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Celtics have the assets to acquire Kyrie Irving, but do they have a reason?

CelticsBlog (Greg Cassoli) — The Boston Celtics have all the pieces needed to construct a deal for Kyrie Irving. But should they? According to a recent story from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski , the Cleveland Cavaliers are actively gauging other teams’ interest in acquiring Kyrie Irving , of which there is plenty. Of those that have contacted the Cavs, few have made legitimate proposals, and fewer still seem to have...
  • 211 days ago
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Boston Celtics daily links 7/24/17

CelticsBlog (flceltsfan) — All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place. Herald   How LeBron James’ surprise visit to Charlotte revved up fans, caused chaos Basketball Hall of Famer John Kundla dies at 101 Murphy: Danny Ainge’s latest campaign is pulling for son Tanner’s Congress candidacy AP sources: Free agent Derrick Rose meeting with Cavaliers Globe  Danny Ainge gets posterized...
  • 215 days ago
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Boston Celtics daily links 7/22/17

CelticsBlog (flceltsfan) — All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place. Herald   Report: Irving asks out as Cav Globe  Marcus Morris had a priceless reaction to Kyrie Irving's trade request Celtics fans will be happy to see how Isaiah Thomas spent his Friday night Kyrie Irving reportedly wants trade out of Cleveland The popularity and growth of the Las Vegas Summer League ...
  • 217 days ago
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Kyrie Irving trade demand opens path to NBA Finals for Celtics

CelticsBlog (Jared Weiss) — As Brian Windhorst’s report makes it abundantly clear that Kyrie Irving has demanded a trade in Cleveland, the path to the NBA Finals is opening for the Boston Celtics ahead of schedule. The Boston Celtics have built one step at a time, remaining patient as their window of opportunity approaches. Then Kyrie Irving threw a brick through that window from inside the house. Kyrie Irving has...
  • 218 days ago
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Boston Celtics daily links 7/20/17

CelticsBlog (flceltsfan) — All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place. Herald Celtics add PG Shane Larkin out of European league Aron Baynes ready to add some heft to Celtics Unexpected trade from Detroit leaves Marcus Morris excited to join favorite player Paul Pierce’s Celtics Globe New Celtic Aron Baynes got a late introduction to basketball Marcus Morris, Aron Baynes plan to add toughness...
  • 219 days ago
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A way too early look at potential NBA standings

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — This could all change and I’m sure to be wrong. Yes, yes, I know. The offseason isn’t over yet. The ink is still dry on many contracts and some haven’t even officially been signed yet (nothing is wrong with the Hayward deal, the Celtics are just going through the proper steps). Lots of things can and will change between now and the start of the season. I’m sure some of these...
  • 227 days ago
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NBA Trade Rumor: Celtics shopping Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, and Jae Crowder

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Celtics need to make room to sign Gordon Hayward As expected, the Celtics are looking to create enough cap room to sign Gordon Hayward by shopping one of their core rotation players. In particular Marcus Smart , Avery Bradley , or Jae Crowder . It isn’t clear which player they would prefer to hang onto, but I would imagine that all of them are being put up for sale and Danny will...
  • 234 days ago
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Jaylen Brown named to NBA All-Rookie Second Team

CelticsBlog (Greg Cassoli) — Jaylen Brown showed enough potential to be considered one of the league’s top rookies, but only enough production to be named to its All-Rookie Second Team. Boston Celtics’ forward Jaylen Brown was officially named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team, highlighted as one of the league’s highest performing first-year players. Brown found relatively regular minutes on a team that made it to the...
  • 243 days ago
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2017 NBA Draft Results: Boston Celtics select Jayson Tatum with the 3rd pick

CelticsBlog (Lachlan Marr) — With the 3rd pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics have selected Jayson Tatum With the 3 rd pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics have selected Jayson Tatum . The pick was first reported by Shams Charania of The Vertical. After weeks of speculation, or years of theorising if you count the life of the #netspick all the way back to when it was acquired, Danny Ainge has...
  • 247 days ago
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Celtics Rumor: Knicks asking for a steep price for Kristaps Porzingis

CelticsBlog (Sean Penney) — Are the Knicks being realistic with their trade demands? The rumor mill has turned into a frenzy as tonight’s NBA Draft approaches. Armed with the coveted No. 3 pick, the Boston Celtics are naturally in the middle of this storm. Boston’s attention has turned to Kristaps Porzingis , the 7-foot-3 forward/unicorn who the Knicks shockingly revealed they would make available in a trade...
  • 247 days ago
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NBA Trade Rumor: Phil Jackson targeting Josh Jackson in Kristaps Porzingis trade

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Hey, that’s the perfect range for the Celtics. Phil Jackson admitted in an interview tonight that he’s at least listening to offers for Kristaps Porzingis. Woj goes a step further and names Josh Jackson as a target. Knicks have made calls about Kristaps Porzingis, aiming for a top-four pick to get Josh Jackson. - @WojVerticalNBA https://t.co/zT5sHvQJGZ — The Vertical (@TheVertical) ...
  • 248 days ago
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NBA trade rumors: Knicks fielding offers for Kristaps Porzingis

CelticsBlog (Greg Cassoli) — Kristaps Porzingis may be available- a fact which demands Boston’s attention. His fit with the Celtics is ideal in the present and the future. ESPN’s Ian Begley reported that the New York Knicks are open to the possibility of trading emerging star Kristaps Porzingis . The news is a kick in the pants to Knicks fans, who have been waiting for nearly a decade for a real return to...
  • 249 days ago
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No Hayward? No Griffin? What’s plan B for the Celtics?

CelticsBlog (CelticsBlog Staff) — Boston is an attractive, but if the Celtics strikes out in free agency, Danny Ainge could opt to run it back with its young players. Sean Penney: I don't see another realistic free agent target worthy of a max deal and I'm not interested in trading either Brooklyn pick for a short term fix like Jimmy Butler or Paul George. If they strike out with Hayward than they should look to sign...
  • 253 days ago
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Celtics roster review: Demetrius Jackson - too many point guards!

CelticsBlog (Lachlan Marr) — Demetrius Jackson struggled to find minutes on a Boston Roster over-stacked at the guard position but could a trade package this offseason give the young guard the opportunity he needs? The Boston Celtics have too many point guards. What’s more most of their guards are good enough that they would almost certainly start on about half the teams in the NBA. Plus with Markelle Fultz the...
  • 255 days ago
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Review of “Best of Enemies” ESPN Celtics - Lakers Documentary

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — The first 2 installments deliver solid entertainment and hoop history but a few omissions were noticed. Well, parts one and two of the new ESPN 30 for 30 "Best of Enemies" Celtics vs. Lakers documentary finally premiered Tuesday night, and delivered nicely after much anticipation - similar to the defining Boston/LA rivalry of the 1980s. While I feared it was going to be a very...
  • 255 days ago
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