HERE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanted to do a post-draft pod, but I’m one of history’s greatest morons and I mistakenly scheduled a vacation with my girlfriend that starts... ...wait for it... ...Thursday night! That’s right, I’ll be in a car during the most exciting night of the year. I’m an idiot, but I feel like...
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Your regular update of Kristaps Porzingis trade rumors and Charley Rosen propaganda

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Basketball is dumb, and we’re all dumb for liking it. Happy Draft Day, y’all! The Knicks have a lottery pick this year, so this should be a glorious day for the fans, right? LOL, nah. We now have to wade through mounds of Kristaps Porzingis trade rumors. Until recently it appeared as if the Knicks were simply answering the phone when other teams called about the Unicorn, which is fine....
  • 2 days ago
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Phil Jackson opened his big, fat mouth again

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Everyone is expendable. The front office knows what they’re doing. The Knicks have always been at war with Eastasia. For Knicks fans, the eight scariest words in the English language are “Phil Jackson sits down for an exclusive interview.” One day—one freakin’ day—before the NBA Draft, as fans grow ever more giddy with visions of future All-Stars, the team president just had to go and sit...
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Final Knicks mock draft round-up: 06/21/17

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — It’s the final countdoooown Countdown to the 2017 NBA Draft Countdown Just a little over 24 hours until the draft!!! I’m about to puke from excitement! Here we are, on the cusp of the Knicks selecting someone who will end up leading us to multiple championships with Kristaps Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez. His exploits will be lauded for future generations, and June 22, 2017 will...
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Know The Prospect: Justin Jackson

Posting and Toasting (New York Basketball Observer) — Can the silky smooth Tarheel help revive the Knicks? Although North Carolina small forward Justin Jackson is projected to be drafted in the middle of the first round of the 2017 NBA draft, the Knicks have worked out Jackson privately in what some would assume is due diligence and others assume is a natural disaster waiting to be unleashed upon us. I’ve previously touched on my thoughts...
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