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Nets guard: Why wouldn’t we be better than the Knicks?

NY Post (Brian Lewis) — After Spencer Dinwiddie had already stirred the pot with his assertion that he should’ve won last year’s Most Improved Player award, the Brooklyn guard continued to stoke the fires of a milquetoast Nets-Knicks rivalry in need of a little heat going into Friday’s preseason meeting at the Garden. During the same interview on the YES...
  • 37 days ago
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Knicks call on Chris Bosh for help with talented rookie

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — More important than the 30 minutes Kevin Knox played against the Wizards on Monday night might have been the 35-40 minutes he spent with Chris Bosh. The 11-time All-Star, who played under Knicks coach David Fizdale when he was an assistant with the Heat, sat down with Knox for a conversation about how to handle...
  • 38 days ago
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Smart offseason proves Knicks are rebuilding the right way

NY Post (Justin Terranova) — The Knicks aren’t back. There is no talk of making the playoffs or of a big name acquired in the offseason. The possibility of trading for Jimmy Butler at the expense of future assets was met with a shrug more than excitement. It has been replaced by the acceptance of the early stages of a...
  • 38 days ago
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Knicks are ready to give Frank Ntilikina a major defensive test

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — David Fizdale was not kidding around about the Knicks playing position-less basketball. Coming Friday night to the Garden: Frank Ntilikina versus a power forward. “You might see that next game,” Fizdale said Thursday after practice, ahead of the preseason finale against the Nets. “In fact I guarantee it, how about that?” Ntilikina won’t be starting...
  • 38 days ago
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The smoke behind Kevin Durant’s early exit rumors

NY Post (Jeremy Layton) — The NBA season is still a few days away from officially beginning. But because this is a league that draws just as many headlines from player movement as it does from actual games, the conversation has naturally jumped ahead to 2019. The league is likely to see one of the most loaded free-agent classes in...
  • 38 days ago
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Tim Hardaway Jr. embracing being the Knicks’ No. 1 option

NY Post (Jonathan Lehman) — There was Tim Hardaway Jr., the second-generation stud. Tim Hardaway Jr., the first-round Knicks draft pick and All-Rookie first-teamer and would-be Carmelo Anthony sidekick. Tim Hardaway Jr., the trade chip for an impetuous Phil Jackson. Tim Hardaway Jr., the D-Leaguer and ground-up Atlanta reclamation project. Tim Hardaway Jr., the opportune free agent and recipient of...
  • 39 days ago
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Knicks’ tricky plan to get Mitchell Robinson a ton of playing time

NY Post (Jonathan Lehman) — Mitchell Robinson is a major-league prospect, everyone around the Knicks agrees. He just may be spending some time in the minor leagues. Robinson, the Knicks’ second-round pick, will return to the floor for the preseason finale Friday against the Nets after missing the past two games due to a sprained ankle. But the absence underlined...
  • 39 days ago
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Knicks’ expensive G-League team adds an Ivy League dreamer

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The Knicks are forming the most expensive G-League team in history, and the latest addition is expected to be forward Jeff Coby, an art history major out of Columbia, who signed Sunday. In using a new addition to the collective-bargaining agreement, the Knicks, from Oct. 2-7, signed five players to their main roster on Exhibit...
  • 40 days ago
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The Kevin Knox hype has stopped abruptly

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The runaway hype for rookie lottery pick Kevin Knox was fast, and now he admits he’s playing too fast. Knox’s preseason has taken a decided downturn, especially in his first two games at the Garden. In his new home, Knox is shooting 8-of-28 with 10 turnovers. That’s not exactly Rookie-of-the-Year-contender numbers. According to the former...
  • 40 days ago
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Chris Bosh: Fizdale will land Knicks free-agent star they need

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Chris Bosh isn’t sure if he will play again, but he said he will give himself until the All-Star break to make that decision. But Bosh is sure of one thing. His former assistant coach David Fizdale is the real deal and should eventually recruit at least one superstar. Bosh, who has suffered from multiple...
  • 41 days ago
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Ntilikina complicates his point-guard shot on bad day for Knicks

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The Knicks will likely have more problems than just at point guard this season, but coach David Fizdale was tinkering at that position Monday night. In the Knicks’ sobering 110-98 preseason loss to the Wizards, Frank Ntilikina made his first start this preseason and first start of his career at point guard to mixed results....
  • 41 days ago
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Ron Baker’s ‘havoc mindset’ has him near Knicks roster spot

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Knicks coach David Fizdale is falling for guard Ron Baker in the same way ex-Knick president Phil Jackson and former coach Jeff Hornacek once did. If there was doubt Baker had his 15-man roster spot sewn up, it may have been erased the moment he hit the deck for a loose ball in Brooklyn Wednesday....
  • 41 days ago
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Knicks already fixing concerning Jeff Hornacek trend

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Good coaching takes so many forms — even seemingly simple ideas such as getting off to better starts in the third quarter. Knicks coach David Fizdale has made it his obsession. The Knicks were one of the worst clubs coming out after halftime last season and Trey Burke indicated the club wasn’t prepared — an...
  • 42 days ago
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How the Knicks’ starting backcourt will be decided

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The best preseason performance so far by a New York-area point guard belongs to Kyrie Irving, who claimed at a Celtics fanfest he will re-sign with the team and forget about free agency. Right, and the Earth is flat — another one of Irving’s pronouncements. To date, none of the three Knicks point guards has...
  • 42 days ago
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Fizdale latest Knicks coach to see Lance Thomas’ leadership

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Lance Thomas was named starting power forward for the Knicks’ preseason opener and has done nothing to lose his grip on the job. A co-captain last season, Thomas’ leadership is exemplary in setting a defensive tone and he has grown on the offensive end. But coach David Fizdale most appreciates the take-charge attitude. “Lance is...
  • 43 days ago
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