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Why does Phil Jackson think it's OK to say Melo lacks the will to win?

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Eric Freeman) — Carmelo Anthony scratches his eye. (AP) Like most things related to the New York Knicks, the relationship between team president Phil Jackson and star forward Carmelo Anthony is pretty dysfunctional. The duo has waged a minor feud via the media for several months of this season, with Jackson apparently doing his best to alienate Anthony in the hope of getting him to waive his no-trade...
  • 289 days ago
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The Knicks agree — no one tried hard in Monday's loss to the Lakers

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Eric Freeman) — The Knicks were blown out by the woeful Lakers. (AP) It’s a bad time to be associated with the New York Knicks. The NBA’s champions of media-friendly dysfunction find new ways to lose every week, have seen team president Phil Jackson and star Carmelo Anthony respond to each other in public over a potential trade, and have lost whatever joy permeated the first weeks of the season to...
  • 289 days ago
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LeBron on report he's pushing Love-for-'Melo trade: 'It's trash'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — When reports began to circulate last month that the New York Knicks had tried to engage the Cleveland Cavaliers in trade talks that would send All-Star power forward Kevin Love to Manhattan and former All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony to Ohio, Cavs superstar LeBron James — one of Anthony’s closest friends — said he had “no reaction” to the chatter, and that he and the Cavs “can’t play fantasy...
  • 289 days ago
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John Wall: Cavs-Wizards is the biggest regular-season game of my career

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — John Wall watches the throne. (Getty Images) The Washington Wizards have been on fire of late, winning seven straight and 11 of 12 to rocket up the Eastern Conference standings. Over the last three weeks, only one team (the league-leading Golden State Warriors) has boasted a more explosive offense than Scott Brooks’ Wizards, and only three (the likewise surging Miami Heat, the Dubs and...
  • 290 days ago
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Klay, Kyrie lead 2017 Three-Point Contest field, and Joel Embiid's got Skills

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving will lock horns in this year’s Three-Point Contest. (Getty Images) The NBA announced on Thursday the full list of competitors for the All-Star Saturday Night events leading into this month’s 2017 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans. Before a Verizon Slam Dunk Contest featuring 2016 star Aaron Gordon and Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, we’ll see a...
  • 294 days ago
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Carmelo Anthony on rumors that he'd waive his no-trade clause: 'Melo hasn’t said anything yet'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Carmelo Anthony picks himself up. (Getty Images) Carmelo Anthony says a trade isn’t off the table. Carmelo Anthony says he isn’t complete averse to waiving his no-trade clause, and seeing what the New York Knicks may have to offer him as they literally offer him around the league for compensation via a deal. Carmelo Anthony wants to remind you, though, that it would take a great...
  • 296 days ago
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Jeff Hornacek successfully dismisses Derek Fisher's distant Knicks coaching criticism

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Derek Fisher and Jeff Hornacek, Knick coaches. (Getty Images) We should have known something was up some 20 years ago, when Derek Fisher was pairing with fellow-rookie Kobe Bryant and making a name for himself despite entering the league as a lower-rung draft pick out of University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Soon enough we’ll be taking a deep dive on 1996-97 teammate Travis Knight, also...
  • 296 days ago
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Report: Derek Fisher robbed of five NBA championship rings earned with the Lakers

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Derek Fisher and Deb Govan. (Getty Images) Derek Fisher’s hoped-for chance at a little NBA normalcy appears to have gone out the window. The former Los Angeles Lakers championship guard and former New York Knicks head coach was allegedly the victim of a robbery on Monday morning, with burglars reportedly relieving him of the five championship rings he earned in Los Angeles. [ | Mock...
  • 296 days ago
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Knicks find new way to lose in 15th NBA game ever to go four overtimes

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — The New York Knicks have discovered new ways to lose all season, and Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks put them to the ultimate test — but they met the challenge in devastating fashion. The Knicks took the Hawks to four excruciating overtime periods — just the 15th game in NBA history to go at least that far — only to miss a wide-open chance to send the game into a fifth OT. In a...
  • 298 days ago
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Report: Matt Barnes to turn himself in on misdemeanor charges following a nightclub altercation

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — DeMarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes. (Getty Images) Sacramento Kings swingman Matt Barnes, a year after his dust-up with former teammate and then-Knicks coach Derek Fisher, made the headlines again in December after an alleged altercation at a New York City nightclub. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now | Free NBA Yahoo Cup entry ] Barnes and teammate DeMarcus Cousins...
  • 300 days ago
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The NBA has never seen a 40-year old like Vince Carter

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Vince Carter stares down 40. (Getty Images) It’s that time of the NBA’s year, that nasty point past the season’s halfway mark yet still weeks away from the All-Star break. Usually, late January seems no fun to be around. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now | Free NBA Yahoo Cup entry ] Vince Carter seems innately aware of that. He won’t retire soon as the best...
  • 301 days ago
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The Rising Stars Challenge lineups again pits the U.S. against international players

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns are ready for their in-game, three-point shootout. (Getty Images) What was once a sometimes-compelling game between (what was once) a deeper reserve of first year players continues to morph into something altogether more interesting and accessible for the world and elsewhere . The NBA released the participants for this season’s Rising Stars Challenge on...
  • 302 days ago
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Four Corners: BDL's picks for 2017 NBA All-Star reserves

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Yahoo Sports Staff) — After announcing the 10 players who will start in the 2017 NBA All-Star Game , the NBA is set to reveal which players coaches tapped as the reserves to fill out the East and West rosters. But why wait until Thursday to debate these things? [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now | Free NBA Yahoo Cup entry ] In this week’s Four Corners roundtable , the BDL staff picks the...
  • 302 days ago
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Wizards to wear all black against Boston to signify 'a funeral' game vs. their 'dirty' rivals

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — John Wall digs in. (Getty Images) The Washington Wizards re-outfitted themselves in red, white and blue colors in 2011 as a patriotic throwback to the team’s red, white and (too-often) blue days as the Washington Bullets. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now | Free NBA Yahoo Cup entry ] On Tuesday night, they’ll be outfitting themselves in black, as a tribute to how...
  • 303 days ago
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This Joakim Noah free throw sums up the present state of the Knicks

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Joakim Noah feels the pain of everyone. Then, he feels nothing. (Getty Images) Hey, Joakim Noah, would you mind doing me a favor? I know this is a weird question to ask, but: any chance you could give me a visual representation of how stuff’s going for the New York Knicks right now? [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now | Free NBA Yahoo Cup entry ] Like, some way of...
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