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How Knicks ensured summer standout wouldn’t get away

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Maybe there will be a small forward from Baltimore on this season’s Knicks roster. Not Carmelo Anthony, but 6-foot-7 Jamel Artis, the Pittsburgh senior swingman who went undrafted but impressed on the Knicks’ summer league team enough to sign a partially guaranteed contract last week. Artis, who is 24 and averaged 18.2 points, 4.9 rebounds...
  • 15 hr 9 min ago
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Blake Griffin drops hints: Could LeBron wind up a Knick?

NY Post (Jeremy Layton) — From Kyrie Irving listing New York in his out-of-the-blue trade request to Carmelo Anthony winning his stand-off with Phil Jackson, the last couple months arguably have provided the most excitement Knicks fans have had in years. Still, the greatest offseason drama might be a year away. Next summer, LeBron James can become a free agent...
  • 1 day 10 hr ago
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Joakim Noah breaks silence with fiery vows and Phil Jackson regret

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Joakim Noah has a ton of regrets from last season, and one of them is his awful campaign may have played a role in costing Phil Jackson his job. In his first comments since the season ended, Noah also admitted he “lost my confidence’’ and “wasn’t moving right.” He said his drug suspension “hurt a...
  • 2 days ago
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Tim Hardaway’s second Knicks act excites one team exec

NY Post (Thomas Lipe) — Allan Houston is excited to see what Tim Hardaway Jr. can do during his first year of his big contract with the Knicks. Houston, the Knicks’ assistant general manager and a former guard who played for the team, was at Hofstra University on Friday working with his youth program, FISLL, which stands for faith, integrity,...
  • 3 days ago
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‘Walking bucket’ Beasley is tired of not getting enough respect

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Michael Beasley is hardly lacking bragadoccio these days. He calls himself “a walking bucket’’ and thinks he’ll score a lot of them at Madison Square Garden because he’s “always done well with pressure.’’ Beasley, a 6-foot-9 forward, signed with the Knicks on a one-year deal last week for the veteran’s minimum, possibly as Carmelo Anthony’s...
  • 3 days ago
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Nigel Hayes agrees to Knicks deal after calling New York ‘dirty’

NY Post (Greg Joyce) — Apparently, Nigel Hayes will have to learn to live with it — the dirty city, that is. The former Wisconsin standout has agreed to a partially guaranteed deal with the Knicks, according to
  • 4 days ago
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The Knicks aren’t taking the Kyrie Irving bait

NY Post (Fred Kerber) — An old-school NBA rule of thumb claimed never trade big for small. And the Knicks are maintaining that philosophy concerning any proposed deal of coveted young big Kristaps Porzingis for Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving. There simply does not exist any proposal in which the Knicks would deal the just-turned-22-year-old Porzingis for Irving, according to a league...
  • 5 days ago
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NBA execs waiting for Knicks to crack on Porzingis-Irving talks

NY Post (Mark W. Sanchez) — The Kristaps Porzingis trade rumors didn’t leave with Phil Jackson. Around the NBA, there’s wonder about how long the Knicks will refuse dealing their 7-foot-3, rising star, with Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving on the market and the Cavaliers reportedly zeroing in on Porzingis as a target. The Knicks, so far, have dismissed any conversations that include...
  • 6 days ago
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Knicks get early gantlet, less national TV love in 2017-18

NY Post (Brian Lewis) — The NBA released it’s schedule for the upcoming 2017-18 season Monday night — including the national TV schedule — and there’s far less of the Knicks on it than usual. The Knicks technically have 13 national dates, but just eight on ABC, ESPN and TNT. That’s down from 22 last season, now that they’re in...
  • 7 days ago
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Frank Ntilikina knows weakness: ‘I’ve been working on my body’

NY Post (Brian Lewis) — As a top-10 pick and foundation piece of the Knicks’ rebuilding process, Frank Ntilikina is going to play in the NBA. But to play well — to be able to start, defend and excel — the young Frenchman is going to have to get bigger and stronger. The wiry 19-year-old is going to have to...
  • 10 days ago
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Knicks, Rockets pick up Carmelo trade talk (with a twist): report

NY Post (Brian Lewis) — The Knicks trade talks for Carmelo Anthony are back on again — if they were ever off in the first place. With Anthony still maintaining that he’ll only be willing to go to Houston in a deal, the Knicks reportedly re-engaged the Rockets in trade talks Thursday. Houston has started talking to other teams with...
  • 11 days ago
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Knicks fans’ Christmas Day just got more interesting

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Despite the Knicks embarking on a full rebuild, the networks like them on Christmas.
  • 11 days ago
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The latest NBA star who wants Carmelo Anthony to join his team

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Add DeMarcus Cousins to the list of Western Conference stars who want Carmelo Anthony on their side. The Pelicans star center strongly hinted he has reached out to recruit Anthony, who he has said was his favorite Team USA teammate during the Rio Olympics last August. “We need as much talent and as many pieces...
  • 12 days ago
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MSG Network to tab new Knicks’ radio play-by-play man

NY Post (Phil Mushnick) — Madison Square Garden Network is expected to announce soon that 34-year-old Ed Cohen will be named the Knicks’ radio play-by-play man, replacing Mike Crispino, who recently was let go after a long run with the network. Once it’s official, Cohen, who grew up in Westchester and has spent the last 12 years calling everything from...
  • 12 days ago
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Dwyane Wade kicks off the big-time Tim Hardaway hype

NY Post (Thomas Lipe) — Another young Knicks player is putting in work with one of the NBA’s all-time greats, and is apparently impressing. Last week in Los Angeles, newly acquired Knicks guard Tim Hardaway Jr. worked out with “big bro” Dwyane Wade, and the 25-year-old impressed the 35-year-old. Wade, a 12-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion,
  • 12 days ago
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