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Cavaliers 2018-19 regular season schedule released

SBN: Fear The Sword (Ashley Bastock) — We’re not in Kansas anymore. On Friday, the NBA released the Cleveland Cavaliers ’ full schedule for the upcoming season, and things are certainly a little bit different than they have been over the previous four years. Naturally, that’s what happens when LeBron James leaves. For the first time since the 2015-16 season, Cleveland is starting the year out on the road on Oct. 17 against...
  • 71 days ago
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J.R. Smith under investigation for allegedly grabbing and tossing a fan’s cellphone

SBN: Fear The Sword (Ashley Bastock) — The New York City Police Department confirmed the investigation to Fear The Sword. J.R. Smith is under investigation for allegedly grabbing and tossing a fan’s cellphone in New York City. A report of the investigation surfaced via TMZ on Wednesday morning, and the New York City Police Department confirmed the investigation to Fear the Sword’s Chris Manning. Smith has not been charged...
  • 79 days ago
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3 potential trade packages for Kevin Love, Cleveland’s most valuable asset

SBN: Fear The Sword (Akash Anavarathan) — Time to revisit the Trade Machine again! As Cleveland parts ways with it’s local superstar for the second time in eight years, their owner has a tough pill to swallow: bottoming out in 2019 to build the foundation for long-term success. Instead of trying to compete for a spot in the playoffs, Cleveland should face the music, trade away as much of their veteran core as possible and start...
  • 106 days ago
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The Cavaliers rebuild starts with Kevin Love’s future

SBN: Fear The Sword (Justin Rowan) — It’s time for the Cavs to move on and figure out what’s next. There is no turning back for the Cleveland Cavaliers this off-season. With LeBron James now a Laker, the team must make moves to either contend for a playoff spot, or to improve their position in next year’s draft. Like in 2010, the remnants of the roster don’t make a ton of sense without James as the catalyst. However,...
  • 106 days ago
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Why losing David Griffin didn’t help the Cavs keep LeBron

SBN: Fear The Sword (Ashley Bastock) — Would things have been different if the Cavs and Griffin agreed on a new contract in the summer of 2017? July 1, 2018 — the day that LeBron James announced for the second time that he was leaving his hometown tea — is a date that will have an impact on the Cavaliers franchise for years to come. But a date that arguably helped to seal this fate for the Cavs? June 19, 2017 — the day the...
  • 107 days ago
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Post LeBron James, the Cavs have to choose how they want to build

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — Broadly speaking, the Cavs will have two choices. Let’s be clear: It will be difficult, and perhaps impossible, for the Cavs to get back to the heights they reached in the past four years. Players like LeBron James come along, at best, once in a generation and even more rarely are born in, or near, the right city. Cleveland, though, has to move on and it has a choice to make this summer...
  • 109 days ago
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Cavs will pick up Kendrick Perkins’ $2.5 million option

SBN: Fear The Sword (Ashley Bastock) — His contract will likely be used as trade bait. The Cavaliers will pick up Kendrick Perkins ’ $2.5 million 2018-19 contract option, according to a report from ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. And while the Cavs signed Perkins on the final day of the regular season to add a veteran presence, the big man is unlikely to actually be on the roster come fall. By picking up his contract, the team can...
  • 115 days ago
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Anfernee Simons to workout with Cavaliers

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — Simons is a shooting guard from the IMG Academy in Florda. As the Cavs prep for the draft, they are getting looks at players deep into the draft. Per the Orlando Sentinel’s Joshua Robbins, prospect Anfernee Simons told media attending his workout with the Magic that he had a workout scheduled with the Cavaliers . He did not say when that workout would be: Combo guard draft prospect...
  • 132 days ago
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Cavaliers to host Wendell Carter Jr. for workout on Wednesday

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — The Duke prospect would be in play at No. 8 overall. As the Cavaliers play in the NBA Finals , they are also looking ahead to the NBA Draft on June 21. According to cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon , Duke big man Wendell Carter Jr. will workout for the Cavs on Wednesday prior to that evening’s Game 3. The 19-year-old recently worked out for the Bulls and told reporters in Chicago that...
  • 137 days ago
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Tyronn Lue says Cavs will use a 10-man playoff rotation

SBN: Fear The Sword (Ashley Bastock) — Who exactly is in that rotation? Glad you asked. The Cavaliers will be sticking with a 10-man rotation, at least for this opening playoff series against the Indiana Pacers that kicks off Sunday. It’s important to keep in mind that this iteration of the Cavs has not played a single game together due to injuries, making the coaching staff’s jobs a little harder than it has been in years...
  • 191 days ago
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Cavaliers drop regular season finale to Knicks 110-98

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — The Cavs punted this one early. With that, the Cavaliers ’ regular season is over. On Wednesday, the Cavs lost to the Knicks 110-98 in a game they decided to punt on early. LeBron James scored 10 points in 10 minutes to continue his streak of double-digit scoring games. He also played in all 82 games for the first time in his 15-year NBA career. John Holland led the Cavs with 21...
  • 192 days ago
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Cavaliers vs. Knicks gamethread

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — The Cavs wrap up the season finale. No Kevin Love, no Kyle Korver , no Rodney Hood. But LeBron James is playing! At least until he gets to 10 points. It’ll be good when the playoffs start.
  • 192 days ago
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Love, Korver and Hood out vs. Knicks

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — Jeff Green may also be questionable, per Tyronn Lue. In their last game of the regular season, the Cavs will be down a few bodies. During his pregame media availability Tuesday, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said that Kevin Love , Kyle Korver and Rodney Hood are out for Wednesday’s game against the Knicks . The Cavs will start a lineup of George Hill , Cedi Osman , LeBron James , Jeff...
  • 192 days ago
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Cavaliers close season against the Knicks

SBN: Fear The Sword (Carter Rodriguez) — And here we arrive at the end. We land at the last game of the regular season knowing much less about the Cleveland Cavaliers than we’d hope to. It feels like the team has played four 20-game seasons and this one is wrapping up all too quickly as the team still struggles to get completely healthy. A win against the Knicks and a 76ers loss to the Bucks would knock the Cavaliers up to the...
  • 192 days ago
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Podcast: The Cavs may be challenged like never before

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — And does getting the No. 3 seed matter? Welcome to Locked on Cavaliers , the official Cleveland Cavaliers podcast of the Locked on Podcast network. On today’s show, host Chris Manning ( @cwmwrites) is joined by ESPN’s Cleveland’s Jordan Zirm ( @clevezirm ) to talk about if the Cavs getting the No, 3 seed actually matters, the challenges the Cavs might face in this year’s playoffs and...
  • 192 days ago
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