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NBC Sports/Rotoworld NBA Draft preview show and mock draft

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — With the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, the New Orleans Pelicans’ select… Zion Williamson. That’s just obvious. Then the Grizzlies will take Ja Morant second, and the Knicks — or whoever has the pick by draft night — will take R.J. Barrett. Then things get interesting. I joined Rotoworld’s Tommy Beer and Steve
  • 2 days ago
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Report: Knicks exercising Allonzo Trier’s team option

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Knicks close off cap space that could potentially be necessary for second max player
  • 3 days ago
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R.J. Barrett works out for Knicks, “This is the place I want to be”

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — For Barrett to get what he wants, the Knicks have to hold on to the third pick.
  • 7 days ago
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Report: Anthony Davis focused on Lakers, Knicks as preferred destination

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — This feels like Anthony Davis and his team/agent trying to assert control over the process.
  • 7 days ago
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Report: Knicks confident they’ll get meeting with Kawhi Leonard

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — New York's star search extends beyond Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
  • 9 days ago
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Knicks president Mills says Porzingis threatened to return to Europe if not traded in seven days

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — Porzingis could go back to Europe and chill, but could not play there while under an NBA contract.
  • 26 days ago
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  • 26 days ago
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Knicks Frank Ntilikina reportedly wants to be traded, switches agents

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — Frank Ntilikina has no real future with the Knicks.
  • 28 days ago
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Report: Pelicans not high on Knicks forward Kevin Knox

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — New York wants to trade for Anthony Davis
  • 31 days ago
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Report: Kyrie Irving’s advisors urging him to strongly consider Nets

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — How this fits with rumors of Irving joining Kevin Durant on Knicks
  • 31 days ago
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  • 32 days ago
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Report: Grizzlies intend to draft Ja Morant No. 2

NBCSports.com: ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — What does this mean for Mike Conley, Knicks?
  • 33 days ago
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