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Turkish prosecutors seeking arrest warrant for Knicks' Enes Kanter

NY Daily News (Daily News Sports Staff) — Turkish officials are hoping to haul Knicks center Enes Kanter back to his homeland and lock him up. An international arrest warrant for Kanter is being sought by Turkish prosecutors who accuse the veteran NBA player of being a member of a terror organization. The chief prosecutor's office in Istanbul...
  • 1 day 2 hr ago
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Enes Kanter cuts out the burgers, turns over a new leaf with his diet

NY Daily News (Scott Chiusano) — Enes Kanter is turning over a new leaf — a green one. A few days after posting a “cheat day” photo of his hamburger-heavy meal topped off with a mound of french fries, the Knicks center suggested he’s going back to eating his veggies. Kanter posted a photo to Twitter of his meal Sunday night, which...
  • 3 days ago
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Knicks latest loss a microcosm of miserable NY sports status

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — It’s a sad day in New York sports when an ‘E-A-G-L-E-S’ chant gains traction in Madison Square Garden. But that happened twice Sunday as the Knicks were predictably defeated by the Sixers, 108-105, losing for the 17th time in their last 19 games to keep pace with the Bulls for the second-worst...
  • 3 days ago
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Knicks explore possible Enes Kanter swap as insider talks latest trade scenario

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — In trying to find a new home for Enes Kanter, among the scenarios recently discussed — though only in a preliminary stage — was the Knicks bringing back Chicago’s Jabari Parker, a source told the Daily News. However, a snag in the framework was trying to find a third team to take Kanter, the source...
  • 3 days ago
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Shaq: Why star free agents should sign with Knicks

NY Daily News (Mark Fischer) — When the time comes to court free agents, the Knicks ought to reserve Shaq an accommodating seat alongside David Fizdale. (Except when it’s Kevin Durant’s turn — he and the big man share some beef ). "I never understood why top-name players wouldn't want to come here," O'Neal recently told TMZ of...
  • 4 days ago
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Knicks pounded by Pacers but are still preaching progress as the tanking continues

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — The Knicks have lost 16 of 18 and are falling off a cliff, but David Fizdale is selling progress. We’d hate to see what regression looks like for the Knicks (10-32), who forgot to play defense Friday night and were blown out by the Pacers, 121-106. “Individually, I think guys are getting better....
  • 5 days ago
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Kristaps Porzingis unlikely to travel to London with Knicks as David Fizdale continues to wait for his star

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — When the NBA and the Knicks agreed to play in Europe this season, Kristaps Porzingis was no doubt a big reason why. But the Latvian ‘Unicorn’ is not only unavailable to play in London on Jan. 17 against the Wizards, he’s unlikely to travel for the five-day trip while rehabbing from ACL surgery,...
  • 5 days ago
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Knicks' Enes Kanter missed practice because he ate too many cheeseburgers and got sick

NY Daily News (Daily News Sports Staff) — Enes Kanter did not participate in Knicks practice on Thursday. Apparently this is because on Wednesday night he ate seven cheeseburgers, with a generous helping of fries, to get the most out of his weekly cheat day and made himself sick enough to call out of work the next day. Kanter posted a...
  • 5 days ago
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Knicks may trade Enes Kanter, bring back Zach Randolph: report

NY Daily News (Daily News Sports Staff) — The Knicks are in talks to send Enes Kanter to the Sacramento Kings in a deal that would bring Zach Randolph back to New York, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski . Both players are in the final year of their contracts. Kanter is making $18.6 million this season, while Randolph is making $11.7...
  • 8 days ago
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James Dolan will not be penalized for his unnamed reference to Zion Williamson: source

NY Daily News (Scott Chiusano) — James Dolan won’t have to open up his wallet. The NBA is not going to fine the Knicks owner for his comment about “this kid out of Duke,” also known as Zion Williamson, a source told the Daily News’ Stefan Bondy. It was believed that Dolan might have landed in hot water with the league for referencing...
  • 8 days ago
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Chatty Kevin Durant has plenty to say about the Knicks

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — OAKLAND – Kevin Durant had plenty to say about the Knicks on Tuesday – whether it was about Kevin Knox’s “bright future,” about Kristaps Porzingis ‘Unicorn’ skills, or the team’s fighting spirit. When it came to potentially signing with the Knicks, though, let’s just say Durant knew how to veer...
  • 8 days ago
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Knicks legend clarifies controversial Kevin Durant comments and adds one last note

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — PORTLAND — Clyde Frazier was in the Virgin Islands when his “asterisk” comment on Kevin Durant went viral. “I was flabbergasted,” Frazier told the Daily News. “I was like, what? So people were calling me. My friends were calling me. And I didn’t know the magnitude. All these different programs...
  • 9 days ago
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Kevin Knox gets a shot to prove to Kevin Durant that he's a key piece of the Knicks' future

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — PORTLAND – Growing up a Kevin Durant fan meant Kevin Knox switched allegiances, jumping from the Longhorns to the Thunder to the Warriors. For Knox, the player was more important than the team. He admired Durant that much. “I just followed him wherever he went,” Knox said. “Every team he went,...
  • 9 days ago
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James Dolan thinks Knicks stink because they lack a star player like Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — PORTLAND — The Knicks and Rangers both stink, but owner James Dolan thinks there’s an important difference — one team has Henrik Lundqvist, and the other doesn’t have the star equivalent. “The real big difference between the Knicks and Rangers is Henrik,” Dolan told reporters at a Rangers practice...
  • 9 days ago
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Mitchell Robinson slips and strains his groin in first practice back from injury

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — PORTLAND – Mitchell Robinson didn’t make it through one practice before getting hurt again. The 19-year-old rookie center, shelved by a sprained ankle the last nine games, strained his groin during Sunday’s practice at Nike headquarters in Oregon. “I slipped, really. My shoes don’t have grip because...
  • 9 days ago
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