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Phil Jackson’s New York Knicks Experiment

The Knicks Wall (admin) — It is a grand old team from a grand old city but the New York Knicks have suffered such a dip in form this season that they are on collision course with an embarrassing franchise record of only 21 wins in a season. The Knick’s worst-ever losing streak ended in January after 16 straight defeats.... More
  • 155 days ago
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The Knicks 2015 Options Are Bountiful

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) —   On Friday, Howard Beck of the Bleacher Report did a video discussing the New York Knicks and potential dream scenarios for the Knicks this offseason. The video is above, and I found it to be a nice result. Check it out. I wrote about the moves, my thoughts and a couple alternatives for the Knicks,... More
  • 229 days ago
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Recap: Dallas Mavericks 109, New York Knicks 102

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — I’m offering you a recap and the shape of notes. However, I will say this: This Knicks team is fantastically bad. I enjoy everything that they’re bringing to the table. They can score in bunches, you see them moving the ball, and Iman Shumpert gives you a player to keep and eye on for improvement.... More
  • 244 days ago
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Recap: Milwaukee Bucks 117, New York Knicks 113

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — For a brief moment, the Knicks looked to be on the comeback trail. Carmelo Anthony hits a jumper to cut the lead to eight with 3:05 left in the fourth quarter, and I expected the Knicks to make their run to gain the lead. Unfortunately, the baby Bucks held it together just enough to pull... More
  • 253 days ago
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Recap: New York Knicks 109, Denver Nuggets 93

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — Being busy (Sorry about that), I will save you the write-up. Instead, I broke it down to some notes. Since his horrible stretch of basketball, Carmelo Anthony is shooting the ball well. After his 46-point performance against Utah, Melo came back with a 28-point performance on 10-14 shooting. He’s picking his spots really well, and... More
  • 256 days ago
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Recap: Detroit Pistons 98, New York Knicks 95

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — The New York Knicks lost to the Detroit Pistons by a final score of 98-95. The game was nondescript to be honest with you. The minutes just blend together. If I didn’t write some notes down, I wouldn’t have remembered this one. The Knicks seemed anonymous, thanks to Carmelo Anthony’s poor game and J.R. Smith’s... More
  • 266 days ago
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Recap: Washington Wizards 98, New York Knicks 83

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — After eking out a victory over the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday, the New York Knicks returned back to .500, thanks to a 98-83 defeat at the hands of the Washington Wizards. It was a disastrous start for the Knicks, who started Amar’e Stoudemire in Quincy Acy’s place. Acy, who didn’t play against Washington and is... More
  • 267 days ago
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Recap: New York Knicks 96, Charlotte Hornets 93

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — The Chicago game made the Knicks look like an absolute mess. The Cleveland game saw a different New York Knicks squad- forcing some important turnovers late, getting some quality shots from Carmelo Anthony, and the defense stepping up. The Charlotte game was a mixture of both. Early in the first half, the Knicks looked phenomenal,... More
  • 269 days ago
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Recap: Chicago Bulls: 104, New York Knicks: 80

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — Final Score: Bulls 104, Knicks 80 Summary: The Bulls had their way with the Knicks, shooting 50% from the field and 55 points from their bench tonight. While the Knicks are in the midst of figuring out their new offensive system, Chicago’s offensive fired on all cylinders, and feasted on New York’s poor defense. Taj... More
  • 274 days ago
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Carmelo Anthony: His Desires After Basketball

The Knicks Wall (admin) — The last month or so has been a nerve wracking period for Knicks fans with the possibility of talisman Carmelo Anthony leaving New York for new pastures. However, the tide seemed to turn when LeBron James signed for Cleveland which pretty much kyboshed the chances of the Knicks star man signing for Miami or in... More
  • 324 days ago
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The Basics of New York’s Triangle Offense

The Knicks Wall (Billy Mansmann) — When Phil Jackson was hired as the President of Basketball Operations of the New York Knicks, it was assumed that the team would run a form of the triangle offense — the system used by Jackson when he was the head coach in both Chicago and Los Angeles. New York’s transition to the triangle was... More
  • 338 days ago
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Knicks Release 2014 Preseason Schedule

The Knicks Wall (Ryan Punzalan) — The Knicks have announced their 2014 preseason schedule, which includes seven games, three of which will be in Madison Square Garden. Check out the schedule below: October 8th @ Boston Celtics (XL Center, Hartford, CT) — 7:30pm October 11th @ Boston Celtics (Mohegan Sun Arena, Mohegan, CT) — 7:30pm October 13th vs. Toronto Raptors (Madison... More
  • 339 days ago
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What The Kevin Love Trade Means To The Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Argenys Collado) — Now that the long awaited Kevin Love-to-Cavaliers trade is finally complete, the Knicks are once again left to reconsider their free agency plans come 2015. With Amar’e Stoudemire, Andrea Bargnani, and a slew of one-year contracts like Travis Outlaw, Samuel Dalembert, and Quincy Acy coming off the books at the conclusion of this season, New... More
  • 339 days ago
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Thanasis To Sign With Westchester Knicks — Won’t Attend Training Camp

The Knicks Wall (Argenys Collado) — The New York Knicks will sign their 2nd-round draft pick Thanasis Antetokounmpo to their D-League affiliate team, the Westchester Knicks, according to RealGM. This comes after the puzzling acquisition for Travis Outlaw and Quincy Acy, which  reeked of adding experience for a playoff push in light of Carmelo Anthony’s mega deal. New York knows that with... More
  • 342 days ago
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More Knicks Participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Knicks Wall (Ryan Punzalan) — A few days ago, we posted videos of Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. A bunch more Knicks players posted videos of themselves getting doused with lots of ice and cold water. Check out the videos from Shane Larkin, Cleanthony Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, Tim Hardaway Jr., and newest... More
  • 344 days ago
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