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Know the Prospect: Malaki Branham

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images A closer look at the promising one-and-done from OSU. As reported recently , an impressive group of draft prospects visited the New York Knicks ’ Tarrytown facility for workouts this week. World Wide Wes (Executive Vice President / Alleged Superstar Magnet) was so thrilled by this crew that he took them to dinner....
  • 360 days ago
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Is Jalen Brunson really the answer for the Knicks?

Posting and Toasting (jaysonbuford) — Set Number: X163980 TK1 Jay has his doubts. I don’t have anything against Dallas Mavericks guard Jalen Brunson. People like him are foregone conclusions. You gather a group of basketball players on a contending team and one of them will become Jalen Brunson. He’s an organized player. He’s the son of a coach and former player, Rick Brunson. Everything about him can taken at face...
  • 361 days ago
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Know the Prospect: Jalen Duren

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images A big center with limited scoring range. Got one already! In the formative years of my basketball fandom, Patrick Ewing reigned supreme. I was too late for Bernard King but arrived just in time to catch Patrick’s 1989-90 season , in which he averaged 28.6 points, 10.9 rebounds, four blocks, and a steal in 38.6 minutes per night. Oh, and he...
  • 362 days ago
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The Knicks work out Dyson Daniels, Malaki Branham, TyTy Washington, and others.

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images The search continues. With the NBA Draft looming on June 23, the New York Knicks continue to do their due diligence, putting a bunch of prospects through their paces at the Tarrytown facility. On Monday, Ian Begley retweeted the following: Memphis’ Lester Quinones will be working out with the New York Knicks on Tuesday and the Brooklyn...
  • 362 days ago
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Knicks assistant Johnnie Bryant candidate for head coaching job in Utah

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Set Number: X161886 TK1 So intrigue. Such mysterious. Quin Snyder resigning as the big boss in Utah sparked a tsunami of takes in Knicksville that had been frothing for sweet release since the first Salt Lake City smoke suggested Snyder may not return — i.e., that Donovan Mitchell would now push his way to New York. And if Mitchell’s were to name his price, and that price was the...
  • 363 days ago
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