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This is the Kevin Knox Fizdale wanted — except with LeBron James

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Kevin Knox apparently had better things to do than be introduced to LeBron James after he helped lead the Knicks over the Lakers in a 124-123 stunner Sunday at the Garden. Knox’s parents and little brother were in town, and spending time with them was his top priority. The Knicks were flying to Toronto almost...
  • 65 days ago
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Madison Square Garden security axes ‘Ban Dolan’ shirts

NY Post (Sydney Denmark, Marc Berman, Aaron Feis) — Fed-up Knicks fans looking to show off some emerald ire towards team owner James Dolan never had a chance Sunday, as Madison Square Garden security purportedly confiscated t-shirts reading “St. Patty Says Ban Dolan.” A Manhattan law firm looking to draw attention to free speech and immigration issues handed out 500 of the green, shamrock-festooned...
  • 65 days ago
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This wasn’t the LeBron-Knicks faceoff that really matters

NY Post (George Willis) — There was the warm embrace when LeBron James marched over to the Knicks bench and gave David Fizdale a tight hug just before the tipoff of Knicks-Lakers Sunday afternoon at the Garden. And there they were again in the bowels of the Garden chatting it up after the Knicks had claimed a 124-123 victory to...
  • 65 days ago
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Knicks see LeBron James’ best and worst in huge choke job

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LeBron James hasn’t won the season — and couldn’t even win the Garden on Sunday. After electrifying the place one more time in his first appearance in purple and gold on Broadway, James choked it away at the end, missing his last four shots and getting blocked by Mario Hezonja on a drive with 2...
  • 65 days ago
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Clyde Frazier rips into LeBron during awkward Lakers timeout

NY Post (Mark W. Sanchez) — It seems as if LeBron James “doesn’t really care.” Those are the words of Walt “Clyde” Frazier, who called out the Lakers star for sitting on his own, apart from the team, during a timeout as Los Angeles visited the Knicks at the Garden on Sunday. The Lakers, who entered the game 31-38 and will...
  • 65 days ago
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How Lance Thomas knows the Knicks haven’t quit

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Lance Thomas has been here before. In the waning weeks of a wretched season, the Knicks’ unofficial captain has seen teammates’ minds wander to summer vacation in other years. Some groups fractured. That isn’t the case with David Fizdale’s 13-56 team. Though the Knicks possibly are headed to posting the worst record in franchise history,...
  • 66 days ago
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All the money in the world can’t make James Dolan happy

NY Post (Mike Vaccaro) — John Mara used to be an untouchable around here, because there was a time when it seemed everything the Giants glanced at instantly turned to gold. But as much as any other job in sports, ownership is a fickle one, because it is almost exclusively a reflection of how the team is doing. You almost...
  • 66 days ago
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New York’s last hopes to change its dreary sports narrative

NY Post (Joel Sherman) — Knicks owner James Dolan insisted he was “ambushed” by a fan who recommended he sell the team. What is the word he would use to describe an ownership that has offered fans two decades of incoherence, ingratitude and incompetence. Dave Gettleman, the GM time forgot, misread the capability of his roster and the market, and...
  • 66 days ago
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The LeBron James challenge that awaits Kevin Knox

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks coach David Fizdale can’t say he is surprised LeBron James and his purple-and-gold gang arrive at the Garden for their lone visit bruised, battered and out of the playoff race. James will face the Knicks in a Lakers uniform for the first time Sunday at noon. In initial meeting in January — a Knicks...
  • 66 days ago
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Knicks’ rookie call-up picks up right where he left off

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SAN ANTONIO — Is it possible rookie point guard Kadeem Allen has a firmer future as a Knick next season than Frank Ntilikina does? Allen, playing on a two-way G-League contract, was summoned from Westchester to face the Spurs on Friday as a sub for Dennis Smith Jr., who was dealing with a back injury....
  • 67 days ago
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Knicks drubbed by Spurs as tank machine keeps chugging along

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SAN ANTONIO — So you thought it would be a season sweep? Two and a half weeks after the Knicks routed the Spurs at the Garden to snap their 18-game home losing streak, order was restored. LaMarcus Aldridge scored 18 points to lead six double-figure scorers as the Spurs (40-29) won their seventh straight in...
  • 67 days ago
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Knicks’ Kevin Knox will take rookie lessons into offseason training

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SAN ANTONIO — Kevin Knox is grateful the Knicks have shown patience and not shown him the G League. In San Antonio, the Spurs rookie first-round pick Lonnie Walker IV has spent most of the season developing in the G League – part of a strategy often employed by that organization. As the season winds...
  • 67 days ago
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DeAndre Jordan doesn’t regret his Anthony Barr moment

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SAN ANTONIO — Knicks center DeAndre Jordan doesn’t have much love lost for the Mavericks, who traded him amid his first season in Dallas. Asked to reflect on his pulling an Anthony Barr five years ago and reneging on a city after agreeing to terms as a free agent, Jordan doesn’t have an ounce of...
  • 68 days ago
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David Fizdale doubles down on Knicks’ free-agency confidence

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SAN ANTONIO – That’s what friends are for. Coach David Fizdale, reacting to owner James Dolan raising the stakes on the Knicks’ free-agent chances, said his NBA confidants have told him he’s done a “big time’’ job setting the Knicks up for a summer of grandeur. In taking a dig at the media for its...
  • 68 days ago
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‘Mercedes Mitch’ moving into the Knicks’ fast lane

NY Post (Marc Berman) — SAN ANTONIO — Some players in the Knicks locker room have jokingly nicknamed their rookie center “Mercedes Mitch.’’ Mitchell Robinson, a car fanatic and amateur mechanic, recently inked an endorsement deal with Mercedes-Benz, which gave him a vehicle with which to play around. “It’s fast,’’ Robinson said. Knicks coach David Fizdale calls his rising prospect...
  • 69 days ago
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