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Charles Oakley is going to a Knicks game again, just not in New York

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Some NBA stadiums still welcome Charles Oakley with open arms. (Getty Images) Charles Oakley reportedly plans to attend another New York Knicks game this season, but it’s not exactly an omen that the cold war between the bruising forward and his former team is thawing. Oakley won’t attend Madison Square Garden again anytime soon, but he will be at Thursday’s game between the Knicks and...
  • 273 days ago
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Richard Jefferson nods to Kyrie Irving with 'Flat World Champions' shirt

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Eric Freeman) — Richard Jefferson watches Kyrie Irving soar high above a flat surface. (Getty Images) The biggest story of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend was he believes Earth is flat (in addition to a bunch of other conspiracy theories), setting off consternation and bewildered laughter all over. It was later revealed that Kyrie was maybe-sorta making a different point and does not actually believe all...
  • 274 days ago
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Four Corners: What moves do we want to see made by the NBA's trade deadline?

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Yahoo Sports Staff) — Paul George and Jimmy Butler might be the two biggest names bandied about in trade rumors ahead of Thursday’s deadline. (AP) We’ve already seen Kyle Korver shipped to Cleveland, Serge Ibaka head up north, Lou Williams move to Houston and, in the non-flat-Earth-focused highlight of All-Star Weekend, DeMarcus Cousins jettisoned to the Big Easy. Add in comparatively smaller deals like the ones...
  • 274 days ago
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Kristaps Porzingis takes the NBA's Skills Challenge, as the 'Bigs' rule again

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Kristaps Porzingis has the entire package. (Getty Images) The NBA has happened upon something interesting with its ‘Bigs’ vs. ‘Guards’ format to the league’s Skills Challenge. Kristaps Porzingis, who stands over 7-1, has taken the 2017 version of the competition, defending the Bigs’ honor after Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns won the event in 2016 . [ Join a Yahoo Daily...
  • 278 days ago
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Why Carmelo Anthony's 10th trip to the All-Star Game is kind of 'a downer'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Carmelo Anthony tells good friend LeBron James all about the scourge of non-refundable fares. (Getty Images) NEW ORLEANS — After Kevin Love went under the knife for arthroscopic knee surgery that will keep him on the shelf for six weeks, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had to tap a replacement to take the Cleveland Cavaliers forward’s spot on the Eastern Conference roster for the 2017 NBA...
  • 278 days ago
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Tracy McGrady, Chris Webber, Tim Hardaway headline 2017 Basketball Hall of Fame finalists

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Tracy McGrady had plenty of reason to smile on Saturday morning. (Getty Images) NEW ORLEANS — Back in December, Tracy McGrady couldn’t believe he’d made the ballot for the 2017 class of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Two months later, he’s one step closer to enshrinement … and the prospect hasn’t gotten any less surreal. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest...
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Even the All-Star 'break' can't separate its participants away from their regular season drama

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant and Kristaps Porzingis soldier on. (Getty Images) The NBA All-Star break, despite some recent alterations, is hardly a break. It’s a long weekend in a bad way, what with media and promotional appearances on Friday, followed by, well, media and promotional appearances on Saturday, followed by the same on Sunday no matter what your role in the makeup of the...
  • 278 days ago
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Nuggets' Jamal Murray catches fire to lead World over USA in Rising Stars Challenge

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets found himself squarely in the zone over the final 6 1/2 minutes on Friday. (Getty Images) NEW ORLEANS — Jamal Murray told me Friday morning that all he really wanted to do during his time on the court in the 2017 BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge was “to put on a show.” Well, mission accomplished. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball contest now |...
  • 279 days ago
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Bradley Beal doesn't get why Carmelo Anthony made the All-Star team over him

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Bradley Beal got by Carmelo Anthony at least once. (Getty Images) Bradley Beal is enjoying a career year for the Eastern Conference’s third-place team, and his impact on the Washington Wizards’ success since the schedule entered December is worthy of an All-Star bid. But when Kevin Love underwent arthroscopic on his left knee this week, rendering him unable to make his All-Star reserve...
  • 280 days ago
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Charles Oakley considers James Dolan 'on the level' with Donald Sterling

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — James Dolan isn’t having his best week. (Getty Images) By now, you’ve surely heard about the feud between beloved former New York Knicks player Charles Oakley and not-so-beloved owner James Dolan. For those of you still following, it just went DEFCON 1. But first, a refresher course, because the Oakley-Dolan controversy can get complicated real quick: • Oakley doesn’t like Dolan. •...
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Beleaguered Philadelphia coach Brett Brown on Ben Simmons: 'We do expect him to play this year'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Ben Simmons. (Getty Images) How is it that the best possible news for the Philadelphia 76ers still has us clutching pearls as we fret from afar about the team’s ongoing development? [Follow Ball Don’t Lie on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr ] Ben Simmons, the top overall pick in the 2016 draft and a rookie that has yet to play an NBA game after suffering a...
  • 280 days ago
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Carmelo Anthony replaces injured Kevin Love on 2017 East All-Star team

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — After coming up short in the running for a starting spot and finding himself outside the coaches’ picks for the reserve corps , Carmelo Anthony had to come to terms with the fact that, for the first time in seven years, he wasn’t an All-Star. And you know what? Given how weird , stressful and taxing these last few months have been, he was fine with it. “I got plans,” Anthony said...
  • 281 days ago
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Anthony Davis isn't planning on leaving New Orleans, and he doesn't really have a choice

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Anthony Davis looks to the future. (Getty Images) As the arms race between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers continues to heat up, the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls keep volleying for dysfunctional supremacy, and fellow NBA Lone Star Russell Westbrook chases triple-double history, Anthony Davis has been lost in the shuffle. But as the All-Star Game returns to New...
  • 281 days ago
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Four Corners: Our favorite NBA All-Star moments

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Yahoo Sports Staff) — With the basketball world about to descend upon New Orleans for for the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, we thought we’d take a second to look back at some of our most beloved memories from All-Star Weekends past. The topic for this week’s Four Corners roundtable : What’s your favorite All-Star Weekend moment? Here’s what we on the BDL staff remember most fondly. Let’s hear your favorites in the...
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Draymond Green calls James Dolan's treatment of Charles Oakley 'a slave-owner mentality'

Yahoo.com: Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Warriors All-Star forward Draymond Green isn’t a fan of Knicks owner Jim Dolan. (AP) If there’s a version of Charles Oakley in today’s NBA — an enforcer turned All-Star who talks a big game and plays even bigger — it is Draymond Green, so you might have assumed the Golden State Warriors star would come to the legendary New York Knicks forward’s defense. And did he ever. Green ripped...
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