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New York Knicks 106 – Cleveland Cavaliers 86 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — “It’s like raaaaaaaiiin on a wedding day It’s a freeeee riiiide that you just didn’t pay It’s Dolan’s Raaaaazor with no beard to shave It’s a 20 point win when no one cares” Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Stomach ailments, also. I was thinking about this while watching this awful bore of a blowout trying to keep my breakfast into my...
  • 130 days ago
  • Hits: 263

Phoenix Suns 121 – New York Knicks 98 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — I wish I possessed the (basic) Photoshop skills to make a montage of the Scooby Doo meme – you know the one – where Shaggy goes to unmask Mike Miller and finds that, behind the polite middle manager mask, it was David Fizdale all along. That’s how depressing this game was, Seriously, if I showed you the whole footage of the game, only removing date and sideline shots, you all...
  • 134 days ago
  • Hits: 129

NY Post: Kenny Wooten set up for Knicks chance in two-way contract shuffle

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — Berman reports, “The Knicks have paved the way for shot-blocking power forward Kenny Wooten to get some time in the NBA. The Knicks are waiving Ivan Rabb, their two-way contract player, an NBA source confirmed. That will allow the Knicks to now sign Wooten, already a member of the Westchester Knicks, to a two-way deal. Wooten starred at summer league after being undrafted out or Oregon...
  • 138 days ago
  • Hits: 202

New Orleans Pelicans 123 – New York Knicks 111 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — This might be remembered as the point where Mike Miller’s shine (?) wore off for good. You know I loudly advocated for Fizdale to be fired and Miller to be promoted, and of course it was the right move to make. There’s no denying that the team is playing better, that we’ve seen a more coherent and entertaining product on the court, and that Miller is having his share of...
  • 140 days ago
  • Hits: 111

New York Knicks 132 – Los Angeles Clippers 135 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — Sometimes, a loss is a loss is a loss. Sometimes, a loss is a great loss. While the eternal child that resides in me always (always) hopes for a fat W when the Knicks play, there’s something to be said about my adult, cynical, bashed-by-life-where-shit-happens self not wanting the Knicks to win this one even when the game was close in the last moments. You see, winning is never...
  • 146 days ago
  • Hits: 150

Portland Trail Blazers 98 – New York Knicks 117 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Carmelo Anthony ends up as the leading scorer of a whole game, on a fairly efficient night (26 points on 17 shots) but the team he’s playing for loses the game badly; then you go and check the boxscore a bit more and notice that Melo has zero assists for the night, and you think back at the game and realize that Melo was pretty much a lone...
  • 149 days ago
  • Hits: 239

NY Post: How Knicks’ Mike Miller is making David Fizdale defenders look bad

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — Berman doing a little more work for Mills, throwing Fizdale under the bus a little more after the bus left the station weeks ago: There are still some excuses you can offer David Fizdale. The last five games he coached with the Knicks, he faced title contenders in Philly, Boston, Toronto, Milwaukee and Denver. Fizdale did not have starting point guard Elfrid Payton, part of the recent...
  • 153 days ago
  • Hits: 271

New York Knicks 94 – Brooklyn Nets 82 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — I’ve started building my new Lego 1989 Batmobile. It’s made by 3306 pieces total, and I’m probably at 1700 after 6.5 hours of work. Honestly, it’s a total blast. The finished product will be so frigging huge. I couldn’t be more happy; I’m actually a grown kid, you give me food and/or games as gits and I’m the happiest person in the world. Anyway, near...
  • 155 days ago
  • Hits: 108

Washington Wizards 121 – New York Knicks 115 – Perry Christmills everyone

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — I don’t know if I’ve already told you this: I’m color blind. My color blindness isn’t severe (I’m not seeing the world in black and white, and I can actually get right even some “advanced” nuances, such as lilac or fuchsia), but nonetheless here and there it pops up, especially related to green/brown and blue/purple mix and matches. It’s not like...
  • 159 days ago
  • Hits: 115

SNY.com: Mike Miller makes first change to longtime rotation at PG spot in Knicks’ loss to Bucks

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — Sorry for the lack of game thread last night, folks. As you, I am sure, noticed, the site had some issues last night. Anyhow, I figured we should have a new thread either way, so let’s go with SNY.com’s Coby Green on the inevitable move of Elfrid Payton to the starting lineup: As the Knicks continue to figure out their point guard rotation this season, Mike Miller made his first...
  • 160 days ago
  • Hits: 114

New York Knicks 105 – Denver Nuggets 111 – Miller’s first five games Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — It’s cool seeing that the guys still have some fight in them, even if they don’t end up with a win. After a winning effort in Sacramento, they followed up with another great second half, especially in the third quarter, that was nullified thanks to a completely ice-cold stretch in the last 6 minutes of the game. Mike Miller is apparently doing a decent job, even while making some...
  • 166 days ago
  • Hits: 142

SNY.com: Sources: Knicks keeping an eye on options to improve roster as trade season approaches

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — Ian Begley continues his standout debut season at SNY.com: We’re basically a week away from the unofficial start to the trade season. On Dec. 15, players who signed contracts as free agents can be moved. As that date approaches, the Knicks (4-18) are keeping an eye on potential moves that would improve the team, per SNY sources familiar with the matter. According to various reports,...
  • 173 days ago
  • Hits: 385

Indiana Pacers 104 – New York Knicks 103 – Game Recap

Knicker Blogger (Farfa) — And so it is Just like you said it would be Life goes easy on me Most of the time And so it is The shorter story No love, no glory No hero in her sky Good riddance, Fiz. I think you won’t be missed round here. *** At last! A hard-fought game. A brutal, excruciating loss on a failed free throw attempt, but nevertheless 48 minutes of eminently watchable basketball at MSG. A few well...
  • 175 days ago
  • Hits: 151

The Mike Miller Era Begins: Knicks vs. Pacers

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — Remember, Jeff Van Gundy’s Knicks lost in his first game, so this might not matter! Let’s go, Knicks!
  • 175 days ago
  • Hits: 116

Knicks Hire Mike Miller As Their New Interim Head Coach

Knicker Blogger (Brian Cronin) — Shams has the news first. Former NBA journeyman Keith Bogans is also getting promoted from the Knicks’ G-League coaching staff to join Miller’s coaching staff (presumably to fill in the Keith Smart shooting coach position). Miller is a former G-League Coach of the Year and becomes the third G-League Coach of the Year to become an NBA Head Coach. The two other ones are Quin Snyder...
  • 176 days ago
  • Hits: 155

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