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Every New York team had their own Horace Clarke

NY Post (Mike Vaccaro) — The passing of Horace Clarke earlier this week inspired one splendid and loyal reader, Eric Schnipper (aka @drschnip on Twitter) to make a suggestion: “Name the Horace Clarke facsimile for all New York pro teams: a guy … who played for the better part of a decade and epitomizes the era of ineptitude — and,...
  • 355 days ago
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Andrew Yang: Knicks may have gotten it all wrong again

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Andrew Yang is concerned the Knicks’ Tom Thibodeau coaching hire might not be the right fit. Nor is Yang convinced the Knicks new administration can change the team’s fortunes with James Dolan as owner. The former Democratic presidential candidate who participated in seven debates believes he has reason for skepticism. The 45-year-old Westchester native had...
  • 355 days ago
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Kenny Smith: Tom Thibodeau alone isn’t the answer for Knicks

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — The Knicks’ hiring of Tom Thibodeau as coach has largely been lauded as a smart move. But no single coach, player or executive alone will be enough to turn around the struggling franchise, according to Kenny Smith. “I know [Thibodeau] has been a great coach in his day, but I’ve seen great coaches go there...
  • 356 days ago
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One thing kept Kemba Walker from signing with the Knicks: ‘Top priority’

NY Post (Brian Lewis) — Native New Yorker Kemba Walker admits he almost came home last summer to play for the Knicks. But they couldn’t land another star, and the rest is history. Walker ended up in Boston – currently third in the Eastern Conference, bound for the playoffs – while the Knicks have ended up bound for the lottery....
  • 356 days ago
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NBA having problems holding ‘Delete 8’ camp that would include Knicks

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Tom Thibodeau still hasn’t gotten his first wish as head coach. A stalemate still exists between the players association and NBA on an agreement regarding organized team activities (OTA) for the “Delete 8,’’ according to multiple sources. The union still is apprehensive about health/testing protocols that meet the standards of the Orlando restart bubble that...
  • 359 days ago
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How Tom Thibodeau won over Scott Perry to become Knicks coach

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks GM Scott Perry didn’t know Tom Thibodeau. And he still hasn’t shaken hands with the new Knicks coach. Perry just knew what he saw on the court — Thibodeau’s well-coached clubs. Perry became convinced over Zoom interviews that Thibodeau was the right man for the job, supporting president Leon Rose’s initial instinct that had...
  • 360 days ago
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Knicks makeover guru says he can help lure star free agents

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks branding manager Steve Stoute is known for his marketing, but he thinks he can help lure free agents, too. Knicks president Leon Rose and senior vice president William Wesley were hired primarily as a conduit to luring stars, but Stoute believes he can form a Big 3. “With having Leon in, World Wide Wes...
  • 360 days ago
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This is one very depressing Kristaps Porzingis birthday tweet

NY Post (Jared Schwartz) — Not everyone will be sending Kristaps Porzingis gifts. The star’s 25th birthday is a harsh reminder for Knicks fans about what could’ve been. The 7-foot-3 Latvian has a number of noteworthy marks worth celebrating and the Mavericks did just that: Of course, Porzingis could’ve still been doing this in a Knicks uniform. After Porzingis and...
  • 360 days ago
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Tom Thibodeau gave Steve Kerr ‘really helpful’ Andrew Wiggins advice

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Tom Thibodeau visited Golden State’s new practice compound in February. The Warriors had just traded for Minnesota’s young enigma Andrew Wiggins. Considering Thibodeau was fired by the Timberwolves a year before, allegedly for not relating well to the Wolves’ young prospects such as Wiggins, he would seem to be the last person to offer Warriors...
  • 362 days ago
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Tom Thibodeau talks Knicks expectations, critical Jeff Van Gundy lesson

NY Post (Steve Serby) — New Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau takes a timeout to discuss his hiring, expectations and what traits the team will have under his leadership in a Q&A with Post columnist Steve Serby. Q: You’ll probably laugh at this: How do you feel about the fact that Knicks fans are viewing you as the savior? A: (Laugh)...
  • 362 days ago
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Tom Thibodeau hints at shift in Knicks’ G-League stance

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Judging by Tom Thibodeau’s remarks Thursday, the Knicks’ policy on using their G-League Westchester Knicks could shift. During his Zoom introductory call, Thibodeau said if a young prospect isn’t getting sufficient playing time, there may be reason to explore sending him to the G-League. “I think game-time is important,’’ Thibodeau said. “So if a young...
  • 363 days ago
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Jimmy Butler knows what Tom Thibodeau can do for Knicks’ young core

NY Post (Howie Kussoy) — Jimmy Butler sounds ready for another reunion with Tom Thibodeau. Having played under the new Knicks coach in Chicago and Minnesota, Butler — who has credited Thibodeau with his development from late first round pick to five-time All-Star — said he believes the young core of RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson could make similar progress...
  • 363 days ago
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Tom Thibodeau’s Knicks staffing search coming into focus

NY Post (Marc Berman) — As Tom Thibodeau and the Knicks front office go over names for the new coaching staff in the coming days, one blast from Thibodeau’s past – and New York’s past – will come up. According to an NBA source, Ed Pinckney, the former Villanova star who won an NCAA title and is a product of...
  • 363 days ago
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