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Place Your Bets: 2017-2018 NBA Over/Under win totals, Thunder earmarked for 50 win season

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (Dom Flaim) — With the start of training camp within view, the Bovada sports book has released its season win total over/unders for the NBA. The west as a whole looks deep, with Portland at 8th and 42.5 wins and four 50 plus win teams. It should be another grueling season out west, while the east’s teams seem to weaken once again. Sorted by division (thanks to ESPN) Eastern Conference Atlantic ...
  • 230 days ago
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Sounds of Thunder: The Dog Daze of Thunder

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (R.K. Anthony) — after an eventful summer, it’s time to take a breath and look forward to an exciting season. After a 4 month whirlwind of off-season activity, things have finely quieted down in Thunder Nation. There really is no need to go over the brilliant summer Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti put together, but I’m bored and it’s too fun to not take a quick peek at the timeline and make a few...
  • 237 days ago
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Thunder Rumors: Indiana Pacers to file tampering charges against Los Angeles Lakers involving Paul George

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (Dom Flaim) — Did the Lakers make illegal contact with Oklahoma City’s newest standout? Per Peter Vescey, the Indiana Pacers front office is looking into filing league tampering charges against the Los Angeles Lakers for their involvement with Paul George . NBA investigating Lakers 4 purported tampering w PGeorge. Independent law firm handling interviews of Buss, Magic. https://t.co/MnaPpaFUJh ...
  • 241 days ago
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Top 10 must-watch games of the 2017-18 Thunder season

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (Jackson Frank) — The 2017-18 regular season schedule released Monday. What games should Thunder fans anticipate most? After Christmas Day and opening week matchups were released earlier this week, the NBA made public the entirety of its schedule for the upcoming season on Monday. The Thunder are poised to contend for a top seed in the West, and this brings no dearth of high-profile games. Here's a look at...
  • 245 days ago
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Sounds of Thunder: The 2017/18 Oklahoma City Thunder Schedule Review

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (R.K. Anthony) — Breaking down the Thunder schedule month-by-month: Part 1: October thru December Each August, I look at the new schedule release with both anticipation and trepidation, and ask myself these questions: “How many back-to-back games will the Oklahoma City Thunder endure?” “Long road trips?” “The gauntlets of tough teams streamed together?” “Home stands?” At this point, I know of a few...
  • 245 days ago
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Quick Rundown: Dribble notes on the latest Oklahoma City Thunder news

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (JonathanJBates) —  The latest Thunder offseason news and rumors. Also, glaring questions to be answered before the season starts. Quick dribbles on the Oklahoma City Thunder as we prepare for the regular season. Thunder Buddies Recently, new Thunder teammates Russell Westbrook and Paul George worked out together for the first time in California, according to Royce Young of ESPN. In...
  • 247 days ago
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Oklahoma City Thunder 17-18 regular season schedule revealed

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (joshua broom) — The Thunder open their 17-18 campaign Oct 19 vs. New York Following months of anticipation, the 2017-18 regular season calendar is set for Oklahoma City Thunder basketball. Oklahoma City begins its 82-game slate with an Oct 19 home debut vs. the New York Knicks . Last season, OKC swept their Eastern Conference rival 2-0. This contest is followed by back-to-back division battles opposite...
  • 247 days ago
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Oklahoma City Thunder Off-season Whiteboard trade scenario to obtain Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (Robert_Mitchell) — Kevin Love, Goodbye Stache Bros, and Presti Swinging for the Fences The NBA dog days of August are now upon all NBA fans, and most all the prominent news and off season moves have been reported and discussed—more than likely entirely too much. After one of the most incredible summers in recent memory, NBA fans are all exhausted, fingers cramped and non-functional from refreshing Twitter,...
  • 252 days ago
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Oklahoma City Thunder offseason moves ranked third-best by NBA.com

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (joshua broom) — With big-league additions, the Thunder ranks high on NBA.com’s annual offseason ratings Following a summer of convincing upgrades, the Oklahoma City Thunder ranks third on NBA.com’s list of offseason personnel growth factors. During his yearly valuation of each NBA franchises’ summer moves, veteran league reporter David Aldridge heralded Oklahoma City’s latest acquisitions and...
  • 253 days ago
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Thunder trade rumors: is Carmelo Anthony in play?

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (J.A. Sherman) — A new rumor indicates that OKC may try and grab the aging scorer to make one big playoff push. Carmelo Anthony , the New York Knicks ’ long-time anchor who has been rumored to be on the move to the Houston Rockets for the past week, may have another suitor. According to The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, Sam Presti may have a hand in the game: Have a scoop - OKC and Carmelo are officially...
  • 268 days ago
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Oklahoma City Thunder sign Raymond Felton to one-year deal

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (joshua broom) — The 6’1 veteran point guard looks to fill a major hole this season with Oklahoma City The summer of Presti continued Friday as the Oklahoma City Thunder signed veteran Raymond Felton to a one-year contract. Felton, a 12-season NBA mainstay, fills an immediate reserve point guard need for the Thunder. Throughout Russell Westbrook’s MVP campaign, Oklahoma City collapsed whenever the...
  • 285 days ago
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Oklahoma City Thunder WTLC Q&A: How likely is Billy Donovan to bolt for Ohio State?

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (joshua broom) — Why Billy Donovan could return to NCAA glory; plus Orlando Summer League information Following Thad Matta’s recent dismissal from Ohio State, rumors suggest that Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach Billy Donovan could leave OKC to replace Matta at the struggling NCAA powerhouse. Yet, after consecutive playoff appearances for Donovan, is this narrative simply hearsay, or is there validity...
  • 316 days ago
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