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Knicks’ top priority abundantly clear at start of training camp

NY Post (Marc Berman) — To borrow from Vince Lombardi, “Winning isn’t everything, player development is.” At least that’s the motto of the Knicks leadership quartet of Steve Mills-Scott Perry-Craig Robinson-David Fizdale...
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Knicks getting first test of new direction with camp opening

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Here are the top five storylines to watch as the Knicks enter training camp: 1. When will “The Franchise” make his season debut? President Steve Mills declined to put a timetable on Kristaps...
  • 14 hr 31 min ago
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Knicks’ rebuilding plan not hurting ticket sales

NY Post (Marc Berman) — There is evidence some are buying hard into the Knicks’ patient rebuilding plan, despite five straight seasons of missing the playoffs. According to a Garden official, the season-ticket renewal...
  • 23 hr 16 min ago
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Knicks’ dream pairing take their first small steps together

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The first meeting between Kevin Knox and Kristaps Porzingis came Wednesday at the Tarrytown facility. The franchise’s bedrocks haven’t sat for a meaningful talk yet, but Knox was impressed....
  • 1 day 18 hr ago
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This Knicks regime is different and it’s just what franchise needs

NY Post (George Willis) — A few days after the Knicks drafted Kevin Knox with their first pick of the 2018 draft, team president Steve Mills heard a complaint. “The guy who delivered my dry cleaning to our building didn’t...
  • 2 days ago
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Knicks heaping praise — not millions — on Porzingis for now

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks brass is paying off Kristaps Porzingis in encouraging words rather than extra millions. The Knicks have until mid-October to give Porzingis a $158 million contract extension but are not...
  • 2 days ago
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Knicks still figuring out Joakim Noah’s final days with team

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks general manager Scott Perry said he’s hoping for a “resolution” to center Joakim Noah’s sad situation soon, which is expected to be a waiver/buyout under the stretch provision. There...
  • 2 days ago
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Knicks respond to Jimmy Butler trade request with restraint

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks president Steve Mills gave no indication he’s going to be hot on Jimmy Butler’s trail, despite the star putting the franchise on his wish list Wednesday in his trade demand. Mills all but...
  • 2 days ago
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Could a Jimmy Butler bargain change Knicks’ plans?

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Perhaps anticipating the buzz if Jimmy Butler went on the block, Knicks president Steve Mills said Monday he wouldn’t give up prime assets to land a free agent to be. In other words, if the...
  • 3 days ago
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Jimmy Butler has Knicks, Nets on three-team trade list

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — If Jimmy Butler gets his wish, there’s a good chance he will soon be playing in New York. While requesting a trade from the Timberwolves on Tuesday in a meeting with coach and team...
  • 3 days ago
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Jimmy Butler requests trade with three teams in mind

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — Just in time for training camp, Jimmy Butler wants a new home. The signs have been pointing that way all summer for the disgruntled Timberwolves star, but he finally met with coach Tom Thibodeau...
  • 3 days ago
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Joakim Noah seems to be taking upcoming Knicks divorce well

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — If Joakim Noah is upset about his impending breakup with the Knicks, he’s certainly not showing it. As the rest of the Knicks begin to report for voluntary workouts, and with training camp...
  • 3 days ago
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How Trey Burke envisions make-or-break Knicks season

NY Post (Marc Berman) — After running the sand dunes in Palm Springs, Calif., this summer, Trey Burke is confident he will resume his starting point guard duties he earned at the end of last season. But he’s ready for...
  • 3 days ago
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Courtney Lee wants out and Knicks could make it happen

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Courtney Lee arrived a week and a half ago at the Knicks’ Tarrytown training center for voluntary workouts, gearing up for Monday’s start of training camp. The Knicks guard just doesn’t know how...
  • 4 days ago
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It’s a changed Frank Ntilikina with position battle looming

NY Post (Marc Berman) — It is unknown if Frank Ntilikina will start. It is unclear if Ntilikina will play the majority of time at point guard. What is clear for Ntilikina entering his second season is his looks — a newly...
  • 4 days ago
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Knicks’ new regime sells plan as Kristaps Porzingis questions loom

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Kristaps Porzingis is back in New York, arriving from Latvia on Sunday, and ready to undergo further testing this week to give Knicks management a better idea on when he will make his season...
  • 5 days ago
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Knicks end is near for Joakim Noah

NY Post (Anthony Barstow) — The short, rocky marriage between Joakim Noah and the Knicks may be coming to an end sooner rather than later. The team is likely to cut ties with the oft-injured center before training camp...
  • 8 days ago
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J.R. Smith takes Kyrie Irving-to-Knicks chances to ‘high’ level

NY Post (Justin Terranova) — Knicks fans will be hoping J.R. Smith wasn’t “high” when he made this comment. An Instagram photo posted by NiceKicks asked: “Kyrie Irving is the Knicks’ top target...
  • 8 days ago
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Enes Kanter begins Kevin Durant’s Knicks recruitment

NY Post (Marc Berman) — When Warriors superstar Kevin Durant played Oklahoma City for the first time early in the 2016-17 season, then-Thunder center Enes Kanter was the only former teammate to give Durant beef —...
  • 17 days ago
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Kevin Knox is circling how many wins Knicks need for playoffs

NY Post (Zach Braziller) — Kevin Knox has already imagined what many view unlikely. The new Knicks wing isn’t looking at his rookie year as merely a developmental season. He’s thinking playoffs. “In the West, you need...
  • 18 days ago
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Blog Articles

New York Knicks: How to define a ‘patient’ approach

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks have preached patience in the lead-up to training camp, but how will this go about? The keyword of the prelude to the 2018-19 season has been patience for the New York...
  • New: 11 hr 43 min ago
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New York Knicks: Emmanuel Mudiay in ‘elite shape’ after weight loss

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — After an inconsistent run with the New York Knicks, Emmanual Mudiay has impressed the front office this offseason. Emmanuel Mudiay joined the New York Knicks ahead of the 2018 trade deadline, with...
  • 18 hr 15 min ago
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Locked on Knicks, Episode 341: Don’t trade for Jimmy!

Posting and Toasting (James Marceda) — He’s not our guy. On today’s ‘sode I start off by rolling dolo and presenting my case for why the Knicks should NOT trade for Jimmy Butler under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. After that spirited...
  • 19 hr 45 min ago
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New York Knicks: Scott Perry addresses three-point shooting concerns

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks have questions behind the arc, but general manager Scott Perry looked to clear them up. The NBA has taken a three-point shooting approach over the past few seasons, as the idea...
  • 21 hr 15 min ago
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The Knicks signed forward Jeff Coby to a training camp deal

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Who is he? And what might this mean for Joakim Noah? The New York Knicks continue to sign players heading into training camp, despite the fact that they are now at the league-mandated player...
  • 1 day 5 hr ago
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New York Knicks: How a game against the Lakers changed NYK’s direction

Daily Knicks (Justin Richards) — How a single game from last season helped New York Knicks president Steve Mills redirect the focus of the team’s development. As the summer comes to a close, the NBA season is as fresh as...
  • 1 day 12 hr ago
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Jimmy Butler in five graphs

Posting and Toasting (Drew Steele) — Big news the other day, everyone. Jimmy Butler is interested in being traded to the New York Knicks ! Well ... his first team is the Los Angeles Clippers and then the Knicks ... and also the...
  • 1 day 13 hr ago
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New York Knicks: What kind of player can Frank Ntilikina become?

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — New York Knicks head coach David Fizdale went in-depth on Frank Ntilikina at Thursday’s press conference. What will the second-year pro become? Frank Ntilikina joined the New York Knicks in...
  • 1 day 16 hr ago
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Lowe: The best possible trades for Jimmy Butler

ESPN What deals -- and which teams -- would make the most sense if Minnesota decides to grant Jimmy Butler's wish to be traded?
  • 1 day 16 hr ago
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New York Knicks: Former Columbia forward Jeff Coby to sign

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks will sign Jeff Coby, a former Columbia forward, according to Nicola Lupo of Sportando. The New York Knicks appeared to complete their training camp roster for training camp,...
  • 1 day 19 hr ago
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New York Knicks: Three reasons to trade for Jimmy Butler

Daily Knicks (Daniel Lubofsky) — With talent on the roster and money to spend next summer, it might make sense for the New York Knicks to go get Jimmy Butler right now. Jimmy Butler made headlines recently when it was reported by...
  • 1 day 22 hr ago
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The Knicks signed guard Tyrius Walker to an Exhibit 10 contract

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Division II guard! Oops. I forgot to mention this amid the flurry of front office press conferences and Jimmy Butler rumors, but the Knicks have signed Tyrius Walker to an Exhibit 10...
  • 2 days ago
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The Knicks held a press conference...again

Posting and Toasting (Drew Steele) — Another riveting Q&A with Steve/Perry and David Fizdale The New York Knickerbockers braintrust had a press conference today. Not this one from earlier in the week , but one with the media...
  • 2 days ago
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New York Knicks: Kristaps Porzingis extension looms as season nears

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks stayed quiet on Kristaps Porzingis’ extension talks, but remain without a timetable on his return to the court, according to Thursday’s press conference. At...
  • 2 days ago
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New York Knicks: Steve Mills has James Dolan’s support for team’s plan

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks have a plan in place, and the owner, James Dolan, is on-board with it, according to Steve Mills at Thursday’s press conference. New York Knicks president Steve Mills...
  • 2 days ago
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New York Knicks: Opening more cap space for the 2019 offseason

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — The New York Knicks have a cap space projection for the 2018-19 season, but how much further can it go? The 2018-19 NBA season will not start until October, but talk of the 2019 offseason has...
  • 2 days ago
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New York Knicks: Enes Kanter seemingly supports a Jimmy Butler move

Daily Knicks (Rob Wolkenbrod) — Enes Kanter reacted to the New York Knicks as a preferred destination for Jimmy Butler, who reportedly asked for a trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves. On Wednesday, Shams Charania and Jon...
  • 3 days ago
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The Great Jimmy Butler Test of 2018

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — On Monday, Steve Mills, Scott Perry and David Fizdale had a sort of “open forum” for a few select fans to ask questions. When specifically asked about trading for a free-agent-to-be...
  • 3 days ago
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REPORT: Jimmy Butler wants to be traded, Knicks are a preferred destination

Posting and Toasting (Alex Wolfe) — Interesting... Jimmy Butler’s much-ballyhooed meeting with Tom Thibodeau finally happened on Tuesday, and, well, it’s safe to say it didn’t go all that well for the Timberwolves: Jimmy Butler...
  • 3 days ago
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Sources: Butler seeks move to Nets, NYK, Clips

ESPN Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler has three preferred destinations for a trade, league sources told ESPN: the Nets, Clippers and Knicks.
  • 3 days ago
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