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Wednesday Devils Hole Pupfish

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Links! Good day! Tonight brings us the last basketball of the 2013-2014 Knicks season, and the beginning of what should be an eventful offseason. First, we link. - Pupfishes are nice little fishes so named because they appear to nip at each other and chase each other's tails like playing puppies. A number of pupfish species live in really small, extreme habitats. This includes the Devils...
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Knicks 109, Nets 98: "I like these free-spirited Knicks."

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — KNICKS NETS Hey, that was fun! The Knicks dominated the Nets as they have a couple times this season, but this time they did it without Carmelo Anthony , with scant minutes for most of the starters, and with a lot of loose, carefree basketball from some deep bench guys. Cole Aldrich played a wonderful game, dropping in some graceful-ass hooks  and holding his own around the rim....
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Carmelo Anthony has a partial tear in his right shoulder

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — They finally did an MRI. For almost two weeks, Carmelo Anthony played with soreness in his right shoulder and occasional "dead arm" feelings. He and the Knicks opted against doing MRI because Melo insisted he wouldn't sit no matter what the MRI showed. He continued to play big minutes, wincing all the while. Well, now that the Knicks have nothing to play for, the medical staff finally took...
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Carmelo Anthony is probably out against the Nets

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Amar'e could be, too. The Knicks are officially saying this: C. Anthony (sore r. shoulder) will not participate in shootaround today. He is getting further evaluated & is questionable for tonight. — NY_KnicksPR (@NY_KnicksPR) April 15, 2014 Mike Woodson is saying this: Woodson says Melo probably won't play tonight and Amar'e is a game time decision. — charlie widdoes...
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Stein: Knicks "near deal" with Lamar Odom

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — It does indeed sound like the Knicks will use their 15th spot to bring in Lamar Odom, essentially as a loophole offseason acquisition.  From Marc Stein : Sources told ESPN.com that the Knicks are on course, barring an unforeseen snag, to formally sign Odom this week in a move that would put him on their roster immediately and, more importantly, include an unguaranteed second year for...
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Knicks pursuing Lamar Odom

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Now, but for next season. Maybe. The Knicks have an open roster spot, but there's no point adding anyone with three games left to play, least of all a veteran whose career has been sidetracked by all sorts of nonse-- Oh? Going online now: ESPN sources say Knicks weighing whether to sign Lamar Odom before regular season ends next week — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) April 11, 2014 ...
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Knicks 100, Bulls 89: "What a dunk..."

Posting and Toasting (ChristianBaber) — Two more games to freedom. The Knicks , previously 2-10 against the Chicago Bulls since Carmelo was traded to the Knicks, really and thoroughly dismantled the Bulls tonight. This game basically didn't matter for the recently playoff-denied New York Knickerbockers, of course.The Bulls probably really wanted this one, as this loss drops them back into a tie with Toronto for the 3rd seed in...
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Final Score: Knicks 100, Bulls 89

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — The Knicks are dominant now! Hey, I'm bummed the Knicks are playing games that don't matter and I'm bummed within that bum that Jeremy Tyler and Toure' Murry didn't get a chance to spin in a meaningless game, but hey, winning is fun! Especially when you get to mess with the Bulls' playoff seeding concerns or whatever. Fun game, Knicks. Cool shooting, J.R. Smith. Cool dunk, Iman Shumpert. Good...
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The Knicks are eliminated from playoff contention

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — :( The Knicks have three more games, including one tonight against the Bulls . None of them will matter because the Hawks beat the Heat Saturday night, clinching the eighth playoff seed in the East. And they're only giving out eight playoff seeds in the East this year. At this point, missing the playoffs comes as no surprise. We've known for weeks that the Knicks would have to get hot...
  • 3 days ago
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Knicks 108, Raptors 100: "This team, man."

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Well, they're technically not dead yet. It doesn't take long to count all the games these Knicks have won against decent competition. New York has beaten up on enough tanking and infirm opponents to make a run at the playoffs, but they've mostly gone limp in the face of real challenges, even when the games mattered most. So of course, at the very last moment, with only a thread of hope left...
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Final Score: Knicks 108, Raptors 100

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — They didn't not win! Hahahahahaha what the hell is wrong with the Raptors? ...the Knicks actually showed some surprising grit this evening. Though their defense let Toronto shoot 15-33 from downtown (which was waaaay worse than they should have shot), the Knicks came from behind and protected a late lead behind some late stops and genuinely crisp offense. Carmelo Anthony snapped out of his...
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Stein: Knicks considering signing Lamar Odom

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — Like, for this season. The Knicks have an open roster spot, but there's no point adding anyone with three games left to play, least of all a veteran whose career has been sidetracked by all sorts of nonse-- Oh? Going online now: ESPN sources say Knicks weighing whether to sign Lamar Odom before regular season ends next week — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) April 11, 2014 Why? I...
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Pregame: It's time for the Knicks to go

Posting and Toasting (Seth) — This Melo injury stuff is creepy. Hey! The Knicks play in Toronto at 7 and I'll have a thread up for that in a couple hours. In the meantime, I ask: what do you want out of this game? I know what I want. I want the Knicks to lose, and I want the Hawks to beat the Nets so the Knicks will be officially eliminated from the playoffs (also because lol Hawks beat the Nets). I have, at times prior,...
  • 4 days ago
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Iman Shumpert and the Art of the Steal

Posting and Toasting (ChristianBaber) — Shump has broken out this season to become an essential part of New York's defense, due in no small part to his knack for forcing turnovers. Hopes were high for  Iman Shumpert going into this season. After developing a legitimate 3-point shot last year, the stage seemed set for Shump to establish himself as a key member of the  Knicks ' core moving forward. For those of us...
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The Bluecheese Wonder Room: 4/4 - 4/10

Posting and Toasting (bluecheese999) — J.R. Smith has been shooting a lot of threes. Like really a lot. On April 21, 1951, the Knicks and the Rochester Royals squared off in Rochester for the first ever NBA Finals Game 7. The Royals were heavy favorites, having accumulated a 92-16 home record over their first three NBA seasons, but the Knicks would not go quietly. The game was tied at 75 with just under two minutes left when...
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