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The Read & React: bull rushed

CelticsBlog (CelticsBlog Staff) — Despite 33 from Isaiah Thomas and a solid night from Al Horford, the Celtics lost to a more physical, hungrier Bulls team. Time for a dog fight (Alex Kungu): Celtics are a young team that despite a fantastic regular season still needs to learn how to win in the postseason. In a perfect world the 8th seed would be the perfect tune-up to get the experience, but instead the Celtics were...
  • 336 days ago
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Potential 1st round matchup storylines

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — This could be fun. There’s only a week left in the regular season but we still have no idea who the Celtics will be matched up with in the first round. Boston plays the Cavaliers tonight and the winner will take the lead for the number 1 seed. The lower half of the bracket is just as convoluted. I’m not even going to bother going through the various scenarios but at the moment it...
  • 348 days ago
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Celtics potential first round matchups: Chicago Bulls

CelticsBlog (Tim MacLean) — What might it be like to run with the Bulls this postseason? With just a handful of games remaining in the regular season, the Eastern Conference still has a lot of sorting out to do when it comes to the playoff picture. Just two games separate the six through nine seeds and there’s even less wiggle room at the top. The Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers , who will meet for the final time...
  • 348 days ago
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Crowder on elbow: “a weird type feeling”

CelticsBlog (wjsy) — The Celtics won in a blowout at MSG, but they’ll trade a win for a healthy roster heading into the playoffs. For a young team, the Celtics do get injured a lot. There was Al Horford’s concussion that he suffered in practice that cost him nine games at the start of the season. Then there was Avery Bradley ’s Achilles strain that he tried to return too quickly from that sidelined him a...
  • 350 days ago
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Celtics reach 50 wins with 110-94 thrashing of Knicks

CelticsBlog (Jeff Nooney) — Boston torched New York’s defense, and never even trailed in the game. The Celtics took on a depleted Knicks squad today. New York was missing Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose, so you’d probably expect heavy diet of Kristaps Porzingis. But in typically bizarre Knicks fashion, Sacha Vujacic took more first-half shots. ...
  • 351 days ago
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