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Anthony Davis isn't planning on leaving New Orleans, and he doesn't really have a choice

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Anthony Davis looks to the future. (Getty Images) As the arms race between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers continues to heat up, the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls keep volleying for dysfunctional supremacy, and fellow NBA Lone Star Russell Westbrook chases triple-double history, Anthony Davis has been lost in the shuffle. But as the All-Star Game returns to New...
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Four Corners: Our favorite NBA All-Star moments

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Yahoo Sports Staff) — With the basketball world about to descend upon New Orleans for for the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, we thought we’d take a second to look back at some of our most beloved memories from All-Star Weekends past. The topic for this week’s Four Corners roundtable : What’s your favorite All-Star Weekend moment? Here’s what we on the BDL staff remember most fondly. Let’s hear your favorites in the...
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Draymond Green calls James Dolan's treatment of Charles Oakley 'a slave-owner mentality'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Warriors All-Star forward Draymond Green isn’t a fan of Knicks owner Jim Dolan. (AP) If there’s a version of Charles Oakley in today’s NBA — an enforcer turned All-Star who talks a big game and plays even bigger — it is Draymond Green, so you might have assumed the Golden State Warriors star would come to the legendary New York Knicks forward’s defense. And did he ever. Green ripped...
  • 340 days ago
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Forbes: NBA team valuations skyrocketing, 18 teams worth over $1 billion, Knicks worth $3.3 billion

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — The New York Knicks. (Getty Images) The measurements have been drawn and, shock horror, NBA teams are worth quite an awful lot. Much, and in some cases far more than they were worth last year, even. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now | Free NBA Yahoo Cup entry ] The trend is continuing for Forbes Magazine’s annual valuations of the league’s 30 teams . The New...
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Lakers advisor Magic Johnson: 'First call I make if I'm in charge? Kobe Bryant'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Magic Johnson tells Kobe Bryant not to fear anything. (Getty Images) Magic Johnson’s first turn as whatever the heck you think he is with the Los Angeles Lakers is going exactly as you’d expect. Big proclamations, big stars, appearances on television shows that people Magic’s age ( and people that tweet like Magic ) tend to watch, and not a whole heck of a lot by way of specifics. [...
  • 341 days ago
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Report: Charles Oakley no longer banned from Madison Square Garden

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Charles Oakley on the floor. (Getty Images) Charles Oakley may not be banned from Madison Square Garden anymore. True to New York Knick form, under the direction of MSG and Knicks owner James Dolan, the defense barely held for the better part of a week. [ Sign up for Yahoo Fantasy Basketball | Mock Draft | The Vertical | Latest news ] [ Follow Dunks Don’t Lie on Tumblr: The...
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NBA calls on Michael Jordan to broker peace between Charles Oakley and the Knicks

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Charles Oakley and Michael Jordan are just thrilled. (Getty Images) The NBA has seen enough of the mess that’s become of the relationship between the New York Knicks and beloved former player Charles Oakley. Some sort of resolution appears to be on the horizon, and none other than Michael Jordan was called on by commissioner Adam Silver to broker the peace. “It is beyond disheartening to...
  • 342 days ago
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Charles Oakley defends himself after the Knicks' public insinuations: 'I'm not an alcoholic'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Charles Oakley, in 2012. (Getty Images) Charles Oakley never should have been asked a question about alcoholism, he never should have been forced into defining his relationship with libations on record, and the New York Knicks should be ashamed of themselves. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now | Free NBA Yahoo Cup entry ] Even if Oakley had barged into Madison...
  • 342 days ago
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Report: Knicks great Charles Oakley has been banned from Madison Square Garden for life

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — In the days since the stunning altercation between Charles Oakley and multiple security guards at Madison Square Garden that resulted in the fan-favorite former New York Knicks power forward getting arrested and charged with three counts of assault and one count of trespassing — an incident that has led many NBA players and New York fans to question why the Knicks would treat one of their...
  • 345 days ago
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Report: Knicks owner James Dolan fires MSG security chief after Charles Oakley debacle

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — The ongoing saga between the New York Knicks and Charles Oakley took another turn on Friday morning. Team owner and Madison Square Garden chairman James L. Dolan has reportedly fired the head of security at the World’s Most Famous Arena after an embarrassing Wednesday incident that saw the longtime former Knicks forward clash with security during a nationally televised game . [ Join a...
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T.J. McConnell proves again he is 'the clutchest player in the history of the NBA'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Nik Stauskas holds on tight to Philadelphia’s meal ticket, elite closer T.J. McConnell. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/TNS/Getty Images) With Joel Embiid still sidelined due to a bone bruise in his left knee , the Philadelphia 76ers needed someone else to turn to in the closing seconds of their Thrusday night matchup with the Orlando Magic. And when JoJo’s not able and the money’s on...
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Watch Barack Obama dunk on NBA dudes, thanks to 'NBA 2K17'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Air Force One is cleared for takeoff. (Screencap via NykeFaller) Now that he’s no longer got the world’s most stressful job, former President Barack Obama has spent his first few weeks of post-Oval Office life getting away from it all . He’s hanging out by the beach in the British Virgin Islands with former First Lady Michelle Obama , learning how to kitesurf with billionaire Sir...
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Phil Jackson clarifies Melo tweet controversy with vagueness, emojis

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Eric Freeman) — Phil Jackson was for discord before he was against it. (AP) The New York Knicks have had a very bad week. A terrible blowout loss in which everyone agreed no one had tried hard gave way to team president Phil Jackson appearing to agree that star Carmelo Anthony lacks the will to win, a bad story that was itself eclipsed on Wednesday night when Knicks legend Charles Oakley was arrested...
  • 346 days ago
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The Knicks just doubled down and called Charles Oakley a liar

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — After his release from a New York police station early Thursday morning, Charles Oakley insisted he had done nothing to provoke an altercation with Madison Square Garden security guards that led to arrest on charges of assault and criminal trespassing . In several interviews since the stunning incident that was captured during a nationally televised broadcast on ESPN and quickly became the...
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Speaking for everyone, Spike Lee has seen enough of Phil Jackson: 'I'll pack Phil's bags for him'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Phil Jackson and Spike Lee aren’t laughing together anymore. (Getty Images) All season long , and come to think of it, even longer , Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony have publicly stoked the dumpster fire that their relationship has become , and the most high-profile of celebrity New York Knicks fans has seen enough to put out the flame he once carried for the team president. ...
  • 346 days ago
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