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Why Frank Ntilikina got a kick out of dunking on Rudy Gobert

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — There have been few highlights on the Knicks current two-week, six-game road trip, but the most precious one came with French subtitles. Lost in the Jazz’s dominant win Saturday was Knicks point guard Frank Ntilikina driving to the basket in the first half and dunking on a pursuing Rudy Gobert, who also...
  • 19 days ago
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Mitchell Robinson itching to get back in the Knicks’ lineup

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — Knicks rookie center Mitchell Robinson would love a Hollywood return. The Knicks are 0-8 since Robinson went down with a left ankle sprain, but the exciting shot-blocker has been upgraded to questionable for Friday’s encounter versus the Lakers at Staples Center. Robinson went through most of Thursday’s practice at UCLA and ran...
  • 19 days ago
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David Fizdale wants to call in LeBron favor for Kevin Knox

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — David Fizdale won’t get the chance to see Kevin Knox face LeBron James for the first time Friday at Staples Center. But the Knicks coach hopes not to leave the arena without the 19-year-old Knox and the injured Lakers star sharing a conversation. Fizdale and James are close from their days in...
  • 19 days ago
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Breaking down futures of the Knicks’ forgotten five

NY Post (Marc Berman) — LOS ANGELES — Two weeks ago, Knicks coach David Fizdale was asked if he would start emphasizing players in the rotation who he knew would be returning next season. “Not yet,’’ Fizdale said. The new year is here and it appears Fizdale is at that point — with the Knicks’ record at 9-29, the second-worst...
  • 20 days ago
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Kevin Knox’s game is growing in ways Knicks privately doubted

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — In a recent Knicks’ player-developmental meeting among team brass, coaches and trainers, the issue of Kevin Knox’s struggles finishing around the basket arose. One Knicks strength-and-conditioning coach told the group that expecting the 19-year-old, 6-foot-9, 216-pounder to master the rugged skill of finishing through contact is unrealistic for this season. Knox’s body core...
  • 20 days ago
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Unlike Enes Kanter, Knicks vet takes his benching in stride

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — Courtney Lee is behaving like the anti-Enes Kanter. Knicks coach David Fizdale said it appears his early attempt at raising Lee’s minutes are over and the 33-year-old veteran shooting guard finds himself out of the rotation. Instead of squawking, Lee is trying to help the young guys and even mentioned staying ready in...
  • 21 days ago
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Where Enes Kanter stands after heart-to-heart with Knicks GM

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — Enes Kanter said after the Knicks’ eighth straight loss late Tuesday he met with Knicks general manager Scott Perry on New Year’s Eve for a heart-to-heart to express his frustration with the losing and his diminishing role, but clarified he has not asked to be traded. Kanter came off the bench for the...
  • 21 days ago
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Knicks inch closer to NBA’s worst record despite better effort

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — There was a throwback game from Enes Kanter, a promising offensive showing from a drive-and-attack Kevin Knox and an overall competitive zeal that saw the Knicks within four points in the final four minutes. The Knicks came back to life after Saturday’s embarrassment in Utah, leading the Nuggets after three quarters. But actually...
  • 21 days ago
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‘Amazing’ snow, return soon: Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson is learning

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — Mitchell Robinson hasn’t played on this six-game western trip, but it’s still been a journey of firsts. In Utah, the 20-year-old rookie center saw snow in person for the first time. In Denver on New Year’s Eve, he experienced his first snowfall. He’s not your typical NBA rookie. “Yeah. It was my first...
  • 21 days ago
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David Fizdale getting some hope from Nuggets’ rise

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — The Nuggets haven’t made the playoffs for five straight years. Now Denver has the best record in the Western Conference at 23-11. It has built mostly through the draft, with one decent free-agent signing in power forward Paul Millsap and keeping with a solid head coach in native New Yorker/ex-Knicks assistant Mike Malone....
  • 22 days ago
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Greatest year in city sports could never be appreciated in its time

NY Post (Mike Vaccaro) — Fifty years ago this morning, New Yorkers nursing their New Year’s Eve hangovers snapped open their morning papers and were greeted by a couple of interesting things. In all of the dailies, Diners Fugazy Travel — with 13 branches conveniently located all across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — ran an advertisement shouting: “SUPER...
  • 22 days ago
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The pain won’t go away entirely from NYC sports world in 2019

NY Post (Mike Vaccaro) — Look, we are realists here at The Post, same as you are. We do not suffer fools gladly, and we do not merrily accept our present lot in life, which is to look at the current sporting scene and want to invent a cocktail of Alka-Seltzer and Pepto-Bismol. Yes, that’s pretty gross but, then, we...
  • 22 days ago
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A frustrated Enes Kanter isn’t requesting a trade — yet

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — The snow fell hard in this Rocky Mountain city on New Year’s Eve and an Enes Kanter avalanche could be coming in the New Year. Before Monday’s film session, Knicks coach David Fizdale addressed the team about understanding their playing-time frustrations, but asked them to try to refrain from expressing it publicly. Following...
  • 22 days ago
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Enes Kanter’s clash with Knicks is only getting started

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER — Enes Kanter vs. the Knicks is just beginning. With Kanter finally letting out his bottled-up feelings, there’s probably only one logical solution — the Knicks center’s departure from the roster in either a trade or buyout. It couldn’t be more obvious that Knicks coach David Fizdale has no use for Kanter any longer....
  • 23 days ago
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Knicks guard determined to not let injury spoil Denver return

NY Post (Marc Berman) — DENVER – It was fitting Emmanuel Mudiay left Saturday’s epic blowout loss in Utah with a sprained ankle. Ankle sprains were a part of his sour three seasons with the Nuggets and the Knicks were set to play them on New Year’s Day. Mudiay said in the dour visitor’s locker room in Salt Lake City...
  • 23 days ago
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