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Game Thread: Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks

CelticsBlog (Bird Rights) — .500 Celtics travel to Atlanta for the first night of a road Back-to-Back Much venting has been done by both pundits and fans alike since Wednesday’s home loss at the hands of the New York Knicks. The airing of grievances has happened and the team must come together quickly and focus on putting forward better performances across all 4 quarters of the game. You don’t ever want to say a...
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CelticsBlog (wjsy) — I still believe. I still believe. Despite even Brad Stevens ’ reality check press conference after Boston’s sleepwalk loss against the Knicks on Wednesday night, I still believe. A roster like this is very rare. How many times have we seen a Big Three of All Stars in their primes paired with such a talented young core? The salary cap and basketball gods don’t often allow it. They may...
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Celtics’ rotation issues rise to the forefront in loss to Knicks

CelticsBlog (Daniel Poarch) — After losing to Utah for the second time, Brad Stevens questioned this team’s toughness. So why aren’t players like Marcus Smart and Aron Baynes seeing the court? This past Saturday, after the Boston Celtics ’ second loss to the Utah Jazz in the span of a week, Brad Stevens was not shy about his feelings with the team’s performance. “We have to build a tougher team mindset than...
  • 87 days ago
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The Celtics stink right now. Eight takeaways from Boston/New York

CelticsBlog (Keith P Smith) — Celtics/Knicks summed up the season to date for Boston In many ways this game was a microcosm of the Celtics season to date. Almost all of the issues Boston has been having cropped up in one game. Since it’s a holiday, these takeaways are coming quick-hitter style without any video. 1. Brad Stevens again went with Aron Baynes in the starting lineup in place of Gordon Hayward. Facing...
  • 87 days ago
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Brad Stevens on the Celtics: “I just don’t know that we’re that good”

CelticsBlog (Chris Grenham) — Brad Stevens said after the Celtics third straight loss that it would’ve been a shame if Boston came away with a win. BOSTON - The Boston Celtics dropped their third straight game on Wednesday night at TD Garden, falling to the New York Knicks 117-109. It was argubly the Celtics’ worst loss of the season, as they trailed at one point by 26 points. They would make a late run, but as Brad...
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Celtics knocked down by the Knicks 117-109

CelticsBlog (Andrew Doxy) — Celtics turn in disappointing effort while debuting City Edition jerseys. The Boston Celtics avenged their Monday night loss to the Charlotte Hornets with a . . . 117-109 loss against the New York Knicks . The Celtics were led by Kyrie Irving who posted 22 points and 13 assists (one shy of his career-high). Trey Burke , of all people, led the Knicks with 29 points and 11 assists off...
  • 88 days ago
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Game thread: Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks

CelticsBlog (Jack Noonan) — After Kemba Walker took the game over in Monday night’s loss to the Hornets, the Celtics are desperately in need of a win coming back home against the Knicks. Once again, the Celtics will be facing a mountain of questions going into their game Wednesday night against the New York Knicks . Boston is coming off a Kemba Walker- led loss in Charlotte Monday where the team seemed to play...
  • 88 days ago
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Celtics to debut City Edition jerseys tonight against the Knicks

CelticsBlog (Andrew Doxy) — Celtics looking to switch up their on-court style tonight against New York. In the 18th game of the season tonight against the New York Knicks , the Boston Celtics will don their white/green/gold City Edition jerseys for the first time this season. 11.21.2018 ☘️ pic.twitter.com/b7Q7KGdpcm — Boston Celtics (@celtics) November 20, 2018 The Celtics have worn all 3 of their Icon,...
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Terry Rozier discusses his cryptic tweet: “I’m happy to be here.”

CelticsBlog (Chris Grenham) — Rozier joked with the media on Tuesday afternoon at the Auerbach Center when discussing his Twitter activity. BRIGHTON - Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier sent out a cryptic tweet on Tuesday morning, causing Celtics and NBA Twitter to jump to all sorts of conclusions about the meaning behind his message. Let’s do us ALL a favor — Terry Rozier (@T_Rozzay3) November 20, 2018 With...
  • 89 days ago
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Celtics fall to Kemba Walker and the Hornets 117-112

CelticsBlog (Chris Grenham) — Boston has now lost two in a row. The Boston Celtics fell to the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night at Spectrum Center by a score of 117-112 Following the Celtics’ worst offensive performance of the season on Saturday night against the Utah Jazz , Brad Stevens decided it was time to make some changes to the starting lineup. Aron Baynes got the start in place of Gordon Hayward on...
  • 90 days ago
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Summer of ‘69: How the Celtics won their 11th championship

CelticsBlog (Professor Parquet) — The story of the defending champion 1969 Celtics and the route to their 11th title with an unusual detour vs. the San Diego Rockets  In 1969 an aging Boston Celtics club was the defending NBA champion, but the green machine was showing cracks in its armor during the pursuit of an unprecedented 11th title in 13 years. Their talented, experienced starting lineup featured four...
  • 91 days ago
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Al Horford, Kyrie Irving express concern for Celtics’ offense and effort

CelticsBlog (Chris Grenham) — The two veterans spoke about the team’s struggles after Saturday night’s loss to the Utah Jazz BOSTON - After an ugly 98-86 loss to the Utah Jazz on Saturday night at TD Garden, the Boston Celtics were left in search of answers. Just 24 hours after their best offensive performance of the season, the 9-7 Celtics cashed in their worst shooting night thus far by shooting 38.5% from the...
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Game Thread: Boston Celtics vs. Portland Trail Blazers

CelticsBlog (Sam Sheehan) — Tonight will feature a star guard duel in Oregon Playing their third road game in four nights, the Boston Celtics travel to Portland (no the other one) to take on the Blazers. After the Celtics furious comeback against the Jazz fell short on Friday, the Celtics find themselves hovering just two games above .500. With Toronto slowly wrapping one Kawhi Leonard-sized hand around the Eastern...
  • 98 days ago
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Jazz fans are still mad at Gordon Hayward, here’s why

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — A Jazz blogger tries to explain to a Celtics blogger why he’s still mad about Gordon Hayward’s exit. It has been 16 months since Gordon Hayward opted to take his talents to Boston, jilting the Jazz in an awkward hemming and hawing Forth of July decision. Ultimately the fit with Brad Stevens and the Celtics was a better fit than what the Jazz or Heat had to offer. I could...
  • 100 days ago
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Looking ahead for the 6-4 Boston Celtics

CelticsBlog (Andrew Doxy) — Boston still has 72 games to play. Coming off Monday’s tough loss to the Denver Nuggets , you may be thinking, “hey, this isn’t what I signed up for! This team is supposed to be good and not, in fact, bad.” Instead of telling you to relax and buckle up for a long season that will be full of both highs and lows, I’m here to tell you that there are more games to be played both in the short...
  • 102 days ago
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