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Knicks’ RJ Barrett busts out of slump, except in one area

NY Post (Marc Berman) — CHICAGO — RJ Barrett had been in a shooting tailspin recently, perhaps the overload of minutes getting to him or sharper scouting reports arriving. But Barrett blasted that slump away Tuesday with a potent 21 points, nine assists and six rebounds in the 120-102 loss to the Bulls at the United Center. Barrett made 8...
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Ugly return for Knicks’ Dennis Smith Jr.

NY Post (Marc Berman) — CHICAGO — Weaving Dennis Smith Jr. back into the mix would seem a case of taking a step back to move two steps forward. That’s how it played out Tuesday at the United Center, where a rusty Smith Jr. played a surprisingly high 14 minutes with a performance that could be expected after an extended...
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Tracy Morgan wants Mark Jackson to be next Knicks coach

NY Post (Ted Holmlund) — One famous die-hard Knicks fan is ready to move on from David Fizdale. Actor Tracy Morgan, who attends many Knicks games, called for the team to ditch Fizdale and hire ESPN/ABC analyst Mark Jackson to turn the franchise around. “I dont usually get into sports rumors on twitter.com but I am hearing some things about...
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Knicks’ turmoil continues with blowout loss to Bulls

NY Post (Marc Berman) — CHICAGO — Call it an attempt to show solidarity. Knicks coach David Fizdale marched into the United Center on Tuesday with team president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry close behind him. After Fizdale’s pregame press conference, Fizdale, Mills and Perry walked together into the locker room. Mills and Perry are rarely seen in...
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Knicks’ free-agent signings: Which of the seven newcomers has been worth it?

NY Post (Marc Berman) — CHICAGO — Knicks president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry brazenly stated in their unprecedented postgame press conference after Sunday’s loss to the Cavaliers that their roster is better than a 2-8 record after 10 games. According to a source, Mills and Perry felt good about their Plan B in signing seven players they felt...
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Listen to Episode 4 of ‘Big Apple Buckets’: Front Office Drama feat. Jamal Crawford

NY Post (Jake Brown) — The Knicks are nothing short of a mess right now. On Episode 4 of the “Big Apple Buckets” podcast, Kazeem Famuyide was fired up about the Knicks’ blowout loss to the Cavaliers on Sunday. New York Post sports writer Zach Braziller drops by the studio to chat with Kaz about the 2-8 start to the...
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Knicks’ ugly David Fizdale firestorm is wrong in every way

NY Post (Marc Berman) — It just took 10 games for the Knicks to assume their familiar role of a public mess. Being mediocre and irrelevant in the national scope was not good enough for owner James Dolan. In rejecting every rule of Public Relations 101, going against every instinct publicity-shy president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry have shown...
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Dennis Smith Jr. may soon change Knicks’ point-guard dynamic

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — The Knicks may finally get some relief for their hurting point guard depth Tuesday in Chicago. Dennis Smith Jr., who has missed seven straight games after the death of his stepmother, could get back on the court against the Bulls. “Dennis is a possibility in the next game, which is going to be a welcome...
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David Fizdale ‘not feeling’ heat from Knicks brass with future in doubt

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — The bus is warming. The first man to get thrown under it is coming into focus. Less than 24 hours after the Knicks’ front office held an impromptu postgame press conference to express its displeasure with the team’s play through a 2-8 start, David Fizdale was placed squarely in the line of fire. President Steve...
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Knicks mulling making David Fizdale the fall guy

NY Post (Post Sports Desk) — David Fizdale’s days appear to be numbered. According to an ESPN report on Monday, Knicks president Steve Mills is getting things in order for a potential David Fizdale firing just weeks into the 2019-20 season. Coming off a Sunday loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers that left the Knicks at a disappointing 2-8 on the season,...
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Knicks’ overdue apology tour is bad news for David Fizdale

NY Post (Kevin Kernan) — Unprecedented. Certainly long overdue. Minutes after the Knicks were humiliated on the Garden floor Sunday night by the Cavs, 108-87, team president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry trudged into the interview room and kicked off the Apology Tour. “We think the team is not performing to the level that we anticipated or we...
  • 2 days ago
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Knicks brass publicizes frustrations in wild news conference

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — After the latest embarrassing loss for the Knicks, it was time for David Fizdale’s postgame press conference. In walked Steve Mills and Scott Perry. The Knicks president and general manager were not there to announce any firings, but instead impressed a sense of urgency to turn things around after a 2-8 start to the season....
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Knicks destroy momentum with blowout loss to Cavaliers

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — So much for momentum. Riding high after stunning Kristaps Porzingis and the Mavericks, the Knicks fell flat on their faces Sunday night. The mediocre opponent offered a prime chance to build off Friday’s win, but instead it all came crumbling back down in a 108-87 loss to the Cavaliers at the Garden. The Knicks (2-8)...
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Dennis Smith Jr. has new Knicks perspective after tragedy

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — Dennis Smith Jr. has returned the Knicks with a new set of eyes. The point guard left the team three games into the season to mourn the death of his stepmother and the Knicks gave Smith as much time as he needed to grieve and be with his family back home in North Carolina. He...
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RJ Barrett’s shooting slump is only getting worse

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DALLAS — RJ Barrett has been in a shooting slump, bottoming out against the Mavericks on Friday with a three-point, 1-of-9 showing, including a dreadful 1-of-5 from the free-throw line. Sunday, Barrett will be on the same floor as Cavaliers rookie point guard Darius Garland, whom the Knicks worked out the day before the draft....
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