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Thunder 116, Knicks 105: 'Give it time, the tank is resilient'

Posting and Toasting (zachdiluzio) — The Knicks' offense stalled, and OKC rolled from then on. At least we got a marvelous first quarter before it all reverted to reality. The Knicks came out and shelled the Thunder to the tune of 39 points in the first 12 minutes. Melo was apparently emboldened by the pregame discovery that he made the All-Star team; he hit his first seven shots, including four treys. Derrick Rose was...
  • 335 days ago
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Thunder 116, Knicks 105: If only basketball games were 10 minutes long

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — See you after the All-Star break, you glorious scrubs. The New York Knicks played a masterful game on both ends of the court Wednesday evening against the Oklahoma City Thunder...assuming you only watched the first 10 minutes, of course. And by golly, do I ever wish I had only watched the first 10 minutes. Still, it was fun for a while. Kristaps Porzingis stuffed New Zealand goblin king...
  • 336 days ago
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Carmelo Anthony has been named to the All-Star team as an injury replacement for Kevin Love

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Way to do the sports, Melo! Remember Carmelo Anthony — tall kid, scraggly beard, inexplicably loathed by his team president? Well he has been named to the 2017 Eastern Conference All-Star team in placed of the injured Kevin Love. The @nyknicks ' @carmeloanthony will replace the injured Kevin Love in the #NBAAllStar Game! pic.twitter.com/yJ76OgYS47 — 2017 NBA All-Star (@NBAAllStar) ...
  • 336 days ago
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Knicks-Thunder Preview: We are all very scared of Russell Westbrook

Posting and Toasting (Harrison Rahajason) — Russ and the Oklahoma City Thunder are coming off two consecutive bad losses. They’re pissed off, and they’re playing the Knicks tonight. At home. Swell. Alright, so the Knicks are still on cloud 9 after they’re really nice win against the Spurs on Sunday. They had a couple of days off after that game to recover from a less-than-triumphant home stand, and are looking to maybe enter the...
  • 336 days ago
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Knicks All-Time Fun Team

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Sometimes the Knicks can, in fact, be fun. Here are a few guys who made it happen. To follow the 21st century Knicks is to bind oneself to a pendulum that swings from everyday drudgery to futile, fervent denial to the familiar terror of forever falling down a bottomless pit. Sunday’s victory over the mighty Spurs notwithstanding, New York’s win-now roster...
  • 336 days ago
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Wassup in Westchester: W-Knicks split back-to-back while a fan favorite bids farewell

Posting and Toasting (DubKnicksFan) — Also some Marshall Plumlee dunks! The Westchester Knicks split a back-to-back over the weekend, losing to the first-place Maine Red Claws but salvaging a victory against the Northern Arizona Suns. The W-Knicks lost to Maine even though they had fewer turnovers, more assists, more steals, and their bench outscored the Red Claws 30-13. The big difference was that Westchester only went to the...
  • 337 days ago
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Adam Silver and Michael Jordan mediate James Dolan/Charles Oakley feud

Posting and Toasting (MMiranda) — Do the Knicks ever just play sports? NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the disembodied voice of Charlotte Hornets’ owner (and Charles Oakley BFF) Michael Jordan intervened to try and quash the beef between Oakley and Knicks’ owner James Dolan. Silver issued the following statement: NBA commissioner Adam Silver statement regarding Charles Oakley & the MSG situation. ...
  • 338 days ago
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MSG Dispatches: The return of Lance Thomas, a missing piece to the Knicks’ puzzling season

Posting and Toasting (Kristian Winfield) — WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- For four weeks, Lance Thomas sat helpless as his Knicks team fell from a potential playoff contender to the NBA’s laughing stock. Thomas ate an inadvertent elbow from Raptors big man Jonas Valanciunas that broke his face in mid-January, a devastating blow to a season already knick-knacked by plantar fasciitis and an ankle injury. “I thought my teeth were falling out,’’...
  • 338 days ago
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Knicks 94, Spurs 90: ‘The Unicorn Hath Returneth’

Posting and Toasting (Harrison Rahajason) — Why do we always randomly beat the Spurs? Indeed, P&Ter prfella...The Unicorn hath. The Knicks rounded out their miserable 5-game home stand with a win over the Spurs, who sit in second place in the Western Conference standings, for those of you counting. For some reason, the Knicks seem to play the Spurs super well, and I have no idea why. The franchise that has been the model for...
  • 339 days ago
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Knicks 94, Spurs 90: Scenes from a very un-Knicksian defensive clinic

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — No, it’s not a typo...90 points. The New York Knicks have never lost in the era of the Kristaps Porzingis-Willy Hernangomez frontcourt. Of course, it also helps that the youngsters have help in the form of Carmelo Anthony, who scored 21 points in the second half as the ‘Bockers shocked the San Antonio Spurs, 94-90. Yes, the Knicks gave up 90 points. It really happened. Kristaps Porzingis...
  • 339 days ago
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James Dolan brought several ex-Knicks (but not the concept of shame) to Sunday’s game

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — John Wallace in the house! The James Dolan-Charles Oakley feud will consume us all. A normal person would have been content to downplay the arrest of the Knicks legend during Wednesday’s game at Madison Square Garden. Not our man JD. He doubled, tripled and quadrupled-down on his feud with Oak, kinda-sorta banning him for life. And in case the extent of MSG’s pettiness wasn’t already...
  • 339 days ago
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The Knicks practiced for three hours Saturday; could lineup changes be in store?

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — That would be nice. I’m not counting on it, though. Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek laid into his players — particularly the starters — following Friday night’s 131-123 loss to the Nuggets. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time — he has had harsh words after every game for pretty much the last six weeks — but at least he followed through in the next day’s practice. The players were put...
  • 339 days ago
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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Posting and Toasting (chiniqua) — The world’s gone mad and the Knicks find comfort in the familiar These are trying times to be a Knicks fan. But haha so what? ALL times are trying times to be a Knicks fan, so we’re pretty used to it. Chaos is our middle name and dysfunction our leitmotif. So it’s time to settle in a bit and whistle past the graveyard. We’re going to ignore recent unpleasantness and look at pretty pictures....
  • 340 days ago
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Nuggets 131, Knicks 123: “I hope ‘Charles Oakley’ is chanted at MSG for the next century”

Posting and Toasting (Bryan Renzi) — It could be a strong alternative to the “DEE-FENSE” chant, which is clearly not getting it done. If you tuned into Friday night’s game merely looking for a distraction from living in James Dolan’s America, which incidently turns out to be some kind of war-torn Hunger Games-type hellscape where we are all nameless Garden employees expected to tow the company line or face being 86’d, then you...
  • 340 days ago
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Nuggets 131, Knicks 123: If only the Knicks could get advice from an ex-player who knows defense

Posting and Toasting (Joe Flynn) — Whither Oakley; whither defense Everybody was watching Friday night’s game between the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets to catch the “Char-les Oak-ley” chants coming from the Garden crowd. The chants came, but they were eventually lulled to sleep by yet another ghastly defensive performance from the boys in orange and blue. I’d say it was ironic that the Knicks gave up 131 points at the...
  • 341 days ago
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