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Knicks News: Starting center likely ‘out’ for opener, it’s Taj Gibson’s time to shine

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — While the long-term starting center for the New York Knicks will likely be Mitchell Robinson, he isn’t expected to take on that role to begin the 2021–22 campaign. In fact, the hope was that Nerlens Noel, who signed a three-year, $27.7 million deal this past off-season, would take on the starting job to allow Robinson ... Read more The post Knicks News: Starting center likely...
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Big on Consistency: Previewing the 2021–22 Knicks Frontcourt

The Knicks Wall (Will Bjarnar) — The Knicks’ frontcourt includes an All-Star, two vets, a kid with upside, and the oft-injured Mitchell Robinson. What happens next? You ever heard that classic adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Probably once or twice, I imagine. Perhaps you’ve heard it about someone’s sleep schedule, or your body’s initial response to the keto […] The post Big on Consistency: Previewing...
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Ending on a High Note

$Knicks Film School The Knicks weren't short on drama in their preseason finale, and it gave us some more info about what to expect moving forward.
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The 2021-22 Knicks roster is set

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images Who’s in and who’s out? On Saturday, the New York Knicks cleared three more players from the books: Brandon Knight, Aamir Simms, and M.J. Walker. . @nyknicks Waive Brandon Knight, Aamir Simms and M.J. Walker pic.twitter.com/Dy1e7yj1FP — NY_KnicksPR (@NY_KnicksPR) October 16, 2021 The roster is now set for the start...
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New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics: A Foggy Mirror Image

Daily Knicks (James Ryder) — The New York Knicks will be at TD Garden on October 20th to face the Boston Celtics in what will be the first game of the season for both teams. The matchup for these two squads is notable for a couple of reasons. They are division rivals. Both teams made the playoffs last season and […] New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics: A Foggy Mirror Image - Daily Knicks - Daily Knicks - A New...
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The Definitive New York Knicks Roster Breakdown: The Backcourt

Daily Knicks (Adam Kester) — The New York Knicks look ready to make some noise in the Eastern Conference. After a busy offseason and a perfect 4-0 preseason, this team wants to take the good vibes into the start of the regular season this week. New York Knicks: Comprehensive roster breakdown For this article, I want to give a full […] The Definitive New York Knicks Roster Breakdown: The Backcourt - Daily Knicks ...
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Knicks News: Mitchell Robinson says first action was ‘bad’, a few surprise players make 15-man roster

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The New York Knicks are just a few days away from the start of the regular season against the Boston Celtics. However, the preseason finale against the Washington Wizards gave them an opportunity to get center Mitchell Robinson onto the court for the first time since fracturing his foot last season. Robinson, who has been ... Read more The post Knicks News: Mitchell Robinson says first...
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Knicks waive 4 players to reach 15: Brandon Goodwin, Brandon Knight, Aamir Simms, MJ Walker

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The New York Knicks executed a slew of moves on Saturday afternoon to cut the roster to 15 ahead of the regular season. With the first game coming on October 20 against the Boston Celtics, the Knicks are now in a good place with a solid group of players to hopefully elevate a team that ... Read more The post Knicks waive 4 players to reach 15: Brandon Goodwin, Brandon Knight, Aamir Simms,...
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The Knicks signed veteran PG Brandon Knight

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images Him? The Knicks have signed 29-year-old guard Brandon Knight. The 6-2 veteran was the former 8th pick in the 2011 Draft by the Detroit Pistons . Terms of the deal were not disclosed but we can imagine it will end up being for the veteran’s minimum. . @nyknicks Sign Brandon Knight pic.twitter.com/ecHpKfqWWR — NY_KnicksPR...
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Knicks’ Thibodeau showcases interesting player combo in win over Wizards

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — The New York Knicks played their final preseason game of the off-season as if it were a playoff contest against the Washington Wizards on Friday evening. Winning every single game prior to the start of the regular season on October 20, the Knicks are flying high into a year where expectations are elevated after adding ... Read more The post Knicks’ Thibodeau showcases interesting...
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KNICKS 115, WIZARDS 113: “The Randle, but also Mitch, but also Grimes” Game

Posting and Toasting (Russell_Richardson) — Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports Mr. Big Shot punches the clock. The fans at Madison Square Garden weren’t sure if they believed it. Mitchell Robinson was participating in shoot-around and eligible for action, but no one knew if he would actually play. The crowd erupted with joy when the talented 7-footer checked in at 9:05. He had not suited up for the Knicks since March 27, 2021....
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Knicks Notes: Derrick Rose is the not so secret ingredient, Robinson enjoys first action

Empire Sports Media (Alexander Wilson) — New York Knicks veteran point guard Derrick Rose might’ve given the starting point guard job away to Kemba Walker, but he is a catalyst to success for the team this upcoming season. In the Knicks’ buzzer-beater win over the Washington Wizards in the preseason finale, Rose looked like his vintage self, playing in 29 minutes ... Read more The post Knicks Notes: Derrick Rose is the not...
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Julius Randle sets the tone for Knicks’ season with a game-winner

Empire Sports Media (Alder Almo) — New York Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau made his final instruction loud and clear. “Make the shot. End the game. Get the win.” Julius Randle and the Knicks followed it to the letter. Randle beat the buzzer with a fallaway jumper to complete the Knicks’ furious 19-point comeback, 115-113, over the Washington Wizards Friday night in ... Read more The post Julius Randle sets the...
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Randle Game-Winner Leads Knicks Past Wizards in Unbeaten Preseason Finish

The Knicks Wall (Candace Pedraza) — The Knicks mounted an epic second-half comeback topped by Julius Randle hitting a fall-away game-winning shot over the Wizards, handing New York a perfect preseason. The New York Knicks (4-0) defeated the Washington Wizards (0-4) in exciting fashion on Friday night as the ‘Bockers looked all but defeated headed into the fourth quarter. If we […] The post Randle Game-Winner Leads...
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Knicks 115, Wizards 113: Scenes from the never-say-die Knicks, preseason edition

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images LOL, what a finish. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. The New York Knicks looked like lukewarm dookie for about 44 minutes of tonight’s preseason contest with the Washington Wizards. The Wiz led by as many as 19 points, and the ‘Bockers couldn’t get the deficit lower than nine. But these are Tom Thibodeau’s Knicks, which means they aren’t going...
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