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Will the Knicks Find Stability in the Backcourt This Season?

The Knicks Wall (Eli Cohen) — The Knicks have a crowded backcourt with NBA players seeking sizable minutes this upcoming season. David Fizdale has his hands full. Though you might not know it if you’ve only followed New York’s offseason on Twitter, the Knicks’ biggest logjam entering the year isn’t the power forward spot, but rather the backcourt. Dennis Smith Jr., […] The post Will the...
  • 308 days ago
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Knicks Gaming Win Second Pick in 2K League Draft

The Knicks Wall (Lawrence Scotti) — The 2019 2K League draft has been kind to the struggling franchise.  After a disappointing season, Knicks Gaming were rewarded with the second pick in the upcoming 2K League draft. The Knicks had a 15% chance at the first pick, tied with Lakers Gaming and Pistons GT, the other bottom two teams in the league—sound […] The post Knicks Gaming Win Second Pick in 2K League Draft appeared...
  • 310 days ago
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Would Moving NBA Free Agency Before the Draft Stop Tampering?

The Knicks Wall (Reid Goldsmith) — The NBA is exploring ways to prevent tampering between players, agents, and teams. Changing the offseason schedule could help. Five months ago I challenged The Knicks Wall readers with an idea about whether abolishing the NBA draft would benefit the New York Knicks or not. That proposition was never strongly considered among league elites Adam […] The post Would Moving NBA Free Agency...
  • 311 days ago
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“Protect the Garden”: Notes from Knicks Training Camp

The Knicks Wall (Kyle Maggio) — With training camp underway, the new-look Knicks aim to craft a new identity on the court and establish a winning brand of basketball. At the Knicks practice facility in Tarrytown today, one quote stood out from the rest. When the newest Knick Marcus Morris was asked what he would like the team’s identity to be, […] The post “Protect the Garden”: Notes from Knicks...
  • 311 days ago
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Projecting the Knicks’ Opening Night Starting Lineup

The Knicks Wall (Nick Scolaro) — David Fizdale and the Knicks have several positional battles, like at small forward, to decide before finalizing the team’s starting lineup. It was a largely underwhelming offseason for the Knickerbockers, as they struck out on the available superstar free agents. Ultimately, the Knicks’ summer was characterized more by quantity as opposed to quality. They added […] The post ...
  • 312 days ago
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Are the New York Knicks Ready to Add a Superstar?

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — Knowing when to call “all in” and push your chips forward is a delicate waiting game, requiring patience for the Knicks in the near future. Another October, another season of tempered expectations for the New York Knicks.  Unlike past seasons, the Knicks have taken a step forward and improved on last season’s 17-65 group. The […] The post Are the New York Knicks Ready to...
  • 313 days ago
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Podcast: Reports from Knicks Media Day 2019

The Knicks Wall (Anthony Corbo) — Anthony Corbo asks Kyle Maggio about being on the ground at the 2019-20 Knicks Media Day and gets his reactions to some of the stand-out quotes from the day. TIMESTAMPS (05:38) Fizdale/Mills/Perry on Knicks culture (13:03) How would RJ react to being shuffled around in the rotation? (27:23) Did Mitchell Robinson factor into Julius Randle’s […] The post Podcast: Reports from...
  • 313 days ago
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Who Deserves the Knicks’ Second Two-Way Contract?

The Knicks Wall (Ty Jordan) — Scott Perry’s team is missing a two-way deal player alongside Kadeem Allen. Here are the four Westchester Knicks-bound contenders. With training camp set to start this week, the New York Knicks are in flux as almost all spots in the rotation are up for grabs. While they already have 15 players guaranteed to make the […] The post Who Deserves the Knicks’ Second Two-Way...
  • 314 days ago
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Julius Randle, Dennis Smith Jr. Hope to Provide All-Star Talent Punch

The Knicks Wall (Kyle Maggio) — The Knicks have two talented young players in Julius Randle and Dennis Smith Jr., the latter of whom will have a full season ahead. The Knicks didn’t sign any All-Stars, but they’re hoping a couple of players on the roster can develop into them. Yeah, yeah, we know. The Knicks whiffed in free agency with […] The post Julius Randle, Dennis Smith Jr. Hope to Provide All-Star Talent Punch...
  • 314 days ago
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Knicks Brass Laud ‘Grittiness’ of Team, Downplay Offseason Disappointments

The Knicks Wall (Kyle Maggio) — Speaking publicly for the first time since July, Knicks brass Steve Mills and Scott Perry explained their vision for the team this season. Winning more games.  That’s the message the Knicks’ front office brass sent Monday morning in Tarrytown at the team’s Media Day. While neither team president Steve Mills nor general manager Scott Perry […] The post Knicks Brass Laud...
  • 315 days ago
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Applying Frank Ntilikina’s Surprising FIBA Performance to Next Season

The Knicks Wall (Zach Locascio) — Long-term interest in Knicks third-year guard Frank Ntilikina perked up with a solid international performance in the FIBA World Cup. Last year, G League guard Kadeem Allen received more consistent playing time than the Knicks’ sophomore lottery pick, Frank Ntilikina. While Ntilikina has clear advantages on the court due to his defense and length, his […] The post Applying Frank...
  • 315 days ago
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Former Knick Lance Thomas Signs With Crosstown Rival Nets

The Knicks Wall (Sam DiGiovanni) — Once the Knicks’ longest-tenured player, free agent forward Lance Thomas officially signed with the Brooklyn Nets on Friday. After four-plus seasons with the New York Knicks, 31-year-old forward Lance Thomas has agreed to a deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Rumor of this signing was first reported by SNY’s Ian Begley and confirmed this morning by […] The post Former Knick Lance...
  • 318 days ago
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TKW All-Time Team: 2010’s Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Harley Geffner) — The 2010’s are almost at a close, and it was a decade mostly encapsulated by Carmelo Anthony and the team’s failure to build around the star. This week at The Knicks Wall, we’re celebrating Decades Week. Using our latest app, the All-Time Team Creator, plus our own knowledge of the past, we’re creating the best, brashest, […] The post TKW All-Time Team: 2010’s Knicks ...
  • 318 days ago
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TKW All-Time Team: 2000’s Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Eli Cohen) — The 2000’s Knicks were characterized by bad trades and barely functional basketball after a decade of success. Who was at fault? This week at The Knicks Wall, we’re celebrating Decades Week. Using our latest app, the All-Time Team Creator, plus our own knowledge of the past, we’re creating the best, brashest, and most celebrated lineups with […] The post TKW All-Time Team: 2000’s...
  • 319 days ago
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Podcast: Season Preview – The Most Pressing Questions on the 2019-20 Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Anthony Corbo) — Season 4 baby!! Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio return to The Knicks Wall Podcast with their 2019-20 Knicks season preview, going through the biggest questions on each of their minds before training camp begins. TIMESTAMPS Questions include: (4:48) Is this team still destined for the beginning of the lottery? (11:19) Where should we stand on […] The post Podcast: Season Preview – The...
  • 319 days ago
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