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How long until the league starts thinking of Victor Oladipo as a star?

Indy Cornrows (adamfriedman) — Victor Oladipo is off to an impressive start but is it sustainable? You’ve probably already seen it, but let's show it again. A great start to the week. 3 more ahead. Tue - vs. Kings Wed - @ Cavs Fri - @ Sixers pic.twitter.com/omFnjO2kl0 — Indiana Pacers (@Pacers) October 30, 2017 Victor Oladipo has been the catalyst behind an unexpected 3-3 start from the Indiana Pacers ....
  • 260 days ago
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NBA Jersey Week: Best and worst of Pacers uniforms

Indy Cornrows (C. Cooper) — When it comes to the preferences of fans, the events that unfolded in the jerseys may matter more than their design. In tandem with Nike taking over as the league’s sporting apparel company and refreshing each team’s uniforms , SB Nation NBA is rolling out a special jersey-themed week in partnership with its team sites. For our part, we here at Indy Cornrows submitted our five favorite...
  • 287 days ago
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Myles Turner could crack the league’s Top 25 players by 2021, maybe

Indy Cornrows (C. Cooper) — How fair is it to expect the 21-year-old to be a perennial All-Star in four years? Floating anywhere from No. 68 to No. 36 , outlets can’t even seem to reach a consensus on how good Myles Turner is right now, let alone where he’ll be four years from now. Nevertheless, in the spirit of fun, a panel of ten SB Nation NBA writers and editors has bravely endeavored to project who will be...
  • 300 days ago
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Vote: Clash of the All-Time Pacers Jerseys

Indy Cornrows (C. Cooper) — We want you! (To help us sort the best jerseys from the bad and the ugly.) Since Nike is refreshing each team’s uniforms as part of them taking over as the league’s sporting apparel company next season, SB Nation is in the process of rolling out a special jersey-themed week in partnership with its team sites. As you likely recall, the Pacers recently unveiled previews of their...
  • 337 days ago
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Indiana Pacers release 2017-18 NBA schedule, Paul George returns in December

Indy Cornrows (Nathan S.) — Indiana’s 2017-18 schedule has been released, setting up a pair of early season matchups against Paul George and Oklahoma City in October and December. The NBA’s limited schedule release last Thursday left fans of many teams wondering where the rest of it was. While it gave everyone a glimpse of marquee games featuring up and coming teams and championship contenders (plus the Knicks ), it...
  • 337 days ago
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Victor Oladipo sharing his talent as part of NBA Africa Game

Indy Cornrows (Tom Lewis) — The Pacers new backcourt player is repping the Blue and Gold along with the NBA in South Africa. Most hoops fans from Indiana know all about Victor Oladipo's talent, whether it be flying above the rim to finish in transition or taking the mic on stage to sing, and now the people in South Africa know , as well. Oladipo has been in South Africa this week paricipating in events leading up...
  • 347 days ago
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Pacers’ new court design is hit-and-miss

Indy Cornrows (C. Cooper) — Indiana reveals makeover after breaking up with Paul George. The Indiana Pacers have officially unveiled their new court design, which has emboldened a few aspects of its predecessor’s simplicity while unnecessarily complicating others. The court. It's where players grow. It's where our values grow. And, ultimately, it's where the game grows. #WeGrowBasketballHere ...
  • 354 days ago
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