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Knicks News: Leon Rose details ‘aggressive’ approach, team signs Wayne Selden to camp roster

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The New York Knicks have entirely changed course after hiring new president Leon Rose to help steer the ship in a direction that better represents New York City. With a tough defensive mentality under head coach Tom Thibodeau, players are beginning to view the Knicks as an appealing destination in free agency, despite missing out ... Read more The post Knicks News: Leon Rose details...
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Knicks’ president Leon Rose side-steps Mitchell Robinson contract extension question

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — Confidence in New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson has never wavered, and the coaching staff remains optimistic he will be a part of their long-term plans. Robinson has one year left on his rookie contract, which will pay him $1.8 million. However, if Robinson can remain healthy for the 2021-22 season, there’s a good chance ... Read more The post Knicks’ president Leon Rose...
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Knicks fully vaccinated, take cautious approach on Mitchell Robinson

Empire Sports Media (Alder Almo) — New York Knicks GM Scott Perry announced Friday that the entire team, including their coaching staff, are fully vaccinated. It is an important first step for the Knicks as they look forward to building on their surprising playoff run last season. “This was all internally driven, and a lot of credit goes to our players, ... Read more The post Knicks fully vaccinated, take cautious approach...
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Just how great was the Knicks’ defense under Tom Thibodeau during 2020-21 season?

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — One category the New York Knicks excelled in last year was defensive performance, and it wasn’t just one specific subsection; it was as a whole. If there’s anything that had coach Tom Thibodeau does well, it is create a unit of players that is capable of playing high-level defense and limiting opposing teams. That is ... Read more The post Just how great was the Knicks’ defense under...
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Report: How Knicks’ RJ Barrett can change team’s long-term trajectory

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — After RJ Barrett’s rookie season, the New York Knicks knew they had something potentially special. Averaging 14.3 points per game over 55 starts, Barrett proved he could stand his ground at just 19-years-old in the NBA. However, it wasn’t until his sophomore season that he really demonstrated he could be a quality shooter, which was ... Read more The post Report: How Knicks’ RJ...
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Knicks: Randle believes Walker-Fournier addition makes them more versatile

Empire Sports Media (Alder Almo) — The New York Knicks have supercharged their offense with the acquisition of four-time All-Star Kemba Walker and Frenchman gunner Evan Fournier. Walker and Fournier are essentially replacing the ineffective Elfrid Payton and the Knicks’ top perimeter defender but limited offensive player Reggie Bullock. Payton has since hooked up with the Phoenix Suns while Bullock jettisoned ... Read...
  • 2 days ago
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New York Knicks: Reacting to a proposed Karl-Anthony Towns trade

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The New York Knicks front office did exceptional work this off-season, bolstering multiple positions and providing head coach Tom Thibodeau with more player combinations to work with during the 2021-22 season. While rumors circled this off-season regarding potential trades for players like Damian Lillard, the Knicks elected to retain some of their own free agents ... Read more The post New...
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How Knicks’ Immanuel Quickley became an elite free-throw shooter with a fearless mentality

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — New York Knicks guard Immanuel Quickley spent two years with Kentucky before taking his talents to the NBA level. During his first season in the SEC, Quickley averaged 82.8% from the free-throw line, starting off his collegiate career on a high note. However, it wasn’t until his second season with Kentucky when he really advanced ... Read more The post How Knicks’ Immanuel Quickley...
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Knicks: ESPN’s NBArank disrespects RJ Barrett after big sophomore season

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — New York Knicks shooting guard RJ Barrett is criminally underrated in the basketball community, routinely being left off top-100 lists and rankings. In the latest offense, Barrett was left off ESPN’s NBArank, with several rookies getting the nod ahead of him, which is rather unexplainable. Oddly, ESPN ranks Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green, two rookies, ... Read more The post Knicks:...
  • 3 days ago
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How Rich Paul’s alleged misrepresentation led Nerlens Noel to Knicks

Empire Sports Media (Alder Almo) — Nerlens Noel proved to be a valuable piece to the New York Knicks last season, especially after starting center Mitchell Robinson went down with two significant injuries. The Knicks went 25-16 when Noel took over the starting spot over the injured Robinson. Noel’s career-best 2.2 blocks per game anchored the team’s defense which boasted the ... Read more The post How Rich...
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Knicks News: Carmelo Anthony reunion nearly happened, Randle wants to bring Championship to New York

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The New York Knicks were extremely active this off-season, signing familiar faces preparing to hit the free-agent market and bringing in new talent to replace those that didn’t make the cut. Impending free agents like Elfred Payton and Reggie Bullock simply didn’t offer enough value to earn a second contract with the Knicks, as they ... Read more The post Knicks News: Carmelo Anthony...
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Knicks’ Miles McBride could have a bigger impact than expected in rookie season

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — If there’s any specific factor that New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau prefers in his players, it is defensive proficiency. In the most recent draft class, the Knicks targeted players like Quentin Grimes and Miles McBride, both known for their defensive attributes but high ceiling regarding their scoring abilities. Grimes was once ignorant of ... Read more The post Knicks’...
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Can the Knicks land the 4th Seed again during 2021-22 season? | Who stands in their path?

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The New York Knicks securing the 4th Seed in the Eastern Conference last year was a miracle given the lack of talent at specific positions. Thanks to All-Star power forward Julius Randle, the team relied on his offensive production to win an impressive string of games during the latter portion of the year. At one ... Read more The post Can the Knicks land the 4th Seed again during 2021-22...
  • 5 days ago
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Knicks News: Frank Ntilikina posts farewell, Julius Randle raves about RJ Barrett

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The age of Frank Ntilikina has finally come to an end for the New York Knicks, who selected him 8th overall in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft. Funny enough, Ntilikina signed a fresh contract with the Dallas Mavericks this past week, who were also intrigued by the French native in that draft ... Read more The post Knicks News: Frank Ntilikina posts farewell, Julius Randle raves about...
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Knicks: Is Evan Fournier really a big upgrade over Reggie Bullock?

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — After a solid season from Reggie Bullock, the New York Knicks elected to let him hit free agency in search of a new team. Averaging 10.9 points, 3.4 rebounds, and shooting 44% from the field, Bullock was one of the players who could’ve reached an extension with the Knicks, but instead, they elected to retain ... Read more The post Knicks: Is Evan Fournier really a big upgrade over Reggie...
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