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Fear the Links: What NBA players and coaches think of All-Star game changes

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — That and more in today’s links. Happy Wednesday, everyone. Here is today’s edition of Fear the Links. ICYMI from Fear the Sword: the Limited Upside Cavs season preview podcast , Iman Shumpert might not have a role , he also cleared the air with Tyronn Lue , Shumpert also was hurt in the Cavs’ preseason opener , which the Cavs lost 109-93 and GMs think the Cavs will win the East. ...
  • 232 days ago
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Knicks wanted Tristan Thompson for Carmelo Anthony

SBN: Fear The Sword (Justin Rowan) — Shoot your shot, Knicks. Once again, the Cleveland Cavaliers missed out on a small forward target on the trade market. While obtaining Carmelo Anthony wasn’t a priority target in the same way as Paul George , it’s clear that the team still had interest for him if it was for the right price. According to a report from Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon, the Knicks asking price went beyond...
  • 242 days ago
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Eastern conference power rankings: The East is soft, man

SBN: Fear The Sword (Carter Rodriguez) — Somehow, the Cavaliers are still on top in the East. Note: These power rankings of the Eastern Conference will run weekly once actual basketball is happening. For now, consider them a little more sparse. 1. Cleveland Cavaliers | Vegas Win Total Over/Under: 53.5 2016-17 Record: 51-31 After the offseason the Cavaliers just had, it felt odd to put them at the top of the list. But then...
  • 253 days ago
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Fear the Links: Who is making the playoffs in the East?

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — That and more in today’s links. Happy Monday, everyone, here are today’s links. We are only two weeks from camp starting, so just hold on a little bit longer. At CBS , Matt Moore runs through who is going to make the playoffs and whose not from a betting perspective. For me, it begged the question: who the hell is going to make it out of the East? At FanSided , Scott Rafferty looks at...
  • 256 days ago
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Cleveland Cavaliers 5 vs. 5: Remembering forgotten Cavs

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — Today’s roundtable is all about overlooked players. In which five FTS writers answer five questions about forgotten Cavaliers . Also, welcome to Zac Lockwood, you all know as ZLock in the comments. I’m very happy to add him to the team. His first story on the Cavs’ likely new lineups can be found here. 1. Looking back, who's a Cavs player you were totally convinced would work out, but...
  • 263 days ago
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Fear the Links: A EuroBasket catch-up

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — #CediSZN is here. Happy Sunday, everyone. Today’s links are all about EuroBasket 2017, where Cedi Osman has been one of the tournaments most interesting players and a number of NBA players are balling out. For Osman , here’s our recap of his performance in Turkey’s loss to Russia — a game where me may have been the best player on the court. And here’s our recap of his stat-stuffing...
  • 264 days ago
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A look at the Cavaliers’ new rotation

SBN: Fear The Sword (ZLock) — Tyronn Lue has a lot of adjustments to make and new pieces to add. In a standard NBA season, each team is responsible for fielding five players for 48 minutes in each of 82 games. That adds up to 19,680 total minutes to be divided across the 15-man roster. Now, imagine you are an NBA head coach — something most fans do already — and over 27 percent of the minutes played for your team in the...
  • 265 days ago
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Derrick Rose says he “can still play” after frustrating season with Knicks

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — The Cavs point guard spoke about his goals for next season with the Associated Press. Derrick Rose has fallen from where he once was. The former MVP went through a series of knee injuries, four surgeries and a drop in value from max-level player to signing a minimum contract with the Cavs this summer. In an article with Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press , Rose talked about his...
  • 268 days ago
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How essential is Iman Shumpert to the Cavaliers?

SBN: Fear The Sword (Akash Anavarathan) — Iman Shumpert has been constantly the subject of trade rumors, so how essential is the shooting guard to the Cavaliers future? In 2015, the Cavaliers were looking to add depth on the wings and especially coveted players who could defend multiple positions. At the same time, the Knicks were looking to dump J.R. Smith and were willing to part with Iman Shumpert to make it happen. ...
  • 268 days ago
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Koby Altman’s first chance to shape the Cavaliers has them looking very similar

SBN: Fear The Sword (Carter Rodriguez) — Cleveland’s new GM could’ve changed how the Cavs play. He chose not to. “This thing is not broken.” New Cavaliers GM Koby Altman said that at his introductory press conference to a round of derision from social media pundits, including myself. “This thing is not broken” seemed to indicate that the Cavaliers would be able to recover from the Kyrie Irving trade demand and rediscover...
  • 274 days ago
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LeBron denies knowledge of Blake Griffin’s speculation that he signs in New York

SBN: Fear The Sword (Carter Rodriguez) — LeBron James wasn’t here for Blake Griffin’s New York ideas. LeBron James ’ upcoming free agency is a hot topic across the league, and Clippers star Blake Griffin made headlines when he speculated (admittedly, without inside info) that LeBron was more likely to land in New York than he was to sign with the Lakers , the team he’s been linked to most often. Well, TMZ Sports tracked...
  • 276 days ago
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Trent Redden hired as Clippers Assistant General Manager

SBN: Fear The Sword (Justin Rowan) — The former Cavs assistant GM has found a new home. The L.A. Clippers have hired Trent Redden to be their next assistant general manager. Redden served in that role with the Cleveland Cavaliers until he was dismissed along with David Griffin this past June. The news was first reported by Kevin Arnovitz: Longtime Cavs exec Trent Redden will join the Clippers as their new assistant...
  • 277 days ago
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NBA Trade Rumor: Kristaps Porzingis not available in possible Kyrie Irving trade

SBN: Fear The Sword (Justin Rowan) — Porzingis appears to be off the table. Just as more news came in regarding the focus of the Cleveland Cavaliers efforts to trade Kyrie Irving , we have a counter-report cooling the flames of any Irving to New York Knicks talk. While Kristaps Porzingis was identified as the Cavs primary target, it appears as though any odds of the team acquiring Porzingis are slim to none. According...
  • 281 days ago
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NBA Trade Rumor: Cavaliers targeting Kristaps Porzingis, other young stars for Kyrie Irving

SBN: Fear The Sword (Justin Rowan) — The Cavs After a long period of silence surrounding a potential Kyrie Irving trade, we finally get some insight into what the Cavaliers are thinking. While most figured the Cavs would be looking to capitalize on what is left of LeBron James ’ time in Cleveland, it appears as though the fear of losing him again is making the Cavs look at younger options. According to a report from ...
  • 283 days ago
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NBA Schedule Release: Cavaliers 2017-18 regular season schedule released

SBN: Fear The Sword (Chris Manning) — Whose ready for Cavs basketball to be back? The Cavaliers’ 2017-18 season has been released in full by the NBA. As announced last week, the Cavs will open the season at home on Tuesday, Oct. 17 against the Celtics . Cleveland will play 37 times on national TV this year. As for back-to-backs, the Cavs will play 13 in 2017-18 — down from 18 last year and below the league average of...
  • 283 days ago
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