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Rumor: Mark Jackson “hot name” to be Knicks next head coach

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — Jackson would be an easy sell to fans as a former star player. And an easy sell to any cantankerous owners who may have a say.
  • 2 days ago
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  • 2 days ago
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Barack and Michelle Obama have become Knicks fans, Craig Robinson says

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Former president's brother-in-law works for Knicks, acknowledges family still supports Bulls
  • 7 days ago
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  • 17 days ago
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Knicks giving Frank Ntilikina extended look at two guard down stretch

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — Ntilikina has been a much better spot up shooter than pick-and-roll man this season.
  • 19 days ago
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Report: Warriors, Timberwolves, Thunder interested in Joakim Noah if he is bought out by Knicks

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — The Knicks would love Noah to think there are good landing spots for him if he agrees to a buyout.
  • 27 days ago
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  • 29 days ago
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Bradley Beal bounces ball off floor to self for dunk – in four-point game with minute left (video)

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Wizards guard oozing confidence after (eventually) shutting down Knicks' Tim Hardaway Jr.
  • 35 days ago
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  • 37 days ago
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  • 38 days ago
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  • 39 days ago
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Kemba Walker replaces Kristaps Porzingis in All-Star game

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Andre Drummond replaces Knicks star in skills challenge
  • 42 days ago
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