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Live Thread: Cavs vs Knicks

Cavs: The Blog (Nate Smith) — Short and sweet LT here. Cavs mostly healthy… Knicks mostly healthy. Both teams have been inexplicably winning. Something’s got to give. Go Cavs.
  • 170 days ago
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Podcap: Cavs 107, Knicks 104 (or, Winning the Battle… Losing the War?)

Cavs: The Blog (EvilGenius) — Well, the Cavs effectively shot the Knicks into last place by themselves tonight, rolling out to as much as a 17 point lead against their tanking brethren before nearly sliding back into a late tie. Fortunately, Cleveland had Larry Nance, Jr. leading the charge with his sixth straight double double (including a career high 10 offensive rebounds), and got some terrific support early from a...
  • 186 days ago
  • Hits: 24

Live Thread: Cavs vs. Knicks (#EverythingsNotAwesome)

Cavs: The Blog (EvilGenius) — Everything’s not awesome Everything’s not cool I am so depressed Everything’s not awesome Whoa, I think I finally get Radiohead (Bro, you should check out Elliott Smith) What’s the point There’s no hope Awesomeness was a pipe dream (Aye, my spirits be at the bottom of the sea) Love’s not real I just want to eat carbs Pass the ice cream (I’m not a thing...
  • 187 days ago
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From Distance: Dallas Joins the EU

Cavs: The Blog (Ben Werth) — four point play…. 1. The NBA has given me much to be happy about over the last week. The Cavs have played passable ball on both ends of the floor winning the last two, Cedi Osman has finally connected his brain to his skill-set for an extended period of time, Matthew Dellavedova was mic’ed up (that’s all I have on that, that’s just fun), and the New York Knicks traded...
  • 197 days ago
  • Hits: 22

Live Thread: Cavs vs. Bucks

Cavs: The Blog (Nate Smith) — The Bucks return to the Q after whooping the Cavs in Milwaukee just a few days ago. This time, they will probably not be resting Giannis, so victory will be an even taller order for Cleveland. The Cavs are coming off a fun win over the Knicks while the Bucks got beat by 16 in Indianapolis, Wedenesday. For Cleveland, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, and John Henson all remain out. Let’s...
  • 246 days ago
  • Hits: 30

Recap: Cavs 113, Knicks 106 (Winning Plays)

Cavs: The Blog (David Wood) — This season has made Cavs fans change how they watch the game. Nothing is as it seems when the team you root for is just battling to land in the bottom of the standings in hopes of getting a high draft pick. Someone can put up forty points and it means nothing. Even a 25 point game can mean nothing. Someone on the team has to score, and you have...
  • 247 days ago
  • Hits: 32

Live Thread: Knicks @ Cavs

Cavs: The Blog (David Wood) — The Cavs played a rough one two nights ago against the Bucks losing by 16. The Bucks didn’t even have their number one player, Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Knicks are a good team for the Cavs to try and get a bounce back win against. New York currently sits above the Cavs with two more wins, but they certainly aren’t better. They are riding the submarine to the bottom of picks...
  • 248 days ago
  • Hits: 34

Live Thread: Cavs vs. Hawks

Cavs: The Blog (Nate Smith) — Seven teams remain without a win in this fledgling NBA season, and with both the Hawks and Cavs at 0-2, something’s got to give. Cleveland makes its home debut after giving up big second quarter runs to the Raptors and T-Wolves. The Hawks come in having given up 257 points to the Knicks and Grizzlies, with an average loss margin of 16.5. Leading the Hawks have been Taurean Waller-Prince...
  • 300 days ago
  • Hits: 37

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