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Mario Hezonja tells Orlando Sentinel leaving Magic was “unfortunate”

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — The former Magic lottery pick was officially introduced as a member of the New York Knicks on Tuesday Mario Hezonja got to hold up his new jersey on Tuesday, officially trading in Magic blue for Knicks orange. Hezonja was formally introduced as a member of the New York Knicks on Tuesday in Las Vegas. Standing alongside new Knicks coach David Fizdale and Knicks management, Hezonja showed...
  • 7 days ago
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Picks Owned, Picks Owed: A rundown of Orlando’s “War Chest”

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Aaron Goldstone) — Aaron breaks down the draft picks the Magic own in the next few upcoming drafts It’s now been over two weeks since the Orlando Magic selected a trio of rookies in June’s NBA Draft , headlined by the sixth overall pick - Mohamed Bamba . Bamba, Jonathan Isaac (Orlando's sixth overall selection last year), and recently re-signed forward Aaron Gordon now represent a clear foundation in...
  • 9 days ago
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The Tragic Case of Mario Hezonja and the Orlando Magic

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — The former fifth overall pick didn’t perform in Orlando until it was too late Imagine getting a puppy, spending years trying to train it, and then just after it has finally started to learn, someone leaves the gate open in the backyard and the dog runs away, never to return. That’s kind of like what happened in Orlando with Mario Hezonja. Hezonja being the puppy, the organization being...
  • 15 days ago
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Morning Magic: Your daily headlines, post-free agency frenzy edition

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — A round-up of content from around the web about the signings of Aaron Gordon and Mario Hezonja The first day of free agency was an eventful one for the Orlando Magic. Sure, there were some mixed emotions (for some at least) with the departure of Mario Hezonja. But overall, with the re-signing of Aaron Gordon to a team-friendly deal, most Magic fans went to bed satisfied with the Magic’s July...
  • 16 days ago
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The first day of free agency was a win for the Magic front office

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — The moves the Magic made, and didn’t make, paid off On the first day of free agency, everything seemed to play out exactly as the Magic brass hoped it would. The day was highlighted, of course, by the Magic’s re-signing of Aaron Gordon for the bargain price (by today’s NBA standards, anyway) of $84 million over four years. That figure is considerably less than what many thought Gordon...
  • 16 days ago
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2018 NBA Free Agency: Magic, Aaron Gordon agree to deal

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Zach Oliver) — The Magic are bringing back Aaron Gordon on a four-year deal. The Orlando Magic ’s biggest question heading into free agency has been answered. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Shams Charania the Magic and Aaron Gordon came to terms on a four-year, $84 Million deal to keep Gordon in Magic pinstripes. The deal is a straight four-year deal with no options, according to the Orlando...
  • 16 days ago
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2018 NBA Free Agency: Mario Hezonja agrees to deal with Knicks, per reports

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Zach Oliver) — Reports suggest the Magic forward is on his way out of town for good. After three underwhelming years with the Orlando Magic , Mario Hezonja is on his way out of town. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the 6-foot-8 forward has agreed to terms with the New York Knicks on a one-year deal. The deal is reportedly worth $6.5 million, a little over a million more than the Magic...
  • 16 days ago
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Morning Magic: Your daily headlines, Orlando Magic Free Agency edition

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — A round-up of Orlando Magic content from around the web on the first day of NBA free agency Free agency has arrived and we will soon know where Aaron Gordon, Mario Hezonja and all of the free agent point guards the Magic could use will be playing next season. Below is a collection of the latest headlines related to the Magic and free agency that help to give some insight into Orlando’s...
  • 17 days ago
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Report: Mario Hezonja met with the New York Knicks

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — Hezonja became an unrestricted free agent at 12:01 a.m. Super Mario to the Big Apple? Mario Hezonja became an unrestricted free agent at 12:01 on Sunday morning and apparently wasted little time exploring his options. According to Michael Scotto of The Athletic, Hezonja met with the New York Knicks, whose current general manager Scott Perry was part of the regime in Orlando that drafted...
  • 17 days ago
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The Great Debate: Orlando Magic free agency roundtable

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — Free agency is underway and the Magic have some checks to sign Members of OPP have been debating various aspects of the Magic’s offseason in a rapid-fire Q&A session to show the wide range of opinions on the moves being made by the front office. First, Mike and Zach discussed the hiring of Steve Clifford . Last week, Aaron joined in to debate what the Magic should do on Draft night . ...
  • 17 days ago
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Mo Bamba has potential to be an All-Star and DPOY candidate

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Andre Rodriguez) — Though still raw, Bamba could develop into the centerpiece of the Magic’s rebuild The last time I checked in with the Orlando Pinstriped Post, I was discussing the odds and decision of the Orlando Magic to possibly take Oklahoma’s Trae Young or Alabama’s Collin Sexton with their sixth overall pick . For any fans that read through the whole article, at the end I made my final point clear: if...
  • 24 days ago
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2018 NBA Draft: An Orlando Magic mock draft round-up

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — One more round of mock drafts before we get to the real thing Based on the latest NBA mock drafts, the one conclusion that can be made is that nobody has any idea who the Magic are really going to take. Predictions vary widely and, in the mocks below, there are six different players that the experts have the Magic taking. In a few short hours, we will no longer have to speculate and we’ll...
  • 27 days ago
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2018 SB Nation Mock Draft: Magic select Bamba, Okobo

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Zach Oliver) — In the annual SB Nation Mock, Zach made one trade, and made two strong picks. Every year, 30 members of the SB Nation NBA team blogs get together for a mock draft ahead of the actual NBA Draft . Yet again, I stepped in to take the reigns making picks for the Orlando Magic . Yet again, I tried, and tired again to make moves to make the team, potentially, significantly better. Some of...
  • 28 days ago
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Fanpost: One Possible Magic Trade With Every NBA Team

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Will Ogburn) — With the draft fast approaching, here’s a look at how the Magic could shake things up. Every now and then, we will highlight and promote some of the more creative Fanposts from the site. The following post was originally made by Ramore on June 9. By Ramore Because the draft and free agency can’t come quick enough, I’ve started looking at other teams threads and came across one where...
  • 29 days ago
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Dwight Howard calls the infamous Stan Van Gundy incident the “worst day of my life”

SBN: Orlando Pinstriped Post (Mike Cali) — During an interview in 2012, Van Gundy confirmed that Howard wanted him fired. Then things got weird It was one of the most uncomfortable moments in Orlando Magic history. And Thursday on ESPN’s “The Jump,” Dwight Howard called it “the worst day of my life.” Flashback to April of 2012: The Magic were on a four-game losing streak towards the end of what had been a disappointing and...
  • 33 days ago
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