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Malik Monk is quickly becoming the forgotten lottery pick.

SBN: At the Hive (XavierStar) — As lottery stars dominate headlines in NBA Summer League, an ankle injury has kept Malik Monk from leaving his mark this summer. The 2017 NBA Summer has been a nonstop reel of headlines, surprises and action. From the NBA Draft to free agency to Summer League, fans have been fed a steady diet of news related to their favorite sport. While Gordon Hayward, Chris Paul and others had their...
  • 98 days ago
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A 2017 NBA Draft guide for Hornets fans

SBN: At the Hive (Joshua Priemski) — Here’s everything you need to know to get caught up to watch the NBA draft tonight. It’s gonna be a good one. Hey! The NBA Draft is finally here. It feels like the Golden State Warriors just won a championship last week. And it feels like that because they did a championship about a week ago. Let’s get the dry stuff out of the way. The 2017 NBA Draft is today—Thursday, June 22—at...
  • 123 days ago
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Is it scheme or personnel? A look into Charlotte’s poor perimeter defense this past season

SBN: At the Hive (Reinis Lacis) — The 2016-17 season marked coach Steve Clifford’s first mediocre defensive squad, the most 3-pointers given up in the whole league and shaky execution against the pick-and-roll, among other things. What gives? One particular word comes to mind when trying to characterize Steve Clifford ’s Charlotte Hornets and that is “consistency”. Charlotte’s head coach has preached the same things —...
  • 144 days ago
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2016-17 Season Review: The Front Office

SBN: At the Hive (Nicklaus Denning) — Tasked with building off of last season’s success, the front office made mostly sensible moves that didn’t quite pan out as expected. Keeping as much of gang together was general manager Rich Cho’s number one priority entering the 2016 offseason. The Charlotte Hornets had four significant upcoming free agents, and they had enough cap space to bring back 2-3 players depending on how they...
  • 163 days ago
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2016-17 Season Review: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

SBN: At the Hive (Nik Valdiserri) — Michael Kidd-Gilchrist showed flashes of what the future still might hold, and he finally played a full season Bouncing back from a season plagued by injuries last year, many thought Michael Kidd-Gilchrist ’s fifth year in the NBA could be his breakout one. After-all, in the lone seven games he played in 2015-16, Kidd-Gilchrist played some of his best basketball in a Charlotte Hornets ...
  • 167 days ago
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2016-17 Season Review: Jeremy Lamb

SBN: At the Hive (quinneverts) — Lamb improved in certain areas shooting the ball, but remains on the cusp of becoming a legitimate shooting guard Jeremy Lamb is almost there. Where “there” exactly is still remains to be seen, but the 2016-17 season was Lamb’s strongest yet in numerous categories, and at only 24 years old, it feels as if Lamb is painfully close to becoming a truly dangerous shooting guard in the NBA. ...
  • 174 days ago
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A chat with a Hornets fan across the Atlantic

SBN: At the Hive (Nicklaus Denning) — Catching up with former Hornets blogger and UK resident James Plowright about the Hornets and the future of the NBA in the UK. Hanging in a closest in Manchester, England is the only Adam Morrison Bobcats jersey in the entire country. It belongs to James Plowright, the only known Charlotte pro basketball fan in the country (I say this with about 90 percent certainty). Years ago while...
  • 185 days ago
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Hornets NBA playoffs standings and tiebreakers

SBN: At the Hive (Chris Barnewall) — The Hornets are somehow right back in the playoff race. Here’s how the standings sit at the moment. Yesterday was full of insanity when it came to the NBA playoffs picture. The Hornets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder to maintain a stunning turn around after it felt like they had no shot. The rest of the Eastern Conference meanwhile has continued to sputter about leaving the Hornets in...
  • 203 days ago
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Hornets come up big in the fourth to defeat the Raptors, 110-106

SBN: At the Hive (Nicklaus Denning) — In one of the more thrilling finishes of the season, Kemba Walker and Marvin Williams knocked down clutch shots to seal the victory against Toronto. Late game heroics from Kemba Walker and Marvin Williams earned the Charlotte Hornets an important win over the Toronto Raptors , 110-106. Marco Belinelli lead the Hornets with 21 points, while DeMar Derozan lead all scorers with 28. ...
  • 208 days ago
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The Hornets remain in limbo as the season comes to an end

SBN: At the Hive (Nicklaus Denning) — Virtually out of the playoffs, and unlikely to end up with a high draft pick, its hard to know what to root for in the remaining weeks of the season. There are 13 games remaining for the Charlotte Hornets this season, and sitting four games out of the 8th seed, even running the table at this point feels like it wouldn’t be enough. Barring a late season push from the New York Knicks , the...
  • 218 days ago
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Monday Mourning Mailbag Ep.28: To Lose, or Not To Lose?

SBN: At the Hive (Jack Bedrosian) — How should the Hornets approach the remainder of the season? I bring to you — interested parties of Charlotte Hornets fandom — a written response this week, addressing the idea of losing. That is, that the Charlotte Hornets should do it. Tank. Mail it in. Give up. Trust the process. Play the odds. Lose. There is nothing left for the Hornets this season but to make sure the scouting team...
  • 224 days ago
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Swarm Update: Has Greensboro Fulfilled Its Purpose This Season?

SBN: At the Hive (XavierStar) — The Greensboro Swarm were founded to support the Charlotte Hornets. Have they followed through? The Greensboro Swarm are not going to make the playoffs this season, but no one expected them to in their inaugural season. What the team’s management hoped for was steady progress from day one, and a mechanism to assist the parent Charlotte club’s quest for success. The team has objectively...
  • 230 days ago
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Poor second half defense nearly costs the Hornets its first win in eight games

SBN: At the Hive (Nicklaus Denning) — After holding the Nets to 37 first half points, Charlotte allowed 70 points in the second half. The Charlotte Hornets finally won a game, but there was little to feel good about. The result was in doubt until the final seconds, as the Brooklyn Nets hung around thanks to late heroics from Bojan Bogdanovic and Brook Lopez. Up by 9 with 38 seconds to go, the Nets cut the lead to three...
  • 257 days ago
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Analyzing The Fit Of Miles Plumlee On The Charlotte Hornets

SBN: At the Hive (XavierStar) — Recently acquired Miles Plumlee will step in as the new backup center. How does he fit into the roster and rotation of the Hornets? NBA trades are one of the most anticipated events in the entire year, when two teams shake up the playing field in unexpected ways. Trade rumors are highlighted and retweeted and circulate across the globe. The trade deadline is nearly akin to a national holiday...
  • 261 days ago
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Hornets vs Kings GameThread

SBN: At the Hive (Joshua Priemski) — Hoping to rebound from a tough loss, the Hornets play the Kings tonight. Hop on down to the comments to chat with other Hornets fans about tonight’s game. The Charlotte Hornets (23-24) make a quick stop at home tonight for a game against the Sacramento Kings (18-28) before heading out west for a three-game road trip. The Hornets suffered a disappointing loss to the New York Knicks last...
  • 268 days ago
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