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Liberty’s Isiah Thomas Draws Attention, and Questions

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — Eight years after a court found that Thomas had harassed a female executive when he was the Knicks’ president, he is officially in charge of a W.N.B.A. team.
  • 40 days ago
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A Strong Postseason for the (Former) Knicks

NY Times J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Timofey Mozgov, Pablo Prigioni, Trevor Ariza and David Lee are still making contributions for other teams in these playoffs.
  • 40 days ago
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Despite Knicks’ Lottery Misfortune, Opportunity May Still Knock

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — Larry Bird, the Pacers’ president, was not even trying to cheer up the Knicks when he said that draft-day maneuvers often end up being more significant than winning the lottery.
  • 41 days ago
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Teams With N.B.A.’s Top Five Picks Have Decisions to Make

NY Times (BENJAMIN HOFFMAN) — With the order now set for the June 25 N.B.A. draft, speculation can begin about which players will end up on which teams.
  • 41 days ago
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N.B.A. Draft Lottery 2015: Timberwolves Get First Pick

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — Minnesota, which finished with the worst record in the league, had a 25 percent chance of securing the top pick. The Knicks, who had a 19.9 percent chance, settled for the fourth pick.
  • 42 days ago
  • Hits: 267

A Lottery So Rich, Luck Seems Sure to Favor the Knicks

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — Tuesday night’s draft lottery has long been a source of optimism for the Knicks, and the good news is that even if they lose out on the top overall pick, they could still be O.K.
  • 43 days ago
  • Hits: 606

Before Envelopes for Draft Lottery Are Opened, Teams’ Fates Are Sealed in Secrecy

NY Times (VICTOR MATHER) — The actual selection of the winning teams will take place in strict secrecy about an hour before Tuesday’s made-for-TV event.
  • 44 days ago
  • Hits: 450

Knicks as a Lottery Lock? Picking the Notion Apart

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — The former N.B.A. commissioner David Stern pointed out that the league has done just fine without a champion hailing from New York.
  • 44 days ago
  • Hits: 312

Rangers Fans Have What Knicks Fans Covet: A Rocking Garden

NY Times (WILLIAM C. RHODEN) — How can the same person own these two, totally divergent franchises, so often going in opposite directions?
  • 47 days ago
  • Hits: 130

Seattle Storm Express Concern After Liberty’s Hiring of Isiah Thomas

NY Times (SETH BERKMAN) — Seattle’s owners emphasized a duty to address “sexual harassment, domestic violence and sexual assault, all of which have been inadequately addressed for far too long.”
  • 54 days ago
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James L. Dolan Gives an Executive Another Shot, Deserved or Not

NY Times (MICHAEL POWELL) — Dolan, the Knicks’ owner, has decided to get into the business of raising reputations from the ashes. He has recalled Isiah Thomas from purgatory, to serve as president of the W.N.B.A.’s Liberty.
  • 56 days ago
  • Hits: 166

Isiah Thomas Is Named President of W.N.B.A.’s Liberty

NY Times (VICTOR MATHER) — Thomas, the former Knicks coach and executive who was often a lightning rod for criticism by fans and the news media, is reunited with the owner James L. Dolan at Madison Square Garden.
  • 56 days ago
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Phil Jackson Looks Ahead to Knicks’ Summer Plans

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — By May 19, the Knicks will know their place in the 2015 draft, but with $26 million in salary cap space, the team president said, “a lot of our direction is about free agency.”
  • 70 days ago
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Playoffs Are a Crucial Time for the Knicks’ Phil Jackson

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — His Knicks may be done for the year, but Jackson needs to scrutinize the playoffs with a Zen-like focus and eyeball the body language of every prospective unrestricted free agent.
  • 75 days ago
  • Hits: 719

Carmelo Anthony Says He’s Much Clearer About Knicks’ Future

NY Times (ANDREW KEH) — Anthony, who missed the last two months of the season after having surgery on his left knee, is no longer second-guessing his decision to sign a long-term deal last summer.
  • 75 days ago
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