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Phil Jackson Praises Knicks’ Energy, Saying They’re ‘Playing With Purpose’

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — Jackson, who has watched the Knicks win 12 of 15 games, acknowledged their inconsistency but said they looked strong down the stretch.
  • 15 days ago
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Nets Lose Tempers and Then the Game

NY Times (ANDREW KEH) — Jason Kidd and Joe Johnson were charged with technical fouls and Paul Pierce was charged with a flagrant foul as the Nets were clearly exasperated by the referees.
  • 16 days ago
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With Rout, Knicks Have Playoff Spot, for Now

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — J. R. Smith scored 24 points to lead the Knicks, who moved past the Hawks by percentage points, and Carmelo Anthony collected 23 points and 10 rebounds.
  • 16 days ago
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Last Clashes for Nets and Knicks

NY Times (THE NEW YORK TIMES) — The teams are both still jockeying for the postseason and can affect each other’s position.
  • 17 days ago
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Hawks, Clinging to Final Playoff Spot, Insist the Pressure Isn’t Mounting

NY Times (MIKE TIERNEY) — Atlanta Coach Mike Budenholzer reiterated that the emphasis was on laying a foundation for long-term success rather than on the fleeting rush of playing into late April.
  • 17 days ago
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Erratic Knicks Linger as Hawks Free Fall

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks, despite inconsistent play, are in contention for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference in part because the Atlanta Hawks have lost 20 of 27 games.
  • 18 days ago
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Knicks Hold Off Warriors and Keep a Foot in the Playoff Race

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks pulled to a game behind the Atlanta Hawks for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.
  • 19 days ago
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Knicks Are Dealt a Rout by the Suns and a Blow to Their Playoff Hopes

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks could have pulled within a game of Atlanta for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference but had another lackluster defensive showing.
  • 21 days ago
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A Knick With Unmatched Pride, Scars and All

NY Times (HARVEY ARATON) — Though diminished by injuries, Amar’e Stoudemire is still standing as he tries to help the Knicks make the N.B.A. playoffs.
  • 22 days ago
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J.R. Smith, With Nine 3-Pointers, Keeps Knicks in Playoff Race

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks held off a furious rally to beat the Kings, 107-99, and move a game closer to the final playoff berth in the Eastern Conference.
  • 23 days ago
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Leaky Defense Leaves Knicks’ Spirits Sinking

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — The Knicks have had a knack for putting up bad numbers this season, but it will be difficult to top the 51 points they allowed the Lakers to score in Tuesday’s third quarter.
  • 23 days ago
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Jackson Becomes a Visitor in Lakers Territory Again

NY Times (BILLY WITZ) — The presence of Phil Jackson, former coach of the Lakers and current president of the Knicks, at the Lakers-Knicks game on Tuesday was hard to shake even once he had left the Staples Center.
  • 24 days ago
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The Man in the Middle of the Knicks’ Deal With Jackson

NY Times (SCOTT CACCIOLA) — Irving Azoff, the music executive who often works behind the scenes, emerged into full view last week by brokering the deal that brought Phil Jackson to the Knicks as team president.
  • 25 days ago
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Knicks’ Streak Ends, and Playoffs Slip Further Away

NY Times (CLIFTON BROWN) — The Atlanta Hawks lost earlier in the day, giving the Knicks a chance to move closer to a playoff spot, but a poor second-half performance led to a loss to the Cavaliers.
  • 26 days ago
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Letters to the Editor

NY Times (Compiled THE NEW YORK TIMES) — Readers sound off on the latest headlines.
  • 27 days ago
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