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Lance Thomas suffering from concussion symptoms, orbital bone fracture following Sunday’s game

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — If the Knicks lead the league in anything this season, they lead the league in orbital bone fractures. Knicks forward Lance Thomas suffered a particularly brutal blow to the head a mere two minutes into Sunday’s game against the Toronto Raptors. He struggled to get off the court, and would not return in New York’s 116-101. Now that the proper tests have been conducted, we are learning the...
  • 309 days ago
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Raptors 116, Knicks 101: Scenes from a leisurely afternoon in Crapville

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — LOL Knicks you suck. Clyde Frazier, the Bard of Rockin’ Steady, put it best: “This is the worst ever.” The venerable clothes horse has seen his share of Knicks basketball over the years, but Sunday afternoon’s 116-101 loss in Toronto against the Raptors might have been actually been the worst. Lance Thomas, starting in the place of the injured Kristaps Porzingis, got conked in the head by an...
  • 309 days ago
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Knicks-Raptors Preview: Please don’t drop 132 points again, Toronto

Posting and Toasting (Harrison Rahajason) — The Knicks will travel north to play Toronto. Probably without Kristaps. Good luck! Don’t even lie, you all probably didn’t watch a second of Toronto’s 132-113 beatdown of the Nets Friday night. But also don’t deny the fact that you looked something like this when you saw the result: me thinking about this a month later and remembering this sport is dumb pic.twitter.com/SpaLQZdLSX —...
  • 310 days ago
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Wassup in Westchester: The 76ers organization keeps beating Knicks teams at the buzzer

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — The 87ers beat the W-Knicks by one point, which is becoming a theme between these two organizations. The following recap comes courtesy of D-League writer Seth Abbott. Like father, like son. On Thursday, the New York Knicks lost at the buzzer to their division rivals, the Philadelphia 76ers. Saturday it was the wee baby Westchester Knicks who gave up the lead with seconds left to the...
  • 310 days ago
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Knicks practice notes: Kristaps Porzingis ‘probably’ out for Sunday’s game in Toronto

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Everybody’s being cautious, which is good. The New York Knicks practiced Saturday as they prepare for yet another back-to-back (damn, do they have a lot of back-to-backs this month). Kristaps Porzingis was limited in practice as he recovers from a sore Achilles. He probably won’t play Sunday against Toronto. Kristaps Porzingis was limited in practice today (sore left Achillies). He's...
  • 310 days ago
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Wassup in Westchester: W-Knicks fall to .500 with loss to the Mad Ants

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Guh, can’t any Knicks team stay above .500? Hey there: This recap comes from Seth Abbott, Westchester expert. Last night at the Westchester County Center the D-League Knicks took on the Indiana Pacers affiliate, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. After demolishing the first place Maine Red Claws on Tuesday night with their best defensive game of the year, the Knicks had high hopes for staying over...
  • 311 days ago
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Knicks 104, Bulls 89: ‘Finally…a game I can re-watch.’

Posting and Toasting (Harrison Rahajason) — If you can’t handle me at my losing to Philly, you can’t have me at my beating Chicago “A win always feels good,” said Melo after Thursday night’s win over the Bulls ( via ESPN) . It felt good to play in (I assume), and it certainly felt good to watch. As P&T’er k21c noted, this was a game you could even perhaps re-watch! Without their respective best players, the Knicks and Bulls each...
  • 312 days ago
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Knicks 104, Bulls 89: Scenes from a relaxing win

Posting and Toasting (MattRW) — Seriously, when was the last time that happened? That was... satisfying? To be honest, I’m really not too sure; I barely remember what “satisfied” feels like. It legitimately seems as if it’s been forever since the Knicks have had a game like tonight’s, where they held a comfortable lead pretty much the entire 48 minutes, but that was the case here. And in a national TV game, no less! New...
  • 312 days ago
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Knicks vs. Bulls preview: You kinda have to watch at this point, right?

Posting and Toasting (Harrison Rahajason) — Per the schedule, the Knicks play the Bulls at the Garden today. That’s the game that is scheduled. Those are the two teams that will play a game of basketball against each other today as mandated by the NBA. Ugh. Knicks fans are all too familiar with where we’re at right now in the season. It’s war of attrition territory; the time where all the friends you’d text throughout the games...
  • 312 days ago
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76ers 98, Knicks 97 : “Not playing a top team tho”

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Wow, this was a dumb loss. Bottoming out is a good thing. Bottoming out is a good thing. Bottoming out is a good thing. Bottoming out is a good thing. It doesn’t feel good. The Knicks’ 98-97 loss at the buzzer to the Philadelphia 76ers didn’t feel good. It felt like when you keep tripping and falling down, and after you fall for the last time and take a breath, thinking the stumbling’s...
  • 313 days ago
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76ers 98, Knicks 97: The Knicks are bad and should feel bad

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — T.J. McConnell buzzer-beater? Why not! Wow, Knicks. Because they just can’t handle success, New York blew a 17-point lead in about seven minutes of game time between the second and third quarters. The Sixers took a four-point lead midway through the third. The Knicks came back thanks to Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, and led by 10 points late in the fourth, but then they...
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Derrick Rose returned to practice Tuesday, apologized for missing Monday’s game

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Hopefully this is over. Hey everybody, Derrick Rose is back! Derrick Rose has rejoined the team and has been fined. He is expected to be in uniform tomorrow in Philadelphia. — NY_KnicksPR (@NY_KnicksPR) January 10, 2017 Here's Derrick Rose shooting around after practice with assistant coach Josh Longstaff: pic.twitter.com/HtSpFuDUZ0 — Ian Begley (@IanBegley) January 10, 2017 ...
  • 314 days ago
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MSG Dispatches: Players struggle to explain Derrick Rose’s absence, yet another embarrassing defeat

Posting and Toasting (Kristian Winfield) — Madison Square Garden was in chaos as Rose was MIA. NEW YORK — Kyle O’Quinn and Maurice Ndour passed reporters head-down, like disguised bank robbers headed for the getaway van. Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek took nearly twice the usual time to appear for his post-game press conference. Carmelo Anthony was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, reporters combed through the locker room like...
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Pelicans 110, Knicks 96: If this isn’t rock bottom, I don’t know what is

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Derrick Rose is missing, and the Knicks were horrid. Wow, Knicks. Just...wow. A supposedly winnable Monday night clash with the New Orleans Pelicans at Madison Square Garden turned into an absolutely farce. And I mean a farce even by Knicks standards. Let’s start with Derrick Rose, who as of this writing is still AWOL. He never showed up for warmups and the team had no idea where he was, so...
  • 315 days ago
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Derrick Rose surprisingly not with the team for Pelicans game

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — It’s a mystery! Monday night’s game between the Knicks and Pelicans got off to an odd start as it was announced 10 minutes before tip-off that Derrick Rose was not at the Garden. Brandon Jennings is starting tonight versus @PelicansNBA - Derrick Rose is not with the team. — NY_KnicksPR (@NY_KnicksPR) January 10, 2017 Brandon Jennings starting for Knicks. Had been no indication...
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