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Who Wore It Best? Knicks #25

Posting and Toasting (Andrew Polaniecki) — Arrivin’ Alive at 25 As we approach the dog days of summer, a similar sentiment applies to the next few rounds of “Who Wore it Best?” Before delving into “Who Wore it Best? #25,” it’s remarkable to think we are just 18 numbers away from completing the series. Taking into consideration the retired numbers 24 and 33, we will leave untouched, as well as the one-hit wonders of 28, 36, 46, 49,...
  • 13 days ago
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Adam Silver 'impartial' enough to decide who’s right: Knicks or Raptors

Posting and Toasting (Antonio Losada) — The judge has spoken in Toronto's favor. In the latest judicial decision belonging to the Knicks vs. Raptors saga reported by The Athletic’s Mike Vorkunov on June 28, U.S. District Court Judge Jessica G. L. Clarke resolved the legal clash directing the matter to be settled within the jurisdiction of the NBA rather than in federal court. The dispute between the New York Knicks and Maple...
  • 13 days ago
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Leon Rose, Brock Aller, and the Quest to Retain Isaiah Hartenstein

Posting and Toasting (Michael_Zeno) — Can the Don and the Cap Wizard work their magic to retain NY’s Jolly German Giant? You’d be hard-pressed to find a team that’s taken care of more business over the last few days than the New York Knicks . After swinging the summer’s biggest blockbuster so far, completing the first Knicks-Nets swap since 1983 in acquiring Mikal Bridges , the Knicks quelled the fanbase’s biggest worries...
  • 13 days ago
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Knicks Media Roundup: Brunson’s WWE cameo, Quickley gets paid, former Knicks swapped

Posting and Toasting (Antonio Losada) — A lot of New York news coming out of a delicious draft. The Knicks might not make for the most exciting news coming off a draft event but everyone else around the organization seems to be doing all they can to help us discuss. Jalen Brunson makes WWE debut, gives Knicks fans a scare Bring it on, baby! Whether you like wrestling or not, you surely got entertained on the latest...
  • 14 days ago
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Knicks’ 2024 Draft Report Card

Posting and Toasting (Kento Kato) — A great way to cap off a big week Sports writers from around the media landscape have weighed in on the New York Knicks ’ selections in the 2024 NBA Draft . Now it’s our turn. Without further ado, here’s the P&T Report Card. Pick 25 - Pacôme Dadiet: B With the likes of Tyler Kolek, Kyle Filipowski, Ryan Dunn, Jonathan Mogbo, and Johnny Furphy all still on the board, Dadiet was not...
  • 14 days ago
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Grades for the Knicks draft picks from around the media

Posting and Toasting (Russell Richardson) — Opinions from The Athletic, CBS Sports, NY Post, and Yahoo! The New York Knicks focused on versatile, promising talent in the 2024 NBA Draft , selecting four players who offer a mix of potential and immediate contributions. Furthermore, at least one (possibly two) is a draft-and-stash candidate, and three of the players were picked in the second-round, all of which favor the Knicks...
  • 14 days ago
  • Hits: 219

A Recap of the Knicks’ Trades on Draft Night

Posting and Toasting (Michael_Zeno) — The front office spent the time between welcoming four new players to New York by wheeling and dealing. The dust has settled in New York City after the first-ever two-day NBA Draft . Something the NBA used as justification for separating a second round that usually doesn’t get much attention is that there have long been complaints about the system and how fast it moves. GMs wanted more time...
  • 14 days ago
  • Hits: 206

Knicks land Kevin McCullar Jr with the 56th pick in 2024 NBA Draft

Posting and Toasting (Russell Richardson) — Almost slipped by us in all of today’s confusion. What a wild second round that turned out to be. On Day Two of the 2024 NBA Draft , the Knicks walked away with not just two more players, but a third. With the 56th pick, they landed Kevin McCullar, Jr. of Kansas, to go along with Tyler Kolek and Ariel Hukporti (selected earlier). Yesterday, Leon Rose & Co. used the 25th pick to take...
  • 15 days ago
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The Knicks chose Ariel Hukporti with the 58th pick

Posting and Toasting (Russell Richardson) — New York uses the last selection of the Draft on a seven-foot, 245 lb. center. With the last pick in the 2024 NBA Draft , the Knicks selected Ariel Hukporti. How they arrived at that pick is too convoluted for me to explain, let alone understand in such a compressed amount of time. More details will be revealed in the coming days. The best I can figure, the pick started with Charlotte,...
  • 15 days ago
  • Hits: 304

Knicks select Tyler Kolek with the 34th pick (Updated)

Posting and Toasting (Russell Richardson) — The Knicks got their man with a Portland swap. The Knicks entered today’s second-round of the 2024 NBA Draft with two picks in their pocket, the 38th and the 51st. Leon Rose, Brock Aller, and the Knicks front office executed a crafty maneuver last night by spinning the 24th pick into the 26th and 51st via trade. Then they traded the 26th selection into five second-rounders that will be...
  • 15 days ago
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Knicks Media Roundup: Praise for 25th pick, Katz calls Knicks ‘all in’, 2 Knicks on NBA Player Tiers Project, and Deuce surgery

Posting and Toasting (Russell Richardson) — A bunch of slop to keep you entertained before today’s second round of the draft. ESPN Analyst praises Knicks’ pick of Dadiet ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla praised the Knicks ’ first-round pick in last night’s first round of the 2024 NBA Draft , French wing Pacome Dadiet. Fraschilla called the 25th pick a “great pick up” and suggested fans get tickets to see Dadiet with the Westchester...
  • 15 days ago
  • Hits: 558

Who the Knicks should draft in the second round tonight

Posting and Toasting (Kento Kato) — A lot of options for a team with very specific needs The New York Knicks and their fans had themselves a very eventful day as they went from celebrating the return of OG Anunoby to hearing Pacôme Dadiet’s name called—and then realizing that the Knicks somehow managed to acquire five future second-round picks. But there’s still work to do for Leon Rose, as New York still holds the 38th and...
  • 15 days ago
  • Hits: 97

Knicks Bulletin: "I’m planning on playing here"

Posting and Toasting (Antonio Losada) — Pacome Dadiet shares his first words as a New York Knickerbocker! We're bringing back the Knicks Bulletin for a special Draft Edition and the first installment of the column for the 2024/25 season. The reason? None other than giving a warm welcome to Pacome Dadiet, the freshest member of the New York Knicks organization. Dadiet spoke briefly after the first day of the draft after the...
  • 16 days ago
  • Hits: 123

Draft Night: Knicks select Pacôme Dadiet with the 25th pick, spin the other into 5 second-rounders

Posting and Toasting (Russell Richardson) — Hot night at Barclays! The first round of the NBA Draft is underway at the Barclays Center! The New York Knicks came into this year’s festivities with the 24th, 25th, and 38th picks. Over the past few weeks, many speculated that Knicks team president Leon Rose might not even draft a player with their selections. Au contraire! Sort of. The last player that New York picked and retained...
  • 16 days ago
  • Hits: 339

REPORT: OG Anunoby to re-sign with the Knicks

Posting and Toasting (Russell Richardson) — The prototypical 3&D wing gets the biggest Knicks payday ever. Right before tonight’s draft, Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) reported that “Free agent F OG Anunoby intends to sign a five-year, $212.5 million contract to return to the New York Knicks , sources tell ESPN. Deal will include a player option and a trade kicker.” My math says that OG will make $42.5 million per year. That’s the...
  • 16 days ago
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