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5 Stats To Show The Bright Side of This Knicks’ Season

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — The Knicks have played poorly thus far in the 2017 season. So to fellow Knick fans who are having a hard time finding the good among their 1-3 record, here are 5 stats to show what is going right. Kyle O’Quinn’s 5.8 blks/36 and 10.1 reb/36. Bryan’s Gibberman’s analysis notwithstanding, O’Quinn’s early season numbers are downright Manute-like. It’s...
  • 35 days ago
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2017 Recap: Pistons 102, Knicks 89: Optimist Friendly Version

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — Carmelo Anthony 24pts, 18fga, 2reb, 1ast, 2to, 4stl, 0blk, A++ Melo was so vintage, he switched into a Orangemen jersey midway through the third. After 24 points on 17 shots and a quadruple of steals, I’m shocked they didn’t play the national anthem after the game and give ‘Melo another gold medallion. Kristaps Porzingis 18pts, 18fga, 6reb, 1ast, 0to, 0stl, 1blk, A While the...
  • 37 days ago
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Kyle O’Quinn Hindering Knicks Chemistry

Knicker Blogger (bgibberman) — The New York Knicks have a Kyle O’Quinn problem. O’Quinn’s been the top option at backup center so far. Kyle has played 34 minutes this season or about 35% of New York’s first two games. Head coach Jeff Hornacek could reduce O’Quinn’s minutes by splitting the team’s center minutes between Kristaps Porzingis and Joakim Noah. If he staggers them correctly, the duo could still play...
  • 38 days ago
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Knicks 2017 Roundtable: New Guys’ Health

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — How many games do Noah and Rose each play this year? Fisher-Cohen: Derrick Rose possesses just about all the predictors of a short career — terrible injury history; poor perimeter shooting; previous success predicated on athleticism. Similar players such as Marbury, Steve Francis, Baron Davis and Penny Hardaway all were basically bench caliber players by their late 20s if they were even...
  • 42 days ago
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Knicks 2017 Roundtable: Porzingis’ Efficiency

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — Over/Under: Porzingis’ TS% .54% (last year 51.8%) Fisher-Cohen: OVER! KP’s major issues last season were stamina and the triangle offense. The triangle is hopefully pretty much gone, and the new coach has a history of success utilizing what should be Porzingis’s bread and butter: pick and pop. Frye and Markieff Morris thrived under Hornacek because he recognized the value of pick and pop,...
  • 43 days ago
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Cavs 117 Knicks 88

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — I had a change of heart last night right before tip-off. I decided to put my rational thoughts aside and buy some Knicks-colored glasses. My new outlook on life seemed perfect as the Knicks were only down by 3 at the half. And then the second half started. THE GOOD Porzingis: With 16 points on 13 shots and a couple of blocks. Yes the defensive scheme in the second half left him on an island,...
  • 44 days ago
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Knicks 2017 Roundtable: Season Wins

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — The Vegas line is 38.5, if I set it to 40.5, are you going over or under? Fisher-Cohen: The Knicks registered assists on 62.6% of their preseason field goals and finished preseason with the 5th best offense. Last season, they only assisted on 55.7% of their field goals. Unfortunately, it’s the preseason… The Kings finished with the 6th best offense. It gives me something to hope for this...
  • 45 days ago
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Knicks 2017 Rountable: Carmelo Anthony

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — Look into your crystal ball, and tell us what you see for Carmelo Anthony in 2017. Fisher-Cohen: If the team plays uptempo, Melo will benefit from the transition threes on which he thrived in his two best seasons in NY. I don’t think, unfortunately, over the course of a season, 32 year old Melo can be the guy who draws the defense and creates opportunities for others every possession. There...
  • 46 days ago
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2017 Knicks Roundtable: The Opening Day Roster

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — If you’re the GM, the roster is Melo, Noah, Rose, Porzingis, Lee, O’Quinn, Hernangomez, Jennings, Lance, and which 6 players? Kurylo: I’m going with Ndour, Randle, Baker, Kuzminskas, *sigh* Justin Holiday, and *sigh* Plumlee. Yes I would leave veterans Amundson and Sasha at the door. But then again I don’t see the Knicks seriously competing for the playoffs this year. So my thinking they...
  • 49 days ago
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Unsung Knick History – Al McGuire’s Phantom Bucket

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — This is the latest in a series of examinations into different games, events and decisions that impacted Knicks history in some way, shape or form. Stories that are not as famous as, say, “The Dunk” or Willis Reed playing Game 7, but still have a place in Knicks history, especially for die-hard fans. Here is an archive of all the stories featured so far. For a team that has been in...
  • 63 days ago
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Knicks First Preseason Game Recap: Rockets 130, Knicks 103

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — Hey Vegas, I’ll take the under. Before the game, Jeff Van Gundy said the Knicks could win 45-50 games if the starters stay healthy. Given that the starters were between -19 and -24, I’m not sure if that’s true. The obvious problem was defense, as the team gave up 68 points in the half, including a putrid 41 point second quarter. If this is what the team will look like in the...
  • 65 days ago
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That Time Earl Monroe Was Investigated for Point-Shaving for Shooting on His Own Basket

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — I figured that my latest Basketball Legends Revealed would be of interest to Knick fans, as it involved a Knick game from 1977. It’s sort of an Unsung Knick History entry, in a way. ;) You can check it out here.
  • 107 days ago
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Congratulations to Team USA and Carmelo Anthony!

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — It’s not every day (or year) that a New York Knick wins an Olympic Gold Medal. In fact, this is only the fifth time since the Olympics began allowing professional players to compete (something that the United States actually voted against allowing to happen, by the way) that a New York Knick player has won a Gold Medal (Patrick Ewing in 1992, Allan Houston in 2000, Carmelo Anthony and...
  • 109 days ago
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2016 FA Roundtable: Brandon Jennings

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — PLUGH: I really don’t like Brandon Jennings’ game. People sometimes pine over the memory of Jordan Hill being selected two slots ahead of him, but not me. Jennings has a lot of jittery, herky jerky moves and he slings up three pointers in bunches. Most of the time it’s out of the flow of the offense and totally inefficient. It’s like Jamal Crawford on acid. The Knicks reportedly wanted to...
  • 141 days ago
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2016 FA Roundtable: Willy Hernangomez and Mindaugas Kuzminskas

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — PLUGH: These are really good signs of the Knicks getting smart. I’m not sure how much Clarence Gaines had to do with the two of these signings, but WHG (or is it BHG now?) was on the radar while the team was scouting Porzingis at Sevilla. A good organization is able to fill important bench roles with quality players. It’s increasingly difficult to afford those kind of players from within the...
  • 144 days ago
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