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Knicks, Mark Jackson working towards broadcasting deal

Posting and Toasting (Jwiesel13) — Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images Mama, he’s coming home! It has been reported by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post that the New York Knicks and broadcaster Mark Jackson are looking to team up. Mark Jackson is moving toward a broadcasting role with the Knicks, per @AndrewMarchand pic.twitter.com/Kvro6qcQbq — NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) October 2, 2023 ...
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Knicks Media Day Highlights, Part One

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images Aggregated for your pleasure. The New York Knicks opened training camp today with the obligatory Media Day. Coach Tom Thibodeau and various players were made available for questions by reporters at the South Carolina location. As predicted, it’s been a pretty cheery affair. The most dramatic storyline of training camp is how Evan Fournier...
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Quentin Grimes recognized by JJ Redick, tribute video, alma mater

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Armani beauty Ample affection for the jet-setting junior. Back in July, New York Knick Quentin Grimes trained with NBA shooting legend J.J. Redick . The 23-year-old gunslinger spent time with the Vet’s family and in the gym getting shots up and working on the tricks of the trade. Of their time together in the Hamptons, Quentin said JJ...
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Knicks to hold Media Day to start training camp on October 2

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports Some suggested talking points. Last year’s media day , hosted by Monica McNutt, gave us our chance to finally see Jalen Brunson in a New York Knicks uniform and catch up with some fan favorites at the start of training camp. This year’s “content day” will be held Monday, October 2, and not much has changed personnel-wise. Aside from trading Obi...
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P&T Poll: Would you trade RJ Barrett in exchange for Jrue Holiday?

Posting and Toasting (chapulana) — Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images Media Day on Monday, Holiday Trade on Sunday? Breaking news you might have missed: the Portland Trail Blazers just traded Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks! Now that I have welcomed you back from your week-long coma, and for what interests us here as stout fans of the New York Knicks franchise, a certain someone had to be moved from Milwaukee in...
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Willis Reed was unavailable

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo credit should read KIMBERLY BARTH/AFP via Getty Images Keeping the lights on. Great writers have huddled beneath the Posting and Toasting awning over the years. The only fan letter I ever wrote was an email to Matthew Miranda after one of his recaps turned the summary of a lousy game into a spoof on Shakespeare. My wife was always so puzzled that I could watch a Knicks...
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My farewell to Posting and Toasting

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images After 11 years at P&T, I’m stepping away. Because I’m an old square, I still have a Facebook account. A few weeks ago, I received a reminder alert for a post I wrote 11 years ago — my first official article for Posting and Toasting. I had spent the summer of 2012 writing fan posts, trying to one-up fellow poster Paul Chillsap. I emailed the...
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Media Round Up: Knicks praised in New York Magazine, flop sweat, hot takes

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Elsa/Getty Images Nice nod to Leon Rose & Co. When Pixar’s Soul was available to stream, I watched it with my son. We were enjoying the film until, as society so often has done over the past decades, the movie made a Knicks joke. Normally I would let such slights slide with a grumble. This time, I felt compelled to explain to my five-year old why the joke no longer...
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Are the Knicks in the mix to trade for Jrue Holiday?

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images Should they be? Only recently, articles were written about Jrue’s impending retirement . Would he sunset his career in Milwaukee with the Bucks? Now, in light of his trade to Portland for Damian Lillard, the inevitable scuttlebutt has started: Will the New York Knicks consider trading RJ Barrett for the 33-year-old veteran? The...
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Should the Knicks unleash Mitchell Robinson?

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images His trainer makes a plea. Mitchell Robinson had a busy summer. In July, he and partner Lindsey Luquet announced the birth of their daughter Riley. Since then, in an blantant move to avoid diaper duty, the New York Knicks starting center has spent a lot of time working on his conditioning and practicing in the gym. This week, his...
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Tom Thibodeau speaks on Knicks Team USA experience and coaching changes in his career

Posting and Toasting (Jwiesel13) — Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images The Knicks head coach is excited to see how far his team can go in Year 4 In a Q&A with Steve Aschburner of NBA.com , Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau had some interesting tidbits. The full Q&A is linked below for expanded answers and quotes. Thibs noted that continuity is important, and most of the key Knicks have now been playing together for...
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Media Round Up: Gersson Rosas is promoted, Lowe and Windhorst are bullish on the Knicks 

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images Strangely positive pundits. Today, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Knicks have promoted Gersson Rosas to Senior VP of Basketball Operations. Having served as a team consultant last season, Rosas now officially joins the Knicks circle of power. Before joining the Knicks he was President of Basketball Operations with the...
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The Knicks return to the Lowcountry for preseason practice

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images Sweating it out down south. In my mental file for South Carolina, there’s an Archers of Loaf song , fading details about the Battle of Fort Sumter , and a note about palmettos . But, indeed the Knicks practiced there in the nineties—at the College of Charleston—and are returning to the birthplace of barbecue to sweat it out yet again. ...
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REPORT: MSG exploring Frazier fill in for road games

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images The GOAT is 78. Walt “Clyde” Frazier is a staple of New York Knicks games on the MSG Network, broadcasting with outlandish style and endless smiles. Teamed with co-GOAT, Mike “Bang” Breen, Clyde has presided over Knicks games from coast to coast, usually while wearing a ridiculous coat. Check out Clyde So Fly for the goods. ...
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New flopping rules in place for the 2023-24 season

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Elsa/Getty Images Betcha Jalen gets a tech. This upcoming season, you may enjoy your NBA basketball product with less flopping. In a punitive move against the league’s finest thespians, the NBA Board of Governors voted last July to instate an in-game flopping penalty. This week, Monty McCutchen, senior vice president of referee development and training, explained the...
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