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Sounds of Thunder: Carmelo Anthony will make every Oklahoma City Thunder job better

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (R.K. Anthony) — Every single one. I don’t care if you are the reigning NBA MVP or just a humble blogger, an All-Star looking for a new start, or a grizzled veteran looking for the brass ring, if you do anything related to the Thunder , your job just got better. From Clay Bennett on down, it doesn’t matter — bringing Carmelo Anthony to Oklahoma City just made your world a better place to live in....
  • 357 days ago
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Ticket prices for Thunder home games skyrocket with Carmelo Anthony’s introduction

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (David-Scott) — Melo’s entrance into OKC has both fans and the ticket market excited, generating a boom for the Thunder’s home game ticket value. The past few days have been nothing but excitement for OKC fans and NBA fans alike. With Anthony’s trade to Oklahoma City, the Thunder ’s home ticket market has skyrocketed. Chris Leyden, a site analyst from SeatGeek, explained the hike in home resale...
  • 359 days ago
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The WTLC ‘Welcome Carmelo Anthony’ roundtable discussion

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (R.K. Anthony) — Melo is on his way; the WTLC staff weighs in on what we may be in for. What was your initial reaction when you heard the Thunder had acquired Carmelo Anthony ? Mark Bruty: I’m excited. Not just for Carmelo Anthony the basketball player, but for what this means for OKC as a city and as a franchise. Having someone actively drop their no-trade clause is HUGE for the Thunder. We haven’t...
  • 361 days ago
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Oklahoma City Thunder Carmelo Anthony Loud Links trade edition

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (joshua broom) — The one with the Carmelo Anthony trade. Plus, a goodbye to Enes Kanter, and a weird Trey Burke scenario The Oklahoma City Thunder acquire Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks: As training camp nears, Sam Presti bookended offseason 17’ with two surprise moves, the latter of which netted disillusioned former New York star Carmelo Anthony. From June 30 through the second day of Autumn...
  • 363 days ago
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Oklahoma City Thunder Add Carmelo Anthony to 2017/18 Roster

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (R.K. Anthony) — breaking news, the Thunder and Knicks have come to terms on deal for Carmelo Anthony Just when you thought it was safe to make your Thunder player collage, Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti does it again. Carmelo Anthony will be wearing Thunder blue this season. According to ESPN’s NBA rumor guru, Adrian Wojnarowski, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the New York Knicks have come to...
  • 363 days ago
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Sounds of Thunder: Oklahoma City Thunder 10th Training Camp to begin September 26th

SBN: Welcome to Loud City (R.K. Anthony) — Thunder set to begin season with new faces, a few injury issues, and a new focus on “the bedrock of stuff”. It is difficult to imagine that the Thunder are on the cusp of kicking off their 10th season in Oklahoma City. Time passes quickly when you enjoy something and the Thunder have brought more than their share of joy in this past decade. But ten years? Already? It's official, the...
  • 363 days ago
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