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Enes Kanter upset after Twitter mysteriously unverified him

NY Daily News (Ari Gilberg) — Enes Kanter is averaging a double-double but apparently that isn't enough to warrant a blue check mark.
  • 50 days ago
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Childhood friend brokers peace with LeBron and Frank Ntilikina

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Frank Ntilikina is accustomed to delivering assists to former French league teammate Romeo Travis. But Travis has returned the favor, reaching out to LeBron James recently to clear the air after James and the Knicks rookie got mixed up in an infamous tiff. Travis is James’ childhood friend and played with the King at St....
  • 50 days ago
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Enes Kanter in pain but eager to return to Knicks lineup

Newsday Enes Kanter was not walking well when he left the locker room Saturday night in Houston. But the back spasms that kept him out of the last two games weren't stopping him from saying he would try to play Monday night.
  • 50 days ago
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Enes Kanter on a mission back with ‘pretty strong’ pills and willpower

NY Post (Marc Berman) — Maybe it was the pain medication talking, but center Enes Kanter vowed to play Monday, when the Knicks return home from their disastrous 0-2 Southern trip to play Portland. Kanter missed both losses with back spasms and still hasn’t recovered, but he wants to suit up anyhow if team doctors allow it. The Knicks’ quirky,...
  • 50 days ago
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Injured Enes Kanter determined to return quickly for Knicks

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — Enes Kanter is medicated and eager to help his struggling team, but the center also understands he may not not be cleared for Monday.
  • 50 days ago
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Hakeem Olajuwon would like to teach Porzingis a few things

NY Post (Marc Berman) — HOUSTON — Hakeem Olajuwon is now a Rockets adviser who has expressed interest in an ownership stake. So the Nigerian great no longer can run his post skills school where he once hosted Amar’e Stoudemire as a Knick. Nevertheless, Olajuwon said he would love to work with 7-foot-3 Kristaps Porzingis, but frankly, the retired Rockets...
  • 51 days ago
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Porzingis-less Knicks start quick but fade away in loss to Rockets

NY Post (Marc Berman) — HOUSTON — It was a fantastic start, that’s for sure. There’s a theory the 22-point lead the Knicks Lite built late in the first quarter was just a mirage. Did it really happen? It did, but it was a blink of an eye as the Rockets dominated the rest of Saturday night and cruised to...
  • 51 days ago
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  • 51 days ago
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Minus Kristaps Porzingis and Enes Kanter, Knicks lose to Rockets

Newsday HOUSTON -- The Knicks already were facing a big challenge that grew even bigger and more daunting with Kristaps Porzingis and Enes Kanter unable to play with back issues.
  • 51 days ago
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Knicks, without Porzingis and Kanter, get routed by Rockets

NY Daily News (STEFAN BONDY) — Riding Michael Beasley could only take the Knicks so far.
  • 51 days ago
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Kristaps Porzingis sits out as Knicks claim ‘back issues’

NY Post (Marc Berman) — HOUSTON — On the second night of a back-to-back, Kristaps Porzingis rested. With Enes Kanter still out with back spasms, the Knicks held Porzingis out of Saturday’s game versus the Rockets — also claiming back issues. Porzingis said he had tightness in his lower back along with some spasms. It’s the second time Porzingis has...
  • 51 days ago
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Kristaps Porzingis, Enes Kanter both out for Knicks vs. Rockets

Newsday HOUSTON -- Kristaps Porzingis was on the locker room floor working on his core muscles. A few minutes later, Enes Kanter walked in and was moving gingerly.
  • 51 days ago
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Knicks look for success on road

Newsday HOUSTON -- It was quiet inside the visiting locker room. Players' heads were down while some tried to explain how they gave up a big lead and lost to the NBA's worst team.
  • 51 days ago
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Derrick Rose is a sad sports tale of what could have been

NY Post (Mike Vaccaro) — We are besieged with the melancholy subject of “What if?” all the time in baseball, especially when it comes to pitchers. What could Mark Prior have been? Or Matt Harvey, for that matter? In some ways, that’s always an underlying reality waiting just beneath the turf. It’s worse in football, of course, because the nature...
  • 51 days ago
  • Hits: 174

Knicks deserve credit for moving on from Phil Jackson stench

NY Daily News (Stefan Bondy) — To fully appreciate the levels the Knicks have graduated, you have to remember what Steve Mills and Scott Perry inherited.
  • 51 days ago
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