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Nets 112, Knicks 104: Scenes from Frank Ntilikina’s return from exile

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — It wasn’t quite 40 years in the desert, but Frank finally got back onto the court, where he belongs. The Nets beat the Knicks on Saturday night, 112-104...but who cares? The big news is that Frank Ntilikina is back! The 20-year-old guard was finally released from his bench exile late in the third quarter with the Knicks trailing by 15. It had been more than 176 minutes since the young...
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Taking stock of the Frank Ntilikina situation

Posting and Toasting (BennyBuckets71) — Why all signs point to the Frenchman finally seeing the floor this weekend. The sudden and mostly unexplained disappearance of Frank Ntilikina from recent NBA basketball games has caused chaos in New York, with fans and media speculating that the 20-year-old sophomore point guard is about to be traded while arguing whether he is even any good, but based on the evidence we have at our...
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Game Preview: Knicks vs Nets- 12/8/18

Posting and Toasting (Jonathan Schulman) — Never taking shorts because Brooklyn is the playoff bound borough. The Brooklyn Nets (9-18) will ride their fixies over to Madison Square Garden tonight. At this point it’s still unclear if they’ll remove their septum rings before the game or before the ride. The Nets broke their eight-game losing streak with an overtime win over the fanged and clawed Raptors . New York (8-18) had their...
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