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Live Thread: Cavs @ Hornets

Cavs: The Blog (David Wood) — The Cavs are in Charlotte tonight to take on the Hornets. This is the fourth and final game of the their road trip. They’re 2-1 so far, which is better than it seems. They needed hot Kyle Korver fourth quarters in  their wins against the Mavs and Knicks. It’s not going too far to say that they got lucky twice. Charlotte gets  Nicolas Batum back for the first time this...
  • 63 days ago
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Recap: Cavs 104, Knicks 101 (Or, Heavy Lies The Crown)

Cavs: The Blog (Joshua Martin) — This game provided a little bit of everything tonight for the Cleveland Cavaliers and was a roller coaster of emotions. At one point in the third quarter, I would have turned the game off if I wasn’t recapping it. The Cavs displayed numerous levels of effort throughout this game which continues to be frustrating as a fan. This team seems to be able to compete at a high level when...
  • 65 days ago
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Live Thread : Cavs @ Knicks

Cavs: The Blog (Joshua Martin) — The Cavs continue their road trip tonight as they take on the Knicks who are 4-1 in their last five games. Kristaps Porzingis is currently playing like an MVP candidate and it will be interesting to see how the Cavs defend him. Their rebounding woes were very apparent against the Rockets and tonight Lebron’s nemesis Joakim Noah is making his season debut after serving a 20 game...
  • 65 days ago
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Thoughts On the Cavaliers’ Rotation.

Cavs: The Blog (Mike Schreiner) —   The Cleveland Cavaliers have been a bit of a mess to start the season, and there are a lot of reasons for it. Whether it’s been lack of effort, poor defense (due to that effort), injuries, or the growing pains of adding eight new players, things haven’t gone smoothly for the Wine and Gold. They’ve lost games to the Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, and...
  • 66 days ago
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Live Thread: Cavs vs. Knicks

Cavs: The Blog (Nate Smith) — Derrick Rose is back in the fold. His new starting teammates are Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith. After lazy effort against New Orleans, Cleveland looks to rebound (literally and figuratively) against the mediocre Knicks. If the Cavs go after loose balls and play like they give a crap, they can beat anyone. If they don’t, they can’t. Go Cavs.
  • 80 days ago
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Links To The Present: Welcome Back To Regular Season Ball

Cavs: The Blog (Briana Contreras) — I don't know about any of you guys, but I could certainly relate to this guy's tweet about the All-Star break.The Cleveland Cavaliers were welcomed back to their regular-season games after the All-Star break Thursday, Feb. 23, and they came back with a lot to talk about in their 119-104 win against the New York Knicks.Some could call it Kyrie's game, racking up the leading score of 23 points,...
  • 327 days ago
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Not A Recap: Cavs 119, Knicks 104 (or, Rolling With What They’ve Got)

Cavs: The Blog (EvilGenius) — Even without the Cavs making any moves at yesterday’s Trade Deadline, it was still a pretty exhausting day for many of us (so apologies for this delayed and brief quasi-recap). Fortunately, the Cavs themselves were well-rested and raring to go against the still intact Knicks last night at the Q. Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose (both the sources of trade speculation over the last few...
  • 328 days ago
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Live Thread: Cavs vs Knicks

Cavs: The Blog (Nate Smith) — Well, Cleveland stood pat today, choosing not to to ship anyone out, and instead hopefully add some insurance in the buyout market. The Knicks also chose to stand pat, but it was more like standing on 15 when the dealer has a seven showing. So after half a season of drama, Carmelo Anthony leads the the unchanged Knicks into the Q. The Cavs are, of course, missing J.R. Smith and...
  • 328 days ago
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Talking Cavs with Mark Neal

Cavs: The Blog (Tom Pestak) — Mark and I talked about the dunk contest, the Derrick Williams addition, Love v Melo comparison, the Knicks, Lakers, and Nets simultaneously being the most embarrassing franchises in the NBA.  We also covered the pleasant surprises and disappointments around the league, and the sleeper teams in each conference. As a follow on to the caller Clifford wondering about seller’s remorse on...
  • 335 days ago
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Links To The Present: “Why Rest In The First Week Of February?”

Cavs: The Blog (Briana Contreras) — Quick check in to Washington… pic.twitter.com/QNsjVpvCG3 — CBS Sports NBA (@CBSSportsNBA) February 7, 2017 February is off to a pretty sweet start for The Cleveland Cavaliers. After their win against the Timberwolves,  the Cavs continued to improve this week with three straight amazing the Knicks, Wizards and Pacers, leaving our faces like this guy above. Before I get to anything...
  • 341 days ago
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Live Thread: Cavs @ Pacers

Cavs: The Blog (David Wood) — The Cavs are in Indiana tonight for game three of their four game road trip. So far, they have beaten the Wizards in overtime without LeBron James, who fouled out just 47 seconds into extra time, and they have held off the Knicks, despite blowing a 27 point lead. The Cavs aren’t necessarily playing their best ball of the year quite yet, but they are showing they can hang in tough...
  • 343 days ago
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Recap: Cavs 111, Knicks 104 (Or, Leads Are For Blowing)

Cavs: The Blog (David Wood) — We all know what a lead is. It’s the result of playing better than another team for a prolonged period of time and showing some form of dominance. The Cavs do that often. Tonight was no different. Although they started the night out slowly giving up points in transition, missing open 3s, and allowing the Knicks to block four shots, they ended up ahead by 27 with 2:35 left to...
  • 347 days ago
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Live Thread: Cavs @ Knicks

Cavs: The Blog (David Wood) — The Cavs are in the Madison Square Garden to take on the Knicks tonight in an NBA Saturday night national game. The King and friends will be looking to build off a solid 28 point win against the Timberwovles on Wednesday. 37 of their 48 made baskets were assisted on. The team moved the ball and looked like they enjoyed playing with one another for the first time in nearly a month....
  • 347 days ago
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