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Kings Fandom: An Existential Dilemma

SBN (adambeddawi) — In light of the Kings’ current standing, it might be important to reassess what it means to be a fan of this team. Every year as the dust begins to settle on the NBA season, teams are forced to wrestle with their place in the NBA hierarchy. For many teams, that becomes a fun development. Some, like this year’s Utah Jazz , Boston Celtics , or Milwaukee Bucks , realize a place in the league...
  • 292 days ago
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The Yetisburg Address: 2016-17 Week 21

SBN (Aykis16) — It was a fun week for those who enjoy hard-nosed basketball, not so much for those clamoring for ping-pong balls. The NBA should do something about that. What started out as a rough week with two bad losses to the Bucks and Warriors ended on a positive note, as the Kings strung together back-to-back one point victories over the L.A. Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies . The Kings...
  • 297 days ago
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Pick Watch 2017

SBN (Babygiraffe) — Keeping track of the mess. The Sacramento Kings have perhaps the most complicated draft scenario in the entire league. As such, we thought it would be best if we had somewhere where we could track everything at once and keep you up to date as the season goes on. So add this to your bookmarks, or just check out the front page of Sactown Royalty when you need to as we will have this pinned...
  • 325 days ago
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The Kings are seeking a first round pick for Darren Collison

SBN (Tony Xypteras) — Good. Happy trade deadline day, y’all! Let’s roll. Awesome NBA man David Aldridge is reporting this morning that the Sacramento Kings are, indeed, fielding offers for veteran point guard Darren Collison . Many teams covet Sacramento's Darren Collison, but Kings holding firm for now on first-round pick in return. — David Aldridge (@daldridgetnt) February 23, 2017 Sean Deveney...
  • 330 days ago
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Who is Langston Galloway?

SBN (Babygiraffe) — Where there’s a will, there’s a Galloway An oft-ignored player in the blockbuster trade that sent Omri Casspi and DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans is Langston Galloway. With Buddy Hield and the first round pick being the centerpiece, and Tyreke Evans a hometown favorite returning, it’s easy to overlook the young guard that the Kings acquired. NBA Journey Sacramento’s newest...
  • 330 days ago
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Sacramento Kings’ valuation tops $1 billion for first time

SBN (Aykis16) — Business is booming. Every year, Forbes releases its annual list of NBA franchise valuations. The NBA is doing very well for itself thanks to increased viewership and a new, lucrative television deal. Since Vivek Ranadivé’s ownership coalition bought the Kings in 2013 for $535 million, the franchise valuation has gone up each and every year. This year, the valuation has grown to $1.08...
  • 338 days ago
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Morning Conversation: This is DeMarcus Cousins

SBN (Tony Xypteras) — We’ve seen this all before. If you’ve been watching the Sacramento Kings throughout the DeMarcus Cousins era, you’re used to the insanity that ensued during the second half of last nights 112-107 loss to the Chicago Bulls . It’s par for the Sacramento Kings course, really. I won’t speak for everyone, but I am certainly desensitized to games like that. It feels like they happen every...
  • 346 days ago
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DeMarcus Cousins isn’t eligible for a no-trade clause

SBN (Greg Wissinger) — With the full CBA available, we know it won’t be included in Cousins’ next contract It’s been reported since mid-January that the Sacramento Kings may be including a no-trade clause into DeMarcus Cousins’ upcoming contract extension. That’s counter to the pre-existing CBA, which stipulated that no-trade clauses could not be written into contract extensions, unless the clause was present in...
  • 351 days ago
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Kings vs Hornets Preview: Ignore the Buzz, Avoid the Sting

SBN (W. Griffith) — After another heart breaker, the Kings have to pick up the pieces and move on quickly to beating Kemba Walker and the Charlotte Hornets. After the Heartbreak Kings reared their ugly heads for the umpteenth time this season in an overtime loss to the Indiana Pacers , the Kings franchise and the fans are left wondering: How much more of this can we take? For every two steps forward it’s...
  • 356 days ago
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