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Wizards 111, Knicks 108: Same As It Ever Was

Knicker Blogger (Robert Silverman) — Hello, Friends. if you’ve seen any of the last eleven games, you know what happened. The new coach smell was still lingering in the rafters, but they got out (yet another) atrocious start, struggling mightily and grinding the shot clock down to the nubbin just to be able to get up a difficult, contested two point mid-range jumper, Meanwhile, the Wizards pushed off of each and every miss...
  • 4 days ago
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Searching for Derek Fisher

Knicker Blogger (Erik Judd) — Yesterday, I didn’t check Twitter. I didn’t go online, or turn on the TV. I had to work early and was sporting a hefty hangover from the Super Bowl (I’m a University of Tennessee alum, so Peyton Manning is essentially a deity for me and most of my college buddies, and him winning the Super Bowl was cause for great celebration. WAY too much celebration). After work I got home...
  • 5 days ago
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Knicks Fire Derek Fisher

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — Multiple news sources, including on social media, have reported that the New York Knicks have fired Derek Fisher. What the exact cause of the firing is unknown at this time, however the timing comes after New York has dropped 5 straight games and 9 of their last 10. From my perspective, it’s less about the wins & losses as this year is more about developing the youngsters,...
  • 6 days ago
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Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Pistons

Knicker Blogger (mikeplugh) — I had a whole premise for this quick recap at the end of the first half. It wasn’t a pretty sort of thing. Arron Afflalo opened the third quarter with a patented Kobe Bryant-in-the-post imitation, pounding the ball against a bigger defender like he could put it all the way through the Earth if only he put more into each dribble. He fumbled, turned it over, and never looked at any of his...
  • 9 days ago
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2015-16 Recap: Knicks 89, Celtics 97

Knicker Blogger (Erik Judd) — This game had all the makings of a hang-around game in which the Knicks would eventually lose. All the symptoms were there. The lethargic rotations, the 4th-quarter regression; it all conspired to knock the Knicks one notch further out of the 8th playoff spot in the East. And so it did, as the Celtics stormed out of MSG tied for the 3 seed and the Knicks retired to their apartments to regroup...
  • 11 days ago
  • Hits: 118

Warriors Historically Great, Knicks Not

Knicker Blogger (Jim Cavan) — I’ve just crossed the threshold of the Warriors’ locker room, and the first thing I see is Klay Thompson pissing on an orange and blue foam finger. This, one half the Splash Brothers later claims, was ripped off the helpless hand of a sobbing five-year-old fan. Ruthless, yes, but a breed part and parcel with Golden State’s maraudic march. “Get that action!” Draymond Green eggs his...
  • 13 days ago
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Quick Recap: Knicks vs. All the Warriors

Knicker Blogger (mikeplugh) — “A-a-a-are you a warrior? Killer? Slicin’ s*^% like a samurai. The Ol’ Northern Cali basketball…” Did you think the Knicks 1st quarter was real? LULZ. There’s is no Dana, only Zuul. Melo played valiantly, and I was proud to see the Knickerfellas playing their tails off until the last buzzer, including Sasha Vujacic who was like a marine in a bad war movie,...
  • 13 days ago
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Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Raptors

Knicker Blogger (mikeplugh) — That game will forever go down as “The Sasha Vujacic Game.” Or, it won’t. Vujacic managed 13 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 three pointers in his 24 minutes of play. Let’s hope Fisher doesn’t take that as a sign he needs more run. That could never happen, right? RIGHT? In a game that can only be described as a pre-All Star break Pre-Season game, the Knicks...
  • 16 days ago
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2015 Game Recap: Thunder 128, Knicks 122 (OT)

Knicker Blogger (Jacob S.) — Happiness equals reality minus expectations. When I found out Carmelo Anthony would miss tonight’s matchup with one of the best teams in the NBA, I hoped for a competitive game. But I didn’t expect it. I expected KD and Angry Russ, fresh off a brutal loss to the Nets, to chew us up and spit us out. Expectations are the half of that equation we should be able to control. But...
  • 18 days ago
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The Knickerblogger Podcast with Jim Cavan

Knicker Blogger (bgibberman) — Jim & I discussed why the Knicks are no longer terrible.  
  • 24 days ago
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Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Jazz

Knicker Blogger (mikeplugh) — Rodney Hood is a guy I like a lot, but he’s up and down and doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy that gives the Knicks fits. I wrote that in the game thread. Ahem. 29 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5-8 from three. The Knicks have been poor at guarding perimeter players this season, but it’s the shifty little dudes who break down the defense and get into the lane that usually torch...
  • 24 days ago
  • Hits: 138

2015-16 Recap: Knicks 95, Grizzlies 103

Knicker Blogger (Erik Judd) — [Erik sent this one in late last night. Sorry we didn’t get it up until now, Erik! – BC] It was tough to see this game going differently with Melo sitting on the bench in a 3-piece, but the Knicks made believers of us all for 3 quarters on Beale Street. Until a 17-4 run by the Grizzlies in the 4th to extend the lead to 94-79, the game had been largely a back-and-forth affair that...
  • 27 days ago
  • Hits: 101

A Little Over 16 Hours With Kristaps Porzingis

Knicker Blogger (Jim Cavan) — Happy Friday, Istas. As some of you know, I’m over at The Cauldron now. Follow us / give us page views / feed my dog. Anyway, I wrote this thing about spending 16 fictitious hours with Kristaps Porzingis. It’s a great way to kill 20 minutes of your Friday. That’s pretty much it. Hoping to rattle off a few more recaps down the stretch, so this won’t look so much like the...
  • 30 days ago
  • Hits: 162

Round Table: Knicks 2016 Midseason

Knicker Blogger (Mike Kurylo) — 1. How has the Knicks play through 41 games met, or not met, your expectations? Fisher-Cohen: They’re a little ahead of my expectations. Good health and surprising performances from some role players along with Porzingis have lifted the Knicks from less crappy to mediocre (and fun to watch!). Players like Lance Thomas and Derrick Williams, given their age and longer resumés, are probably risks...
  • 30 days ago
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Quick Recap: Knicks vs. Nets

Knicker Blogger (mikeplugh) — There’s no question the Nets smelled blood tonight with the Knicks coming off a tough back-to-back with the Celtics and a turtlenecked professor Melo on the sidelines. From the beginning the game felt like one of those affairs that would be won or lost in the waning moments of the 4th quarter. The Knicks legs looked lifeless at times, which certainly hurt Porzingis on the offensive end....
  • 31 days ago
  • Hits: 126

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