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Carmelo Anthony wishes Jeff Hornacek had stood strong

NY Post (Marc Berman) — PORTLAND – As every Knick tries to find a reason for the team’s collapse after Christmas, Carmelo Anthony added to the discussion, questioning the flipping back and forth from Jeff Hornacek’s speedy, modern offense to Phil Jackson’s moderately paced triangle. It’s no shocker Anthony indicated he was liking the up-tempo “early offense’’ that Hornacek carried with...
  • 338 days ago
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Knicks and Porzingis left defenseless by Jazz monster big man

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SALT LAKE CITY — Knicks coach and Jazz legend Jeff Hornacek badly wanted to spoil his old team’s 20-year reunion party with a victory, and it looked like his current team might pull it off. Then Rudy Gobert happened. Hornacek’s club rocked the Jazz for nearly three quarters before their patented fourth-quarter collapse, combined with...
  • 338 days ago
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Knicks rookie gets shot despite sandwich gift to Clippers fans

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SALT LAKE CITY — Knicks rookie center Marshall Plumlee thrilled Clippers fans at Staples Center on Monday night. Bricking two free throws with 1:09 left earned them free chicken sandwiches under a fourth-quarter fast-food promotion. It wasn’t the first time the 7-foot, 250-pound Plumlee pulled an oh-fer. In the first quarter, he barreled to the...
  • 339 days ago
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Triangle is here to stay, which means Knicks’ core may not be

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SALT LAKE CITY – Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek sounded clear about the team’s offensive system for next training camp, but unclear on whether the club’s current Big 3 will be there to run it, saying it’s “something we’re going to really look at.’’ Hornacek, back in Utah, where a 20th anniversary reunion of his 1996-97...
  • 339 days ago
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‘He was one of us’: NYC, NBA world remember John Andariese

NY Post (Fred Kerber) — Warm words flowed amid laughter and tears at the Fordham Chapel Tuesday as family, friends and acquaintances paid respects to beloved longtime Knicks color analyst John Andariese. Some themes during the funeral Mass and service were heard over and over: gentleman, classy, caring, loving. But maybe Knicks and NBA announcer Mike Breen, who, in quoting...
  • 340 days ago
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Knicks tell Carmelo to get used to the bench

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SALT LAKE CITY — With the Knicks down 25 points, Carmelo Anthony sat out the fourth quarter at Staples Center on Monday against the Clippers. With the season down to a dirty dozen games, Anthony better get used a view from the bench — even in closer contests. One day after he sounded as if...
  • 340 days ago
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Phil Jackson remembers Jerry Krause, who saved him

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SALT LAKE CITY — Knicks president Phil Jackson released a statement to acknowledge the death of former Bulls general manager Jerry Krause, who didn’t just construct Chicago’s dynasty but made the Zen Master a coaching legend. Although Jackson warred with Krause across their final two years together, he paid his respects and gave him his...
  • 340 days ago
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Shaq blames Knicks players for failing Phil Jackson’s blueprint

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SALT LAKE CITY – His detractors have accused Knicks president Phil Jackson of being a fool for insisting on the triangle offense, but the host of “Shaqtin’ A Fool” credits his three Lakers titles to the system offense. Shaquille O’Neal, in a stout defense of Jackson’s ridiculed offense, said Knicks players need to stop being...
  • 340 days ago
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Knicks suffer embarrassing loss in front of all their old coaches

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — The Clippers didn’t need Carmelo Anthony on their side to look like Western Conference title contenders for one night. Not against this Knicks ensemble. The Knicks began their four-game western swing in predictably defenseless fashion as Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan blasted them in a 114-105 rout at Staples Center...
  • 340 days ago
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Is Hornacek’s passing complaint a shot at Knicks’ stars?

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek seconded Kristaps Porzingis’ contention the Knicks didn’t play this season as a team, believing the players never made the extra pass. In what could’ve been a dig at the Knicks’ Big 3 of Carmelo Anthony, Porzingis and Derrick Rose, Hornacek feels the team’s downfall partly stemmed from not...
  • 340 days ago
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Carmelo Anthony sounds ready to move on from the Knicks

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES – Carmelo Anthony said he’s loved living in Los Angeles across the years and dropped enough hints his time may be done as a Knick. Following Monday’s shootaround at Staples Center, Anthony was careful to say he hasn’t “thought about’’ a career move to the Clippers, but didn’t reject the notion either with...
  • 341 days ago
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Two Knicks rookies fans soon will be seeing a lot more of

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — It’s soon going to be Mo Time and Marshall Time. Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said he figures once the Knicks (27-42) are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs — which could occur if they go 0-4 on this trip out West — he figures he’ll get the orders to play all six rookies...
  • 341 days ago
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Kristaps Porzingis says Knicks are ‘not that good of a team’

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — At times, 21-year-old Kristaps Porzingis sounds like a wizened veteran. He admits he wants to be a leader next season. Certainly Porzingis has been outspoken. According to Porzingis, he thought the Knicks were doomed early, seeing a lot of talent in their newly formed Big 3 and a lot of alarming signs...
  • 341 days ago
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‘Next Rondo?’ Execs guess Derrick Rose’s free-agency future

NY Post (Fred Kerber) — Free agency beckons this summer, but Derrick Rose doesn’t want to dwell on his future because he is still a Knick. But others have speculated on what Rose may find on the free-agent market, and a random sampling seemed in agreement. Rose won’t find what his status and history would suggest. “He’s the next Rondo...
  • 343 days ago
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Knicks now have had three years of disaster under Phil Jackson

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Phil Jackson will celebrate his three-year anniversary as Knicks president Saturday by flying to Los Angeles. The Knicks will practice there on Sunday and face the Clippers on Monday night. How poetic. Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. Jackson left his basketball brains in La La Land. No longer engaged to Lakers president...
  • 343 days ago
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