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Knicks’ new leadership team gets crash course in ‘Spurs Way’

NY Post (Marc Berman) — If this extended coaching search Knicks president Leon Rose and William Wesley have embarked on still leads to Tom Thibodeau being hired, the rest of the interviews won’t have been a waste of Zoom time. At least Rose and Wesley, who have never worked for an NBA team, got a crash course in “The Spurs...
  • 35 days ago
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Tom Thibodeau has second interview with Knicks

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Tom Thibodeau, lead candidate to coach the Knicks, had his second interview with the club via Zoom on Thursday, an NBA source confirmed. Thibodeau, a former Knicks assistant and head coach of the Bulls and Timberwolves, has the inside track on the job. Thibodeau was represented by Creative Artist Agency when Leon Rose and William...
  • 36 days ago
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Jason Kidd’s bond with Giannis Antetokounmpo adds to complicated Knicks coaching candidacy

NY Post (Marc Berman) — No one within the Knicks organization got much bothered when 10-time All-Star Jason Kidd retired. Kidd had fulfilled just one season of a three-year contract and went off to coach the Brooklyn Nets. Kidd had prospered in his short Knicks stint — a force in the locker room during that 54-28 season in 2012-13 before...
  • 39 days ago
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Meet Alex Kline, Knicks’ 26-year-old scout with makings of front-office star

NY Post (Zach Braziller) — He was all sneakers, backpack and glasses, dwarfing his slight frame. He was impossible to miss at AAU events, a high school-age kid who clearly wasn’t a player. A “cool, nerdy, little geeky guy” is the way close friend Frantz Massenat described him. But if you focused on Alex Kline, you could quickly tell he...
  • 40 days ago
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Kristaps Porzingis’ reemergence another painful Knicks reminder

NY Post (Marc Berman) — There will be nothing more painful for a Knicks fan regarding the Orlando restart than watching the Dallas Mavericks compete. The resurgent Mavericks, who owned a 40-27 record when the season was paused in March because of the coronavirus, will boast the 7-foot-3 Kristaps Porzingis – and even a rejuvenated Tim Hardaway Jr. Knicks resident...
  • 40 days ago
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How World Wide Wes became such a polarizing Knicks figure

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Last week’s Knicks press release quoted new executive VP William Wesley on his “long history with and respect for Jim Dolan.’’ Sources confirm Wesley has been in the Knicks owner’s ear for 15 years, working behind the scenes. As is his custom. A Knicks coach from the Glen Grunwald era verified the influence of “World...
  • 41 days ago
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Knicks mailbag: Devin Booker emerging as potential trade candidate

NY Post (Marc Berman) — You ask, we answer. The Post is fielding questions from readers about New York’s biggest pro sports teams and getting our beat writers to answer them in a series of regularly published mailbags. In today’s installment: the Knicks. I’m surprised no one mentions Bradley Beal as a potential future “disgruntled star” that the Knicks could...
  • 42 days ago
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Yankees’ Zack Britton: No-fan games will be a ‘challenge’

NY Post (George A. King III) — When you run through a list of reasons for a team winning a title in a shortened season, solid starting pitching, strong bullpen and deep lineup are the top three selections. Now, with MLB hoping to launch a 60-game regular season and a 10-team postseason in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic and in front...
  • 42 days ago
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Ex-Knick Marshall Plumlee takes skills from court to US Army

NY Post (Howie Kussoy) — It’s as if the Plumlees made a point not to stand apart. Marshall, Mason and Miles are neighbors in baby-name books. The three brothers are separated by less than four years in age. Each stands at least 6-foot-10. Each played at Duke. Each reached the NBA. But when each calls home to Indiana, the Plumlees’...
  • 42 days ago
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Knicks pass on NBA minicamp call to interview coaching candidates

NY Post (Marc Berman) — The Knicks were the only one of eight teams to miss an NBA conference call Thursday that proposed bringing the non-Orlando clubs to a Chicago bubble in September for voluntary minicamps/scrimmages. According to a source, the Knicks were preoccupied with coaching interviews Thursday. The source said the call was for the league’s general managers, and...
  • 43 days ago
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Stephen A. Smith adds Doc Rivers scenario to Knicks’ coach hunt

NY Post (Ted Holmlund) — The Knicks have 11 known candidates for their head coaching job, but ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith threw out another intriguing possibility. Smith said he has been “been on the record religiously” talking up Mark Jackson, one of the Knicks’ candidates. But the provocative NBA voice said he “would shove (the Jackson candidacy) aside” if they...
  • 44 days ago
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Tom Thibodeau embodies the spirit of his first mentor Bill Musselman

NY Post (Marc Berman) — In the summer of 1997 – shortly after his first full season as Knicks head coach – Jeff Van Gundy took a trip to Sarasota, Fla. with his new assistant, Tom Thibodeau. They visited Thibodeau’s first mentor, Bill Musselman, the hot-tempered, high-wired, super intense coaching icon. The former University of Minnesota coach was also the...
  • 44 days ago
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Knicks coaching candidate Jamahl Mosley lauded by George Karl

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Jamahl Mosley, a Knicks coaching candidate, is in his sixth season on Rick Carlisle’s Mavericks staff. The 41-year-old has emerged as one of the league’s top young assistants destined to take the next step. However, it was legendary coach George Karl — not Carlisle — who gave Mosley his first job in the NBA, hiring...
  • 45 days ago
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Knicks’ Kevin Knox can become ‘star’ with new coach: UK assistant

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Kevin Knox, the Knicks’ 2018 lottery pick, can use a fresh start next season — and maybe a new head coach. So says Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne, Knox’s guy in Lexington during his promising freshman year. Interim coach Mike Miller did a lot of good things in his 44-game stint. Getting the 6-foot-9 combo forward...
  • 59 days ago
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Knicks should hire Tom Thibodeau if they want to matter again

NY Post (Mike Vaccaro) — We had come to witness the dynamic dawning of a new era in sports; we had no idea what we’d get, instead, was the crashing and burning of a different era. There was a thick gallery surrounding Tiger Woods that Thursday morning, June 15, 1995. He was 19, and the defending US Amateur champion, and...
  • 61 days ago
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