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Forget Harden-Leonard, This Is Mike D’Antoni’s Playoff Redemption Story

The Dream Shake (Max Croes) — Rockets coach D’Antoni has lost four playoff series to Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. I don’t think Mike D’Antoni is out for revenge. That’s too angry a phrase for the mostly composed coach who often elects to seethe over ridicule or ignite. And saying D’Antoni is seeking retribution would require the Rockets head coach to feel overwhelmingly aggrieved by past losses. An NBA version of Indigo...
  • 206 days ago
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The Mike D’Antoni playoff rotation: 7 players or less

The Dream Shake (Max Croes) — A history lesson: Mike D’Antoni’s Phoenix Suns teams rarely went past seven men in the playoffs. This past summer, in anticipation of Mike D’Antoni taking the reins of the Houston Rockets , I read the Jack McCallum book Seven Seconds or Less . It chronicles the run-and-gun Phoenix Suns ’ 2005-2006 trip to the Western Conference Finals from day numero uno. The book’s name is...
  • 259 days ago
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Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs game preview, feat. The Preview Guy

The Dream Shake (ak2themax) — After skipping it last year (much like how the Rockets skipped the whole season), today marks the return of the Annual Preview Guy Mailbag! Disclaimer: This idea is stolen directly from Bill Simmons. It’s all done in fun and games. Please don’t sue us. As always, these are actual (read: completely fake) emails from actual (read: mostly fake) readers. Also, there are no footnotes available...
  • 261 days ago
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Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas are the losers of the DeMarcus Cousins trade

The Dream Shake (Max Croes) — The Pelicans win big, while three former Rockets continue to struggle for the right fit. New Orleans is the runaway victor of this weekend’s unexpected trade that sent DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans for replaceable players, Buddy Hield and a first and second round draft pick. The highway robbery was so thorough Sacramento Kings general manager Vlade Divac admitted the trade...
  • 273 days ago
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The Rockets could use a minor deal before the deadline

The Dream Shake (Darren Yuvan) — The Rockets have some questions about their depth as we move towards the trade deadline. The Rockets have won 40 games before the All-Star break. They’re currently on pace for 57 wins for the season, which would be the most in a year since the Clutch City days. So it feels a little strange saying this, but the Rockets need to make a deal before the trading deadline. Wednesday night’s loss...
  • 277 days ago
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Sixth Man of the Year Award is Eric Gordon’s to lose

The Dream Shake (Danny Emerman) — Why the guard has a clear path to hardware. Through the first half of the season, Eric Gordon has gone from being a washed up, injury-ridden shell of himself to being the best bench player in the NBA. There has never been questions about Gordon’s ability to score, but this year he has amped up his efficiency, posting the best effective field goal percentage (.547) of his career. His 17.6...
  • 280 days ago
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The Dream Shake Podcast, Ep. 31: Max-imum effort

The Dream Shake (Ryan Dunsmore) — Max joins Ryan and Ethan to talk Rockets basketball. The Dream Shake Podcast: Episode No. 31 Hosts: Ryan Dunsmore, Ethan Rothstein, and Max Croes Max returns to the podcast to give his impression of the first half of Rockets basketball. Topics discussed: Rockets are on a nine-game winning streak James Harden just dropped back-to-back, 40-point triple-doubles, the fourth player...
  • 313 days ago
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Less is more: How Trevor Ariza has been revived this year

The Dream Shake (Darren Yuvan) — Trevor Ariza is less involved this season, and that’s been good for both him and Rockets. One of the biggest changes we were hoping to see this season for the Rockets was a slight reduction in the responsibilities of Trevor Ariza. With no other real perimeter threats last year, Ariza was forced into heavy minutes and a big workload on both sides of the ball, and it didn’t work out as well...
  • 320 days ago
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I’m sorry I did not believe in Mike D'Antoni

The Dream Shake (Josh Reese) — Proven wrong in the best possible way. As we enter a new year, it's time to issue a public apology to Mike D'Antoni. I personally was against his hiring this summer and openly wondered if, by signing him, the Houston Rockets had just punched their ticket to the eight seed for the next few years. "This team needs defense," I shouted to anyone that would listen. I was not alone....
  • 321 days ago
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Perfect Week has Rockets Among NBA Elite

The Dream Shake (Danny Emerman) — The Rockets went 4-0 last week and have established themselves as a top-5 team. The Rockets are the real deal. No one has reason to doubt them anymore. Last week, James Harden played one of the best basketball games anyone has ever played. Since James Naismith invented the game, no player has scored over 50 points while also recording over 15 assists and rebounds. He tied Wilt Chamberlain...
  • 322 days ago
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James Harden wins Western Conference Player of the Month, Week

The Dream Shake (Ethan Rothstein) — He’s well on his way to a much bigger award Leading the Rockets to an NBA-best 15-2 mark in December, the NBA named James Harden its Western Conference Player of the Month. He was also named Player of the Week for December’s final seven days, capped by his ridiculous, historic triple-double against the Knicks on New Year’s Eve. It’s his fourth PotM honor, his last coming in April...
  • 322 days ago
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James Harden stands alone with historic triple-double

The Dream Shake (Ryan Dunsmore) — The Rockets guard is the only NBA player in history to ever record a 50 point, 15 rebounds, and 15 assists in a game. The numbers are staggering to look all by themselves. Rockets point guard James Harden recorded 53 points, 17 assists, and 16 rebounds on New Year’s Eve in a 129-122 win over the Knicks. But the numbers have even more weight when you put them into context. Harden’s...
  • 324 days ago
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Harden’s career game leads to victory over Knicks 129-122

The Dream Shake (BrenerJeremy) — The Beard also made some NBA history in the process! James Harden and the Rockets earned their fourth straight victory Saturday night as they defeated the New York Knicks 129-122 to close out 2016. The Rockets won 15 of 17 games in the month of December and have themselves well-positioned as they head into 2017. Right from the very start, you could tell Harden was going to have an...
  • 325 days ago
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Houston Rockets vs. New York Knicks game preview

The Dream Shake (ak2themax) — First off, The Dream Shake would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. No matter how your 2016 turned out, hopefully your 2017 is better. Secondly, what better way to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017 with a game between the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks. I’m writing this preview while both Clippers-Rockets and Knicks-Pelicans are at halftime so excuse my ignorance of anything...
  • 326 days ago
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Rockets explode for season-high 140 points, beat Clippers

The Dream Shake (BrenerJeremy) — Harden’s 11th triple-double and Harrell’s career-high 29 lead the Rockets to their third straight The Rockets scored their third win in a row as they routed the Clippers 140-116. It was Houston’s season-high in points and Houston is now 3.5 games into third place in the Western Conference behind Los Angeles. The game started out with a full Rocket offensive blitz with 37 first-quarter...
  • 326 days ago
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