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2017 NBA Free Agency: Kings talking to Dion Waiters, interested in Bojan Bogdanovic, out on Millsap

SBN (Greg) — Rumors! Speculation! Meetings! We’ve got some hot Sacramento Kings free agent rumors for you, fresh out of the oven. The Kings are meeting with Dion Waiters , interested in Bojan Bogdanovic , and out on Paul Millsap . In addition to the Heat, Dion Waiters is talking with the Knicks, Bulls and Kings, reports @flasportsbuzz . — Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) July 1, 2017 This...
  • 202 days ago
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Free Agent Options: Wing Edition

SBN (Babygiraffe) — With Rudy Gay gone, the Kings need a new starting Small Forward. Small forward is the biggest need for Sacramento walking into the offseason. The Kings may not have a small forward on their roster right now as Justin Jackson may end up playing more of a SG/SF combo rather than a fulltime wing. Although we have 745 shooting guards currently signed, and a few who can step into an emergency...
  • 204 days ago
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NBA Draft: Kings trade 10th pick to Portland for picks 15 and 20

SBN (Greg) — We have a trade! The Sacramento Kings have traded the 10th pick in the NBA Draft to the Portland Trail Blazers for the 15th and 20th picks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. There was no clear pick for the Kings at 10, so they Kings put off making the decision and picked up additional assets. Sacramento is trading the No. 10 pick to Portland for Nos. 15 and 20 in draft, league...
  • 211 days ago
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NBA Draft Rumors: Lakers are considering drafting De’Aaron Fox with the #2 pick

SBN (Tony Xypteras) — What will the Kings do if De’Aaron Fox is off the board? Just when you thought the top-2 picks in the 2017 NBA Draft were locked in, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders reported that the Lakers are not completely sold on drafting Lonzo Ball , and are still considering De’Aaron Fox at #2. As of this afternoon Lakers still have not committed to Lonzo Ball (not uncommon) and indicated...
  • 212 days ago
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NBA Draft Rumors: The Kings are fielding offers for the 10th pick from multiple teams

SBN (Tony Xypteras) — Let’s the madness commence! Buried in Chad Ford’s most recent mock draft, ESPN’s draft expert reported that multiple teams are trying to land the 10th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft , currently held by your Sacramento Kings . Via Chad Ford, ESPN - It's also worth noting that a number of teams are trying to trade for this pick from the Kings, including the Lakers , Spurs and Knicks...
  • 212 days ago
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Kings and Knicks have discussed a Kristaps Porzingis trade

SBN (Tony Xypteras) — Sacramento could use a Unicorn. Unless you’ve been living under a basketball-free rock for the last 24 hours, you’re probably familiar with the revelation that the Knicks are a disaster, and are fielding offers for 3-6-Latvia himself, Kristaps Porzingis . Our very own Baby Giraffe detailed why the Kings should be calling the Knicks about trading for Kristaps Porzingis , and it appears...
  • 212 days ago
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Kings Should be Pursuing Kristaps Porzingis

SBN (Babygiraffe) — The Latvian Unicorn may be on the trade block. In a shocking, and frankly unsurprisingly foolish manuever, Phil Jackson has made his young star, Kristaps Porzingis , available in trade talks. The rumors surrounding the seven foot freak began circulating last night, but they were somewhat overshadowed by the actual trades that took place as well as the assumption that New York was...
  • 212 days ago
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Royal Round Table: Draft Edition

SBN (Babygiraffe) — Examining different possibilities on Thursday night. In just under a couple of days the future of our organization will either take a huge step forward or continue its depressing slide into basketball oblivion. Holding the 5th, 10th, and 34th picks, the Kings have the most valuable combination of draft picks, and if the Front Office can hit a couple of home runs, this rebuild will be...
  • 214 days ago
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Could Frank Ntilikina be in play for the 10th pick?

SBN (Greg) — The Kings have scouted the Strasbourg point guard extensively. When the Sacramento Kings expected to be picking 8th and 10th, international point guard Frank Ntilikina was a common pick for the Kings in mock drafts. After jumping to 5th thanks to the lottery and pick swaps, most mocks have Ntilikina off the board before the Kings pick at 10. A lot can change between now and the actual...
  • 243 days ago
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The 5th pick has a mixed history

SBN (Greg) — The 5th pick has yielded Hall of Famers and total busts Now that we know the Sacramento Kings will have the 5th pick in the 2016 NBA Draft , it’s worth taking a look at what that draft position has yielded historically. I’ll be honest, it’s a mixed bag. There are some first-ballot Hall of Famers, and there are some massive busts. Year Player Drafted By 1980 James Ray...
  • 248 days ago
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Post-Lottery Mock Draft Roundup

SBN (Tony Xypteras) — Bless you, ping-pong ball gods. The NBA Draft Lottery was held last night , and for the first time in what feels like forever, the ping-pong balls... ponged? in Sacramento’s favor. The Kings headed into the lottery with the 8th and 10th picks in the 2017 NBA Draft, but due to convoluted and not-worth-the-time-it-would-take-to-explain lottery results, the Kings’ 8th picked turned into...
  • 248 days ago
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Lessons to be learned from other recent rebuilds

SBN (Babygiraffe) — Examining other post-star journeys. In February of this past year, Vlade Divac and Vivek Ranadive came to the inevitable conclusion that a bottom-up rebuild was the only realistic path to avoiding another decade in the doldrums of league mediocrity and media ridicule. DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi were shipped away, Matt Barnes was cut, the young guns were given the reigns, and...
  • 251 days ago
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The MailSac: Anxious about the Draft

SBN (Aykis16) — As we take readers’ questions, everyone seems to be focused on the upcoming draft. Yesterday, you asked a bunch of questions. Today, I try my best to answer them. Sorry if I didn’t get to your question, some of them I just didn’t have a good answer for and some of them were too broad. Q: Suppose the Kings don’t draft a SF, what should we do to deal with the SF position? -...
  • 256 days ago
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Sacramento Kings joining NBA 2K eSports League

SBN (Greg) — The Kings have generally been more successful in my NBA2K experiences than in real life The Sacramento Kings announced that they will be part of the innaugural season of the NBA 2K eSports league. The league will involve 5-on-5 teams of players using personally designed players, so the participants won’t be forced to play with the current Sacramento Kings roster, they’ll just be...
  • 260 days ago
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The Yetisburg Address: 2016-17 Year End

SBN (Aykis16) — The tale of two different seasons. What a season it was. Despite the team missing out on the playoffs for the 11th straight season, it might have been the most impactful in that time because the Kings finally showed they weren’t too scared to press the reset button, for better or worse. The High Post It’s weird to feel more optimistic about this team after seeing them go 8-17 after a huge...
  • 278 days ago
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